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Bart Keating


2019 June 14th

esputnik review email marketing

eSputnik was founded back in 2012. In these dark and savage times, the email service providers were drastically different from what we have now. Plague of SPAM was raving the email boxes and it was a normal practice for businesses to buy and sell email lists left and right. There was a desperate need for a new email marketing service and that's when eSputnik founders rolled up their sleeves!

In just a few years the eSputnik company has become a well-known name in the battlefield of the direct marketing. Since that time eSputnik were able to create an all-in-one online marketing system to make lives of their clients' way easier.

In my eSputnik review, I will take a look at this company, and try the services offered.

eSputnik Review - Services and Features

The sole purpose of eSputnik software sounds pretty simple - sending messages to recipients, who have agreed and confirmed to receive messages. As we can see, consent is pretty important these days.

eSputnik main features are:

  • Marketing Automation
  • Message Builder
  • Segmentation
  • Multichannel
  • Analytics
  • AI-Based Features
  • Performance
esputnik review features

Let's take a deeper look at each one of them.

Marketing Automation

esputnik review automation

You'll be able to create various scenarios and visualize automated patterns in the simplest way possible - drag & drop. This tool will allow you to create multichannel campaigns and scenarios based on your events and patterns of your clients.

How long should you wait for your email to be opened? If it wasn't read in 2 days, maybe you should send an SMS instead? What should happen if your email was opened immediately? What product should be offered to each client? The AI algorithms will help you make the right decisions.

Message Builder

esputnik review message builder

Drag & Drop is here again! With the priceless help of our beloved blocks, you'll be able to set text, buttons, pictures, etc. And if you prefer to edit your email message in the HTML editor, then you can edit it in the HTML editor. You don't need any additional apps for that.

Another cool feature is that you can send test emails straight from your editor. You don't even need to add an address to the "Contacts". The default address is the one that you used when registering.

You can't be sure on what device your message will be opened and viewed. Tablet? Phone? Jumbotron? Subject Line Assistant will show how it will look on each device and will help you to improve the open rates and the efficiency. No one likes unfinished sente

esputnik review subject line assistant

Segmentation Feature

esputnik review segmentation

The Segmentation feature will help you sort and track your emails and the behavior of the subscribers.

Your email list can be filled manually, imported, or you can get new contacts automatically as soon as someone subscribes from your website.

You can also target specific groups of people and send customized messages according to that. For example, for subscribers who live in the same city, who have already attended your events, or who have already bought something from your website. You can manage your subscribers, due to their behavior and add them to bigger, combined groups. This way you will save time and resources.

Multichannel Feature

esputnik review multichannel

With multichannel, you can manage... MULTIPLE CHANNELS! This feature includes:

  • Email Campaigns  - it's still one of the most popular communication channels.
  • SMS Marketing - SMS is not dead (yet). It's still the best way to send urgent alerts (delivery, price drop notifications).
  • Viber Messaging - the 6th most popular messaging app in the world (in 2018) and it can contain media that SMS can't.
  • Web Push Notifications - send instant notifications to the browsers of your website visitors.

Analytics Feature

esputnik review analytics

Analysis feature will help you get detailed statistics and reports on dozens of metrics. You will be able to track the links in your emails, analyze email deliverability, see what's working for attracting new customers and track your subscribers' behavior. Not in the real life though, but more related to your online email campaigns.

AI Based Features

esputnik review ai based features

This is one useful feature that'll help you understand your clientele better. When your customer is searching or buying something on your website, the AI will give them personal recommendations, based on this information.

More to add, your eSputik AI will help you to optimize sending times. Your campaigns will be sent when your subscribers check their emails. Then the AI will calculate the probability when your emails get open. That's how you'll know the best time for your campaigns to be triggered.

eSputnik Pricing

eSputnik has many plans to choose from - and their prices are very different as well, depending on much you use the services. So, in order to see the big picture, let's review the prices and the features of each eSputnik service.

Email Marketing 

esputnik review email prices

There are three plans for emailing services:

  • Freedom - for $1.99/per 1000 emails without a subscription fee and you'll get unlimited contacts and messages.
  • Optimal - this plan is free until you reach 500 contacts, $15/month up to 1,000 contacts, $25/month up to 2,500 contacts and so on. If you have up to 250,000 contacts it'll cost you $699/month. You can also switch the pricing if you want it to be based on prepaid emails.
  • Email Marketing Agency - for $599/month eSputnik team will take care of the entire email marketing and automation complex, while you'll be sipping on Pina Coladas.

