NoIP Review – Could This Be The Best DNS Provider?


Bart Keating


2019 March 19th


In 1999, No-IP was founded in a college dorm room. Since that modest start, it's grown to serve 25+ million customers, and presumably - has moved out to a bigger, better office.

NoIP Review About Us

But how good this DNS provider really is?  With over 100 DNS locations, and guaranteed 100% uptime, it should be great. We'll find this out in my No-IP review.

What Is No-IP?

No-IP is a Domain Name Service (DNS) provider. DNS is the system that keeps millions of internet-enabled devices in order using IP addresses. You can learn more about it in our IP comparison article.

NoIP Review Landing Page

No-IP specializes in Managed and Dynamic DNS (DDNS) services. These are designed for very different use cases:

  • DDNS is suited to personal users. It attaches a static hostname to devices such as home security systems, so you can access them from anywhere.
  • Managed DNS is better for businesses. It makes your website more reliable by adding redundant nameservers.

No-IP also provides the following services:

  • Domain registration
  • SSL Certificates
  • Server Monitoring
  • Email Hosting
  • Managed Hostname Remote Access

However, as No-IP is primarily a DNS provider, that's the service I'll focus on in this No-IP review.

No IP Review: First Impressions

Getting set up with No-IP is easy thanks to a modern and easy to navigate website. Once I'd settled on a DNS plan, I simply had to provide my email address to create an account.

NoIP Review Create Account

I found the My No-IP account management system equally intuitive to get around. In short, beginners shouldn't have any trouble using this service. 

NoIP Review MyNoIP

Reliable DNS Redundancy

No-IP claims its Managed DNS service can reduce website downtime by letting visitors reach your site through one of its 80 nameserver locations. When I added No-IP to my website, my uptime did increase to 100%, matching No-IP's uptime guarantee.

Useful Customer Support

No-IP maintains an extensive support knowledge base and has several in-depth tutorial videos. However, if you run into trouble, it's also possible to submit a support ticket. It's a shame no live chat or phone support is offered though.

NoIP Review Support

No-IP Pricing

No-IP offers a completely free DDNS package. The main limitation of the free plan is that its hostnames expire every 30 days, so you have to keep logging in to get a new one. A $24.95/year enhanced DDNS package and $29.95/year Managed DNS package are also available.

NoIP Review Plans

No-IP Plans in More Detail

Let's take a closer look at the differences between those plans:

Free DDNS Enhanced DDNS Managed DNS
Hostname Expiry 30 Days Never Never
Hostnames 3 25+ 50+
Domains Limited 80+ Custom
Reduce Website Downtime No Yes Yes
Re-direct Ads Yes No No
Includes Email Hosting No No Yes
SSL Included No No Yes
Customer Support Tickets Tickets Tickets
Refund Period N/A 7-Day 7-Day

For most users, the Enhanced DDNS package will be suitable as it includes permanent hostnames and is ad-free. However, business users who want to add SSL certificates or separate email hosting to their websites should consider the Managed DNS plan.

No-IP Performance

No-IP claims it can reduce website load times by routing traffic through nearby nameserver nodes. I tested this with Bitcatcha and found that speeds did improve noticeably after No-IP was added to my site.

Before No-IP Dynamic DNS...

noip ddns

And after...

NoIP Review Performance

No-IP Review: Final Thoughts

No-IP is a user-friendly service that works as advertised. It's a shame that no phone or live chat support is available, but given No-IP's cheap prices, most users will be able to forgive this flaw. I recommend signing up for No-IP's free DDNS package to test this service yourself.

What did you think of my No-IP com review? Please add your own No IP review of below.


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