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Bart Keating


2019 June 20th

sendpulse review

To get that audience for your product, you need all possible marketing solutions. And some of the best ways to reach your customers are email, text messaging, or push notifications. And what if you could control all that in one simple platform? Well, SendPulse offers just that.

But can it cover all your marketing needs without much effort? Let's find out!

Here, in my SendPulse review I'll take a look at these services and features, test some of them in various severe conditions (like without having my morning coffee) and provide you with the staggering conclusion!

What is SendPulse?

SendPulse is an integrated marketing platform, offering a great variety of features which will help you reach your audience on all devices. Via Emails, SMS, Web Push, SMTP and some more. It has plenty to offer!

The basic SendPulse services cover several fields of marketing:

  • Email service
  • Web push notifications service
  • SMS messaging service
  • SMTP for transactional emails
  • Viber message service

For a thorough SendPulse review, let's take a look at each service and its features!

SendPulse Email service 

That's the pride of SendPulse! The core service allowing you to compose catchy emails and automatically send to all of your subscribers.

sendpulse review email service

Email marketing is still an essential way to reach your target audience. And for your successful email marketing SendPulse offers these features:

SendPulse review drag and drop editor
Drag and drop email editor
You can create your email templates without any special knowledge (for example coding). By clicking, dragging and dropping you can modify your template's size, color, style. If you want to add YouTube video, just paste the link and the video preview will load automatically. 
sendpulse review automation 360
Automation 360
With Automation 360 you can set up email send-outs, web push notifications and SMS flows depending on various events and user behavior.
sendpulse review subscriber rating
Subscriber rating

This feature will analyze the activity of your subscribers and use a personal approach working with them. The rating will be calculated based on subscriber activity during the last 60 days. So this will let you track and increase the target audience's participation.
sendpulse review statistics
Stats on opens and clicks so you can stalk your clients and improve your email campaigns. A good feature to see what's engaging and why.

sendpulse review email personalization

Email personalization
A nice personal touch for your customers. Address them by name, nickname, father's name, diminutives - you name it. Add information about them in replaceable fields and let the SendPulse do the rest.
sendpulse review subscription forms
Subscription forms
You can create personalized subscription forms with recognizable elements and colors of your brand.
If you are a little bit lazy, you can just choose a predesigned form and change it when you are less lazy (or just ask someone else to change it).
sendpulse review mobile app

Easy-to-use mobile app
Access your campaign via mobile apps for iOS and Android. Add new subscribers, send newsletters, evaluate results and create campaigns.

And there are even more additional features, worth mentioning:

  • Resend to reopen - resend an email with a new subject line for everyone who failed to open the previous one.
  • Segmentation - send emails targeting specific audiences, based on gender, age, location, etc.
  • A/B Testing - send several version of an email to test which version receives better results.
  • User access levels - exclude access areas that you don't want other colleagues to wander in.

SendPlus Web Push Notifications Service

Push notifications will follow your customers whenever they are connected. Sales or content updates, anything you feel important spread out quickly. This marketing channel is getting popular for simple and quick access.

sendpulse review web push notifications

What's great, SendPulse gives you Web Push Notification service free to use for a lifetime! And they have some interesting features to look at too:

Push notifications on smartphones
Instant push notifications on your subscribers' phones. BAM! You've just reached your customers wherever they are - movie theatre, wedding, gym. You name it. 
Browser notifications
This is a great solution to inform your customers about news, sales, and other important events. Just send all the information straight to the browsers of your customers.
sendpulse review custim subscription requests
Custom subscription requests
You can choose when you want to show requests: right after opening the website, after spending some time on it or after clicking link or button.
sendpulse review web push automations
Web push automation
The automated flow of push notifications for new subscribers or after new entries are added to an RSS feed. With this feature, you can set up email send-out, web push notifications, and SMS flows depending on the actions your users take.

SendPulse SMS Messaging Service

With this bulk SMS service, you can raise your brand awareness or just send "Look behind you!" at the 200-500 SMS per second speed! Think about all the possibilities!

sendpulse review sms service

You can change the Sender nameSchedule SMS, add recipients Personal information. These features are similar as seen in the Email service section above, so I will not go into detail.

Also, there are some more useful features for SMS sending, including, API integration, SMS autoresponders, statistics and so on.

SMTP For Transactional Emails

This service gives you the ability to integrate SendPulse SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) into your own online system. You'll get detailed API documentation. And in your personal account, you'll find all the personal settings needed for the SMTP server.

Features of SMTP service are:

sendpulse review transactional emails

With all these tools you can be at ease when working with automated messages and also tracking the results.

SendPulse Viber Message Service

You can also send all types of messages and make phone calls with Viber service. The thing is that your audience has to be registered Viber users.

sendpulse review viber

Maybe it's a useful service in general but personally, I don't use Viber. I tried it for maybe half of the year and then decided that using Facebook messenger is way easier for me. But that's only my preference.

On the other hand, Viber is way more flexible than SMS messaging. The number of characters is 6 times greater when using Viber and in lots of instances, it may be cheaper as you pay only for received messages.

SendPulse Pricing

SendPulse has a free option for each service, but for better features, you can go with the paid plans. The email service pricing starts with $7.8/mo with up to 2500 subscribers on your list and price increases based on the number of subscribers. As for the SMS or Viber messages, the price is different in each country. And Web Push notification charges $8.85/mo to remove SendPulse branding.

Let's see how the price calculates for each service.