SMS Marketing

esputnik review sms marketing

The more you send, the lower is the price for one SMS message. It's $0.80/SMS if you are sending up to 1,000, but $0.40/SMS if you need to send more than 100,000 SMS/month. If you'll decide to use eSputnik External SMS Gateway, the price will drop noticeably!

Viber Marketing 

esputnik review viber

Up to 48,000 Viber messages for $0.0038 per message and more than that is $0.0035 per message. Similar to SMS pricing it's certainly cheaper when using an eSputnik external gateway.

Web Push Notifications

esputnik review web push

These bad boys are for free. Web Push notification is a small pop-up window on desktop or mobile device screen with the information you add to it. My example is above. As you can see, I am a tremendously modest person.

Marketing Services 

esputnik review marketing prices

You can order a bit more complex plans for your email marketing. They differ in the degree of eSputnik's team involvement in the process.

  • Launch Pad - includes all the necessary complex of messages and scenarios to launch your email marketing into space (not literally). One time $299 payment.
  • Flight to the Stars - email marketing campaigns with a more scientific approach. More testing, more attention, more money. $599 per month.
  • Mission Control Center - your staff will be trained to become experts. It's like an email-marketing university for your team. $499/month for the bachelor's degree (again, not literally).

eSputnik Review - Test Drive

While I've looked at most of the features and services, in this part of my eSputnik review, I'll give them a quick test ride. We'll take a look if it's easy to register and start using it immediately. Start your engines!


esputnik review registration

No problem here, just check all the boxes without reading any policies (just kidding, you read everything, right?), enter the required information, and get started. You don't need a credit card for this, too.

Detailed Registration

esputnik review more registration

After confirming your email you'll need to add more information about yourself, organization and the size of your contact base. Just another step of registration. Let's move on to something more interesting.


esputnik review dashboard

This is your control panel and from here you'll manage your scenarios, campaigns and everything else. You can add funds, check the history, add contacts and so on. Good stuff.

Email Service 

Solely for the testing purposes, I'll try the email services. First, I can pick a responsive template, depending on my needs.

esputnik review responsive emails

I'll select the expanded version - Promo Email. Of course, depending on your business, you'll select the most suitable for you.

The Message builder is incredibly responsive and easy to use. With the help of my beloved drag&drop editor, I can create an appealing message in no time. Or in short time, to be fair.

esputnik review drag and drop editor

After sending your campaigns you can see the detailed analytics for various periods of time, get the reports and every other useful feature you can think of. But how do eSputnik deals with being recognized as a SPAM? Is it a legitimate emailing service? Well, let's just test it out.

eSputnik Review - Performance 

To test the performance of eSputnik mailing services I've sent a test message to my favorite person - myself (did I mention that I'm exceptionally humble) and everything went through without any problems. It also looked good on my computer's screen and on my mobile phone's smaller screen (you can't be sure which one is smaller, these days).

The next step - to test eSputnik with mail-tester.

It performed great! No problems and no big issues that can't be fixed by couple additional clicks! The test showed that eSputnik is a valid marketing tool:

esputnik review email tester

esputnik review uptime

eSputnik uses Amazon Web Services and this means that they can guarantee 99.999% uptime. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Promised email sending speed is 144,285 emails per minute.

Sadly, I am a couple friends short and couldn't test this number myself, but if you've tried sending bigger capacity of emails, let me know about the experience in the comment section below!

eSputnik Review - Conclusion

It looks that eSputnik is a legitimate emailing and marketing service for your business. It's a great solution if you want to have an automated communication channel with your clients, and even if you don't want it yet, you should at least give it a try. You will be surprised how much easier your communication gets.

The support is good. I've got an immediate and broad answer (via email) when asked for some information and details about the services. Also, the email had a personal touch and didn't felt like talking to the robot (hopefully I will not offend any robots out there). I don't know how about you, but it's nice to feel that you're talking to a real person.

Segment constructor and tracking features are extremely easy to use and the pricing is fair and square. So, yes, you should try it if you're looking for a marketing automation tool!

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