WordPress Developer Salary: How Much Do Developers Really Make?


If you’re interested in becoming a WordPress developer, you know there’s a good reason for it - WordPress has an enormous market and need for experts. 

Even though WordPress is a rather easy tool to use on your own without any professional help and you can even create a free WordPress website, the need for well-paid professionals is still tremendous. Why? Well, if you’d want to mod your WordPress website beyond what plugins allow - help from an experienced developer is essential.

Let’s take a look at what data says about WordPress developer salary in the US and Europe.

WordPress Designer vs. Developer: Does It Overlap?

First, let’s find out what a WordPress developer does:

WordPress designer is the person that transforms your website into an aesthetically looking one. They play around with colors, fonts and general look of the website.

On the other hand, WordPress developer is someone who codes custom solutions, such as plugins for WordPress. They use the interface created by the designer to make it functional. If you ever wondered how to become a web developer, you should note that WordPress developers have to be highly skilled in PHP and CSS to build plugins that work smoothly in different environments.


However, there is some common ground between the designers and the developers. Many WordPress developers actually take care of both the design and the code side of the website. So, does that reflect on their paychecks?

The US vs. Europe: The Difference is Not Only Currency

Geographical location definitely affects the salary (no surprise here). WordPress has connected developers from all around the world, but there are two most prominent locations - the US and Europe. The yearly and hourly rates differ significantly on the two continents.

WordPress Developer Salary in The US

As of 2018, the overall average salary in the US is around $61,000 a year. Do WordPress developers make more?

According to the Neuvoo salary data, full-time WordPress developers in the United States are looking at the average salary of $68,250 a year or $35 per hour before taxes. However, these numbers don’t show the real picture - they only present the median, including junior, mid-level, and senior developers across the country. Also, the income tax differs in each state: you would get less after taxes in, let's say, New York (where total tax is 22.4%) than in Texas (17.5% tax). 

WordPress Developer Salary

A junior WordPress developer who’s starting out is expected to make around $34,000/year before taxes, which is almost two times less than an average overall salary in the US. Doesn’t sound very promising, does it?

Well, the situation improves significantly for more experienced professionals. A developer with a vast knowledge of WordPress and years of experience might be looking at a solid $116,000 payout at the end of the year. Mid-level developers fall in the middle of these two sums - depending on their skills, their annual wage might be close to that $68,250 median salary.

Wordpress developer salaries per region

As mentioned before - location greatly influences the size of the paycheck. That’s the case not only with countries but also with cities and states. A professional working in a big city will earn more than someone working from a remote location. Seems that the best region for WordPress professionals in the US is New York - developers who reside in this state earn the most ($110,000/year), with Pensylvania ($87,750/year) and California ($87,500) coming in second and third respectively.

All things considered, WordPress developer salary in the US varies greatly between different regions, but the overall average of $68,000 isn’t that little. How does Europe compare?

WordPress Developer Salary in Europe

The majority of salary data comes from the US. And it makes sense - it would be difficult to pinpoint the average WordPress developer salary in all of Europe since the countries greatly differ in their economies and overall wage sizes. The survey carried out by Pearson Frank takes a look 5 European countries, comparing how much WordPress developers of different levels earn there.

WordPress Developer Salary in DenmarkDKK 276,397 ($42,302)DKK 396,155 ($60,631)DKK 660,596 ($101,104)
WordPress Developer Salary in SwedenSEK 300,276 ($33,195)SEK 432,339 ($47,795)SEK 600,118 ($66,343)
WordPress Developer Salary in the UKGBP 22,539 ($28,534)GBP 32,514 ($41,163)GBP 42,529 ($53,842)
WordPress Developer Salary in FinlandEUR 30,429 ($34,757)--
WordPress Developer Salary in SpainEUR 17,369 ($19,839)- -

With an average yearly salary of DKK 444,382 ($67,924), Denmark is the clear winner in Europe’s salary battle and offers almost the same median as the US. However, a junior WordPress developer from Denmark can expect to earn more than in the US - DKK 276,397 ($42,302). Senior developers are expected to earn around $101,000 a year - not too far from the US.

Spain, however, has the least to offer - a beginner developer will only get around $19,500 a year. Luckily for them, the online marketplaces such as Codeable or Toptal allow WordPress developers to score jobs all around the world.

All in All, What Salary Can a WordPress Developer Expect?

In The US, the salary of around $68,250/year seems to be the median. For freelancers, the hourly rate fluctuates between $20 up to $100 per hour.

In Europe, Denmark seems to be the sweet spot for WordPress developers, offering around $67,924 annually.

The salary, of course, depends on the developer’s knowledge and experience. Entry level developer positions don’t offer a lot: $34,000/year might not sound very optimistic, but the sum grows significantly with the skillset. An experienced worker will be looking at a $115,000+/year paycheck. If you’re working on becoming a WordPress developer superstar, the pay might be even bigger.

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