Platformly – A Capable All-In-One Marketing Automation Tool?


Fiona O’Connell


2019 August 7th

platformly review

A reliable automation marketing tool is a very important part of today's digital marketing landscape. By being able to automatize plenty of tasks and get extensive data about their clients, companies of all kinds can stay ahead of the game.

This is what Platformly is trying to do. It's a business automation and management tool.

But what exactly does offer - and is it too much of a good thing? Let's start a Platformly review and see what it does.

What is is many tools in one - it's a marketing automation tool that, at least in theory, is supposed to simplify a lot of manual labor done in many companies. It's a platform looking to combine several business tools and offer an all-in-one solution for businesses to outreach, track, and market.

It combines tools like CRM, lead capture, link tracking, and reporting.

Who is it for? Any company that deals with sales and marketing, which means virtually any company that has data worth analyzing. It is more suited to SaaS businesses that operate with an expanded sales funnel and require ongoing communication to secure every new client.

However, due to scalability and a wide variety of tools, any e-commerce website or small business would find at least one feature in that they'd find at least a bit interesting to try out.

Platformly Features

In this part of the Platformly review, we're going to have a look at the several features this product can offer - here are some of the more interesting ones.

Email Marketing Automation

If your business sends out a lot of emails, it's important to make sure everything works and every email reaches the right recipient - at the right time. In essence, this can be called the main feature of this platform, as it aims to take care of all inbound marketing activities. Automated sequences stop you from doing an error in sending emails to potential leads of existing clients.

For example, damaging follow-up messages to unsubscribed users are not allowed, as well as introductory letters to the ones that are already within your system. Such segmentation of the emails can be done with other variables, too. For example, specific locations could be included or excluded in various emails, allowing you to send emails the most appropriate to them.

All of that can be pulled off with a pretty simple form builder.

There are also several presets you can use, like churn campaign, onboarding campaign, welcome series and similar. You can use or edit them to suit you better, or even contact the customer support to help you create something.

The automation tool right here is quite similar to the one offered by MailerLite - and that's a good thing. Which tool is better for you, however, depends entirely on the specific product features and your preferred ease of use.

Landing Page Builder

When well made, opt-in forms and landing pages can increase any business' conversion rate. includes a very simple, and easy to use form builder. Basically, you can choose from many existing templates from various categories. Then, it's all about making that template your own.

After you're done, there are tools you can use to track how the pages are doing - so you can use the data to decide your future strategy.

platformly review landing page tracking

A/B testing is very simple - just click on the "Edit" button to use the editor.

Tracking Customer Relationships

Customer relationship management is a crucial thing for many businesses - and aims to give its users all the necessary information, so no sales are lost due to a human error.

platformly review crm

All contacts are added in the contact base and can be filtered by tags, segments, activity, lead score, and other things - all depending on the objective. Each lead has own page with contact info, project info, interaction history, and special notes. And all the available data from the leads is being scraped from social media, so you get the most in-depth look available.

platformly review crm profiles

Does it work? Well - as long as there's enough public information about your leads. In some cases, it'll still be up to you to update all the information. But it may still be a helpful feature.

Tracking Your Results With Platformly

It's important to know exactly where your money's coming from - which links are money makers, and which ones - money burners. takes the links of your campaigns, both email and paid traffic, and displays the information about them in a simple-to-understand manner. 

platformly review landing link tracking

The data reporting doesn't stop there. You can easily make your own reports on pretty much everything you do with - both for yourself and for clients to show. That means no Excel spreadsheets - now link tracking, sales, advertising, events, and much more is in one and the same platform.

platformly review reports

Given the data, the system will even try to predict future cash flow, monthly recurring revenue and number of customers.

Of course, it's important to remember, that all of those numbers are pure guesswork, based on the trends and recent results. So you should first compare it with the real future data - and take it with a grain of salt.

Platformly Review: Conclusion

So, should you use Well, all depends on your needs. It's an all-in-one solution, combining 2 or 3 separate tools, and also aiming to eliminate spreadsheets from the marketing process.

For many companies, this may be a super exciting product to try. For some - it could be a huge leap to take, as putting all your eggs in one basket comes with some risks. The real qualities and usability will shine through only if you actually invest some of your time and try this platform on your day-to-day operations.

Luckily, probably has the same idea. By checking out their website, you'll get an easy way to try this platform for free. The company wants to replace a dozen tools with only one - and I think that you could give it a chance.

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