Wix Code Overview: Important Things To Know Before You Start


Dani Nolan


2019 February 5th


If you're an avid Wix user, or someone considering making the switch to Wix to take advantage of its professionally designed themes, you might have heard of Wix code. But what exactly is it?

Do you need to know how to code to use it, and what can Wix code do?

Those are all questions that will be answered in this article. I'll start by giving you a short overview of what Wix code is, and then I'll run down the top 4 things it can be used for.

Here's an overview of the best Wix code features:

  • You can create powerful databases
  • Make custom user input forms
  • Design Dynamic pages
  • Integrate with APIs and Wix Javascript

Let's have a look at what all of that is, and how can it be of use to you.

What is Wix Code?

Wix code is a user-friendly product that Wix designed in order to add extra functionality to the Wix Editor. With Wix code, you can create various applications for your Wix platforms and increase the capabilities of your websites.

Before you start though, it's important to know the differences between the Wix Editor and Wix Code.

The Wix Editor was available long before Wix Code was introduced. It was a powerful site builder but didn't have the grunt to compete with popular CMS programs like WordPress which has hundreds of plugins. For WordPress, this makes it possible to achieve advanced things like integrating external Javascript applets.

So this is what Wix Code is designed to address. Its chief focus is on enhancing your website by letting you automatically create pages and web applications using large databases, which are basically just enormous spreadsheets of your own making.

Do I Need to Know How to Code to use Wix Code?

In a word: No

Wix Code is totally suitable for both tech-savvy users and beginners. Creating a Database Collection using Wix code is as simple as filling out a spreadsheet. Plus, implementing more complex functions is intuitive thanks to the Wix Editor's well thought-out design.

Having some knowledge of a programming language is useful if you want to use Wix code to gain complete control over your pages though.

For example, when using Wix code to tell your site how to respond to specific user interactions, the Wix Editor will show you a list of all the possible inputs that your site can respond to:

Wix Code Open Code Window

Each input is clickable, and you won't need any coding knowledge to select one and then tell your site what to do in response to it. However, if you have the coding knowledge, you can also write a snippet of code in your Wix code editor window (at the bottom of the screen) that will accomplish the same purpose.

Plus, if you do already know how to code, you'll be able to fully customize the Javascript and Wix APIs that Wix code allows you to embed in your site.

Getting Started with Wix Code

Enabling Wix code on a Wix website is very straightforward.

To turn Wix code on, simply open your Wix Editor. In the top bar of the screen, click on 'Code' and, in the menu that appears, select 'Turn on Developer Tools'.

Wix Code Open Wix Code

And that's it! Wix code functionality will now be enabled for your site. You're free to explore any of the Wix code functions described below.

Using Wix Code to Create Powerful Databases

Database Collections are the backbone of Wix code. They're essentially spreadsheets you can fill in with any kind of data you want to use on your website:

Wix Code Database Collection Example

Say you're running a restaurant review website. You might want to create a database that contains a list of the different restaurants you've reviewed, and the score each one received.

Why would you need such a database? Because you can link different elements in your website to rows or columns in your database. Later, when you revisit your favorite burger joint and discover each patty is now garnished with a piece of human hair, you won't need to modify your review page to express your outrage. Simply edit the corresponding field of your table, and your site will be updated accordingly.

Using Wix Code to Make Custom Forms

Thanks to its numerous stylish templates and themes, Wix websites always looked beautiful. However, one thing they used to lack was a way to meaningfully deal with user input. Wix code changed all that with the introduction of custom user input forms.

Wix's interactive user elements easily allow readers to send reactions, comments or other forms of feedback to you. All you need to do is add an input element such as a text field and link the input with a column in your Database Collection. 

Wix Code Database User Input Example

Once a reader fills out and submits their feedback, it will instantly be added to your Database Collection, making it very easy to process and interpret large volumes of reader inputs.

It's also easy to get specific about what kind of information you want your readers to provide. You can restrict text-field input to a specific format (such as an email address), and you can also add numerous other types of user input field such as sliders, switches, and ratings.

Using Wix Code to Design Dynamic Pages

Wix code's ability to generate dynamic pages is, to me, its most useful feature. If you want to create hundreds of web pages for your site based around similar designs and inputs (for example, if you run a jewelry store and want a page for every item you sell), this will certainly be a feature to look out for.

Wix Code Dynamic Display

To create hundreds of pages that generate their own content from your Database Collection, create a template page and link every element in it to a column in your database. Wix will then scan your database and automatically build a new page from every row. Amazing, right?

Using Wix Code to Integrate APIs and Wix Javascript

Wix code's ability to make use of third-party Javascript APIs is probably its most powerful feature, and also the hardest to take advantage of. API stands for Application Program Interface, and so Javascript APIs essentially allow your Wix site to embed or display content from external sources like YouTube or Vimeo. 

Successfully integrating a Javascript API into your Wix website requires a significant amount of coding experience, so I don't recommend that beginners attempt it. If you'd like, you can find out more about Wix code's API features here.

Wix Code - Don't Skip On This Powerful Tool

Wix code is an extremely potent toolkit that you can use to make the backend of your site run seamlessly.

Its usefulness will scale with your technical ability, but even if you're designing your very first website, you'll be able to achieve plenty with it. So is it worth having a go? If you wish to make beautiful, responsive tools, that answer is a resounding yes.

Do you use Wix code to customize and enhance your website? Or maybe you've made a switch to Wix purely because of this powerful feature? Comment below about your experiences!

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