Tailor Brands Review – Can They Tailor A Unique Brand For You ?


Bart Keating


2020 January 16th


Tailor Brands claims to be a one-stop design service that can help you create marketing elements for your business branding in less than 30 seconds.

Is that really true? Find out how well Tailor Brands actually works in my in-depth Tailor Brands review.

Tailor Brands Review About Us

What is Tailor Brands?

You may have already heard of the Tailor Brands logo design tool but this company actually offers much more than that. Its services can be divided into two categories.

First, it offers a suite of branding services:

  • Logo tools: Create, edit and resize logos
  • Business documents: Materials with branded letterheads
  • Image watermarking: Protect your images
  • Pre-prepared presentations: Branded Powerpoint files
  • Branded merchandise: Promotional office stationery
Tailor Brands Review Branding Tools

The other Tailor Brands specialism is social media marketing:

  • Logo resizing: Edit images to fit social media accounts
  • Analytics: View audience interaction data
  • Scheduled posts: Allows you to create scheduled social media posts
  • Facebook designer: Create bespoke ads

Tailor Brands Review: First Impressions

As you'd expect from design service, the Tailor Brands website is slick, modern and easy to navigate. I didn't even have to create an account to begin making my first Tailor Brands logo.

Tailor Brands Review Landing Page

User-Friendly Design Process

Overall, the Tailor Brands design process is very simple and should work well for beginners. It takes about ten minutes start to finish. That's not long, but it is significantly more than the advertised 30 seconds.

The design creator starts out by asking you a bunch of different questions about your product and business.

Tailor Brands Review Enter Industry

It then asks you to choose a logo format, to pick your favorite from a range of relevant icons and, finally, to choose a favorite font option.

Tailor Brands Review Font Choice

After that, it takes Tailor Brands five more minutes to generate three custom logos for you. Once you select your favorite, you can tweak it in the logo editor.

Tailor Brands Review Editor

Mediocre Designs

I wasn't bowled over by the logos and branding materials Tailor Brands produced. I used the creator several times and, although the results were acceptable, they wouldn't compare to the work of a real graphic designer.

Tailor Brands Review Results

Decent Customer Support

Unfortunately, no phone support service is offered. But you do have a live chat available, with support teams answering questions within minutes. The only other way to talk to a representative about technical issues is via an email form.

And you can expect those tickets to be answered within a 24 hours time period.


While it's primary goal is to create a good looking logo for you, it doesn't stop there. Tailor Brands aims to fulfill all of your marketing needs by creating your brand and making it easy to use it.

So if you need branded merchandise, business cards, books, or even brand presentations you have everything in one place.

You Can't Trademark Tailor Brands Logos

One major issue is that Tailor Brands uses Noun Project icons. Because it doesn't generate logos from scratch, you can't trademark the logos you create with this service.

Tailor Brands Pricing

Tailor Brands offers three different pricing tiers. If you pay annually, the Basic plan costs $3.99/month, the Standard package is $5.99/month and, finally, the Premium option costs $12.99/month. Note that more expensive quarterly billing is also available.

All plans allow you to download a high-quality PNG copy of your logo. However, social media and branded business material packs aren't included with every package.

Starter Advanced Expert
PNG Logo Downloads Yes Yes Yes
Water Marking Tool Yes Yes Yes
Seasonal Logos Yes Yes Yes
Vector EPS Logo No Yes Yes
Branded Material No Yes Yes
Unlimited Logo Storage No Yes Yes
Scheduled Social Posts No No Yes
Social Media Analytics No No Yes
Facebook Designs No No Yes
Refund Period 7-Day 7-Day 7-Day
Support Live chat, Email Live chat, Email Live chat, Email

For a one-off logo design, the best thing to do is to sign up for the Starter plan with quarterly $7.99/month payments. Effectively, the minimum price for a Tailor Brands logo is, therefore, $23.97. This is significantly cheaper than the cost of hiring a professional graphic designer.

The Standard and Expert packages don't offer as good value for money. The $15.99/month Expert package is particularly expensive considering it only allows you to schedule your own Social Media posts and doesn't generate them for you.

Tailor Brands - Final Thoughts

Overall, I have mixed feelings about Tailor Brands. Although its logo design process is user-friendly, the end results aren't stunning. It's also disappointing that you can't trademark the logos created with this platform.

But what do you think? If you've got your own Tailor Brands reviews to share, post them below!

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