The Top 5 Free Website Monitoring Services


Dani Nolan


2019 March 7th


Whether you own a personal, business, or eCommerce website, a monitoring service can be a very helpful tool. It's great for seeing how your website performs - and also, you can see if you’re truly receiving the high uptime rate that your web hosting provider promised you when you signed up.

Monitoring software can help you identify your website’s strongest and weakest points so that you can make the necessary changes.

While many of these services can cost hundreds of dollars, others are free.

With this in mind, I tested dozens of free website monitoring services and came up with this top five list. In this article, I reviewed each service based on the number of websites you can monitor with a free account and the various individual features each one offers.

In no specific order, here are what I believe to be the best free website monitoring tools:

1. Montastic

Recommended for: users who want widgets compatible with all major platforms.

free website monitoring montastic homepage

Montastic offers a completely free service that is perfect if you own a personal website or a site for your small business. While it is quite basic, it’s completely free to use and includes three monitors.

Better yet, the service checks back on your website every 30 minutes.

The website monitoring freeware doesn't have a dashboard like other services of its kind. Instead, you simply visit the platform and input your site’s URL. Once you click on ‘Go’, a notification will appear telling you whether or not the site is up and running. There, you can enter your email address to receive a notification when the status of your site changes.

free website monitoring montastic website checl

Aside from emailing you when your website goes down, Montastic will also tell you when your site is back up. Furthermore, it will report back to you regarding any page errors and multi-user logins. The free website monitoring service also features widgets for Android, Windows, and Mac.

Last but not least, Montastic does also offer a paid plan which costs $49 a month. This plan includes 500 monitors. It also checks your website every five minutes, thus making it perfect for larger sites with more complex features that are more likely to experience some technical difficulties.


  • The free plan monitors your website every 30 minutes
  • Regular email alerts with updates on website status
  • Features widgets for Android, Windows, and Mac


  • The paid plan doesn’t offer the same value for money as others
  • Not a good alternative for large business-related websites

2. Uptime Robot

Recommended for: those looking for highly regular monitoring checks.

free website monitoring uptime robot homepage

Uptime Robot is another free website monitoring tool that is simple, yet extremely powerful. The service offers five-minute monitoring intervals across up to 50 different websites. Furthermore, it checks all types of websites as well as pink, port, and keywords. It also notifies you of any downtime or website issues via your preferred choice of messaging system.

With Uptime Robot, you can choose whether you want to receive notifications via SMS, email, Telegram, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and various other popular channels.

Over time, you can go back and check out the statistics for your site. These include everything from the uptime, downtime, and response times for each page.

free website monitoring uptime robot integrations

Additionally, Uptime Robot can verify your downtime from multiple locations. The service also allows you to define time periods to stop monitoring so that you can perform maintenance on your website without it affecting your overall performance report. Plus, you can share these stats with your teammates, a great feature if you have a web design team keeping your site up-to-date.

And oh yeah - it's the website monitor we use ourselves!


  • Various notification channels to choose from
  • Checks website every five minutes
  • Opportunity to schedule maintenance windows


  • Very few secondary servers worldwide
  • No page speed insights

3. Monitor.Us & Monitis

Recommended for: website owners who want frequent and customized website monitoring. 

free website monitoring homepage

Monitor.Us & Monitis is a comprehensive solution that allows you to get insights about your website and the server that it’s stored on. The free trial is available for 15 days.

The software checks your website every minute and sends you regular reports on server performance, website uptime, as well as your network performance. Not only this, you can create custom fields for the tool to track in real-time.

With, you can create a sub-accounts with multiple users so that your teams can also keep track of your website’s performance. You’ll also receive instant alerts via SMS, Twitter, email, or by phone when anything goes wrong on your site. Furthermore, the company has 35 strategic monitoring locations so that you can maintain full control of your site.

free website monitoring features

The service is completely cloud-based so you’ll never have to download and install any software onto your device. You’ll also benefit from storage which archives your performance history for two years. Plus, you can extract the exact data you need in order to create detailed reports for your teams.


  • Opportunity to monitor your website, its server, and network performance
  • Possibility to customize your monitoring needs
  • One-minute monitoring intervals


  • The paid plan is far more expensive than others available
  • There is only a free trial, no free plan

4. BasicState

Recommended for: eCommerce website owners.

free website monitoring basicstate homepage

While BasicState’s website is, well, basic, its services aren’t. 

The tool allows you to find out about any issues your website faces via email and SMS. Not only this, you’ll get details about server and network outages, server overloads, as well as DNS configurations issues.

What makes BasicState stand out as one of the best free website monitoring services available today is that you can add as many users and sites to your account. Better yet, you can tailor your alert schedules to your personal needs. Whether you want to set default alerts or receive emergency ones for when your site goes down, the choice is entirely yours.

Furthermore, BasicState monitors websites that provide you with network services. This can include everything from affiliate networks to credit card payment gateways and even advertising platforms. You can even receive extra alerts for any external services you may be using such as eCommerce platforms, for example.


  • Option to add as many users and sites as you want to your free account
  • Monitors websites that provide you with network services
  • Opportunity to receive extra alerts for other services that may affect your site


  • The free account doesn’t eliminate false alerts
  • A dubious looking website that may put some users off from signing up for the service

5. HostTracker

Recommended for: website owners that run Google Ads on their sites.

free website monitoring host tracker homepage

HostTrackers can check the availability of your site from more than 140 locations worldwide through ICMP, SMTP, HTTP, TCP, and SNMP. Moreover, the company can check your site against the known blacklists with its DNSBL feature. This will allow you to find out if your domain or IP address have been blacklisted.

Additionally, HostTracker will send you instant alerts should your site experience any performance issues. Whether it’s a problem with your server or network, the tool will send you notifications via Skype, email, SMS, a phone call, or on Google Hangouts depending on your individual preferences.

HostTracker comes with Google ads management. This means that if your site is down, the system will automatically pause any Google ads you have running. It will also start your ads once your website is back up.

free website monitoring features

With this service, you’ll receive detailed reports with error snapshotting in CVS, PDF, or XML format depending on your needs. This will tell you everything about your server load parameters as well as your website’s response time behaviors. It will also inform you if your site’s domain and security certificate are about to expire.


  • Google Ad management
  • DNSBL features checks your site against known blacklists
  • Option to receive instant alerts via various channels


  • No free plan, only a free trial
  • You have to pay for a plan to enjoy the full list of features the service has to offer

Which Is the Best Free Website Monitoring Software?

When it comes to choosing the best free website monitoring system, you must consider the purpose of your website and the functionalities it has. Here are my final thoughts:

  • Montastic is the best for small business owners or individuals with personal websites.
  • Uptime Robot is the best for websites with multiple functionalities and features.
  • is the best solution for websites with multiple admin accounts.
  • BasicState is the best solution if you own an online shop.
  • HostTracker is best if you also use Google Ads to market your website’s services.

Do you use a different website monitor freeware to keep track of your site’s performance? If so, I’d love it if you told me more about your preferred solution in the comments below.

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