SendPulse Email Pricing

Let's go to the most interesting part for most readers - pricing. The first thing that I've noticed is a really generous free monthly subscription count:

sendpulse review price

2500! That's unselfish. For example, MailerLite is free until you reach 1000 subscribers and even MailChimp is behind, being free for up to 2000 subscribers. In my honest opinion, SendPulse is pretty generous at this point.

Of course, if your business is inflating, the price will go up:

Number of subscriptions Price per month (billed yearly)
10,001 - 12,000 $48.8
100,001 - 125,001 $306.4
500,00 - 600,000 $801.6
1,000,001 - 1,250,000 $1,611.2
4,000,001 - 5,000,000 $5,600

Note that these prices are for the yearly cycle, with 20% discount. If you want to pay per month it will increase noticeably:

Number of subscriptions Price per month (billed monthly)
10,001 - 12,000 $61
100,001 - 125,001 $383
500,00 - 600,000 $1,002
1,000,001 - 1,250,000 $2,014
4,000,001 - 5,000,000 $7,000

Also, SendPulse offer VIP plan if you have over 1 million subscribers. They keep it a secret and you do need to contact the sales team to discover the Special Offer. Sadly, I have only 900+ followers on Facebook, so I don't deserve to be any kind of VIP yet...

I will quickly go through pricing for other services as in my SendPulse review I'm most interested in Emailing marketing.

SendPulse SMS Pricing

SMS plans depend on rates for each country. For example, it's $0.022 for 1 SMS in the US:

sendpulse review sms rates

There are no subscription plans - the cost is simply calculated by the number of messages.

SendPulse Viber Pricing

Viber campaign pricing also depends on each country's rates. As we can see it's considerably cheaper than SMS:

sendpulse review pricing

SendPulse Review - Mailing Campaign Test

In this part of SendPulse review, I'll test the main SenPulse feature - email service. To this day the most popular marketing approach is via emails, so I decided to give it a try!

No surprise that you have to begin with registration. After putting some very delicate information into the registration form (just signed up with Facebook) I'm sent to the SendPulse service dashboard:

sendpulse review pricing

Here I can create my campaigns and if I am not sure what to do, there's a short video for every step of Getting started.

First, I need to create a mailing list of all the people that may be interested in my product or services. To do so I can upload a file with a list, copy&paste the list, write manually one by one or even import from other email marketing providers:

sendpulse review secret santa

In the mailing list, I've entered emails of my friends, mail-tester email and, of course, my personal. Just to personally see how it looks, not because I'm lonely and have to send messages to myself.

After importing my emails list I need to create a beautiful email message. I can make it myself, select from free templates, or use already-made HTML-template. This will be used for my awesome campaign.

Sending cat pictures is always a good choice and while I'm trying my bulk email software on friends, I need to keep them happy and amused.

sendpulse review editor

With drag and drop editor it took me just a couple minutes making something that I can use. In such a short time I've even added some pictures and links.

Just keep in mind that before sending your email campaign, check if it'll go through spam filters. There are lots of articles and mail testers that'll help your messages to not end up in the spam folder.

If your subject line sounds like: SAVE BIG MONEY! ORDER TODAY! Remove wrinkles now! Satisfaction guaranteed! there's a possibility that no one will ever read it. Add some emojis and colors for guaranteed failure!

Also, you can preview your masterpiece before sending it to all recipients. And I highly recommend sending a test email beforehand.

sendpulse review test email.

Finally, it's all done!

sendpulse review approved

SendPulse Review - Campaign Results

After your campaign is reviewed and sent, you'll instantly get campaign statistics. You will see how many emails were delivered, opened and how many times the links were clicked:

sendpulse review campaign stats

Also, you can see how many times your emails were opened by location (country and city), devices (type, platform, and browser), to see error statistics.

What looked really interesting and useful for me is clicks map. It shows which links your recipient clicked and how many times:

sendpulse review clicks map

As we can see, the link to a very funny video was clicked three times, the link to my facebook page was clicked once and SendPulse ad was also clicked one time. When sending multiple campaigns you can track which links are interesting to your clients and what makes them want to click on the link. A very useful feature, indeed.

Another great thing is that SendPulse managed to go through the spam filters provided by various web hosting providers. Although it may be a little bit trickier with free email hosting services, like Gmail as it can end up in the spam folder.

Moreover, I tested this emailing tool by sending email to the mail-tester for spam check and it got a nearly perfect result. The problem may be with the content of the letter (my bad, too many pictures), but not with the SendPulse.

sendpulse review scoresendpulse review supportResponsive SendPulse Support

During my SendPulse review, I had some questions and decided that it'll be more interesting not to look for answers myself but to contact the support. For testing purposes also.

And the results were outstanding!

The live chat is working without any problems - all three times I contacted them it took nearly a minute for someone to respond. And the support team was really helpful, polite and well-informed.

I had questions about changing the currency, location settings and how to avoid being sent to the spam folder. And all these questions were a piece of cake for the team. Good job, guys!

SendPulse Review - Conclusions

SenPulse is a really well-done platform. It has a wide spectrum of tools and all of them are effective and user-friendly. Not to mention, it offers a free trial and you can try almost everything before reaching for your wallet. Of course, the free trial will come with some ads, but in most instances, they are barely visible.

To sum up - the interface is really easy to use and convenient. Everything is where it's supposed to be and you are provided with a variety of templates. You can use them freely or just get inspiration from. The free plan is really generous, offering complete statistics, full support and a huge quantity of recipients - up to 2500.

Just try all the services for yourself and you may realize, that SendPulse can make your marketing process way simpler.

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