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What Is Wp Buffs?

WP Buffs is a company that is there to help you with everything WordPress related. They describe themselves as chiefs of technology and technical WordPress partners. Understanding that there is a huge market for beginner WordPress users, WP Buffs come to the rescue! Also, it's a good tool for people that do not want to take on the time-sensitive task of managing a website

Are they the superheroes they want you to think they are? In this WP Buffs review, I'm going to see if they are truly the solution for your WordPress needs as I look at the services offered and go more in-depth with their features.

Services Offered By WP Buffs

For those who need to get a website up and running, but the technical side of things leaves stuck in the mud and struck down by fear - this may be the solution. Their all-encompassing services are listed below:

  • 24/7 website updates
  • Security
  • Speed optimization
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Weekly updates
  • Advanced support
  • Transparent reports on their services
WP Buffs review features

You can expect to pay more for the management of your WordPress site than, for example, a shared hosting plan. But how much more? Of course, not having to update your site on your own and having someone to ensure your site stays up all of the time is something that can ease your mind.

But is it worth it if you'll have to sell your firstborn to have enough money? Let’s just take a look at the WP Buffs pricing and plans to see if you (hypothetically) will need to give up any children in order to get your WordPress maintained. 

WP Buffs Pricing & Plans

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Maintain Plan - $50 per month, 1 website,  all listed services minus unlimited 24/7 updates, free plugins, priority support, malware removal, speed optimization, and mobile & tablet optimization.  If you choose to pay yearly, the price will be $40.

Perform Plan - $100 per month, 1 website, all listed services minus priority support and malware removal. If you choose to pay yearly, the price will be $80.

Perform Plan Pro - $150 per month, 1 website, all listed services. If you choose to pay yearly, the price will be $120.

If you plan to have your website, which needs professional management, for a year from now, it only makes sense to pay annually. Just keep in mind that the Maintain plan lacks half of the features. 

Depending on your needs and level of WordPress understanding, you can pick the plan that suits you. If you don’t know anything about WordPress, you should consider getting the Perform Plan Pro for maximum support.

And if you need something more fancy and personal, there are some custom options to select from:

wp buffs review custom plans

Let’s look at the plans in more detail to see which option is going to give you the best value for your bucks:

Plans in More Detail

wp buffs review plans

With the Maintain plan, you'll not get unlimited website edits, fewer plugins, poorer support, malware removal and optimization.

The Pro plan is different because it comes with complete malware removal and priority support for websites with eCommerce, membership and multilingual staging.

Keep in mind that you need to cancel your plans manually or it'll be billed automatically. Good idea to set a notification year from the starting date.

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WP Buffs Pros & Cons

While I've looked at some of the features offered on the site and it is obvious I'm not excited about some of pricing factors, let’s see if WP Buffs can redeem themselves in the pros and cons section.


An all-in-one option for beginners - If you are a beginner and not sure how to take care of your website, this is a great option for you. You won’t have to update your website or worry about your website going down. If your website goes down, the WP Buffs will take care of everything and get you up and running quickly.

Easy to understand services & benefits - Whether you are a beginner or a pro, it is easy to tell what the services and benefits of using WP Buffs are. The clear website and explanations make it easier to pick the right solution for you and your company.

Reputable company - WP Buffs is a reputable company with team members often attending, volunteering and speaking at WordCamp events. You can trust this USA-based company to communicate whenever you need to upgrade, downgrade, change your services or receive support.

Wp Buffs Cons

Customer support - If you go to their contact us page, you will see three options. Those options are email, live chat and schedule a phone call. If you go to the live chat option, you are taken to an offline message which means you are going to have to wait for “live” chat and seems more like a support ticket system.

Pricing - If you are only getting started out with your website, the pricing options might not be something you are comfortable with. When you know something about WordPress, for example, what you need and how much time the management takes - that's a different story. 

WP Buffs Review - Final Thoughts

In my opinion, WP Buffs is not for everyone but could be a great option for people lacking the time and having a decent budget to work with. And if you are an experienced WordPress developer or have some technical prowess in the area of WordPress, the features might appear really interesting. 

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