How to Set Up an Amazon Affiliate WordPress Store – All You Need To Know


Dani Nolan


2019 February 19th


Today, there are tens of thousands of people creating online stores without having to find suppliers or handle products. They do this thanks to Amazon’s affiliate program which allows them to set up a store that redirects to products on Amazon.

This program means that every single time someone buys a product via the links on their website, they earn a commission. However, setting up an affiliate store can be complex.

With this in mind, I’m going to run you through how to set up an Amazon affiliate WordPress store. I’m using WordPress with the WooCommerce plugin because it’s the easiest and most intuitive platform to integrate your store with the Amazon affiliate process.

Here’s how to set up an Amazon affiliate WordPress store step by step:

  • Step 1: Choose a WordPress hosting provider
  • Step 2: Pick a domain name
  • Step 3: Install the WooCommerce plugin
  • Step 4: Sign up for an Amazon affiliate account
  • Step 5: Personalize your affiliate account
  • Step 6: Add Amazon affiliate products in WooCommerce

Step 1: Choose a WordPress Hosting Provider

To create an Amazon affiliate store, you have to be able to add plugins to your site and, the best way to do this is with However, you’ll need a hosting provider before you can get started.

There are dozens of hosting providers for you to choose from but, it’s important they’re compatible with WordPress. Luckily, today, many of these offer one-click WordPress installation.

I used Hostinger to create my Amazon affiliate WordPress site because it’s easy to use and comes with a selection of affordable plans for you to choose from. Better yet, many of these come with an email account and a generous amount of bandwidth.

amazon affiliate wordpress Hostinger plans

That said, you can also go for Bluehost, A2 Hosting, SiteGround, and InMotion, among others if you’d prefer. These providers also come with a free domain name that you can assign to your site as soon as you pay for your subscription.

Step 2: Pick a Domain Name

With Hostinger, you can pick your domain name once you’ve selected your plan. From your shopping basket, you’ll be given the chance to choose your domain name, free of charge.

When making a final decision, go for a name that is memorable and aligns with your branding. After all, you want your customers to find you easily. I suggest you go for your business name followed by your preferred domain ending. For example,

On the other hand, if you already own a domain name, you can connect it to your new site. Hostinger and other providers allow you to connect an existing domain from another platform with the click of just a few buttons. In some cases, you only need to use a 'one-click' installation process!

Step 3: Install the WooCommerce Plugin

Now that you’ve paid for your hosting plan and domain as well as installed WordPress, you’ll arrive on your WordPress dashboard. Here, you’ll be able to create everything from new pages to blog posts. You can also install plugins which allow you to turn your site into an online store.

When learning how to set up an Amazon affiliate store, it’s important you install WooCommerce. This is a comprehensive plugin that allows you to convert your website into a profitable store. Furthermore, it’s what will allow you to make a commission from the Amazon affiliate program.

To install WooCommerce, go to ‘Plugins’ followed by ‘Add New’. Then, type ‘WooCommerce’ into the search box and click on ‘Install Now’.

amazon affiliate wordpress woocommerce installation

Once the installation is complete, click on ‘Activate’ to get started.

amazon affiliate wordpress woocommerce activation

As soon as you activate the WooCommerce plugin, you’ll be redirected to the setup wizard. Here, you’ll be able to choose everything from the currency of your online store as well as your location, and most importantly, the payment methods you accept, among other information.

If you’re planning on selling your own products as well as listing Amazon ones, you should take your time setting this up. Alternatively, feel free to click on ‘Not right now’ to skip this stage and revisit it later.

amazon affiliate wordpress woocommerce wizard

Step 4: Sign Up for an Amazon Affiliate Account

When the WooCommerce plugin is set up as you want it, it’s time to sign up for the Amazon affiliate program. This will allow you to add products to your store using an affiliate ID which will give you the chance to earn a commission on the products listed in your store.

To get started, head over to the Amazon affiliate program website. There, click on the ‘Join Now for Free’ button on the homepage.

amazon affiliate wordpress amazon affiliate sign up

On the next page, you’ll be prompted for your Amazon login details. You can either insert these and click on ‘Sign in’ or select ‘Create your Amazon account’ to start from scratch.

amazon affiliate wordpress amazon affiliate program login

Step 5: Personalize Your Affiliate Account

Next, you’ll have to fill in your account information to get started. The first stage is to choose a payee address. You can do this by clicking on one of the addresses already assigned to your account followed by ‘Select This Address’. On the following page, click ‘Next’.

amazon affiliate wordpress associate profile

Alternatively, you can enter a new address by filling in the form and clicking on ‘Next’.

amazon affiliate wordpress amazon affiliate setup

Following this, enter the websites and mobile applications where you’d like to display banners, links, ads, and widgets from Amazon Associates. Then, click ‘Add’ followed by ‘Next’.

amazon affiliate wordpress Amazon affiliate adding websites

You’ll then have to specify whether or not your websites or apps are directed primarily at children under the age of 13. Here, click on your preferred answer followed by ‘Confirm’.

amazon affiliate wordpress amazon affiliate setting up

The next step is to create a profile for your account. Here, go through the motions and add as much detail about your store. You’ll also be asked for information about traffic and monetization. Once you’ve answered all the questions in this form, click ‘Next’.

amazon affiliate wordpress amazon affiliate profile

Finally, go through the ‘Identity Verification’ and ‘Start Using Associates Central’ stages. Once your application is complete, Amazon will review it.

Step 6: Add Amazon Affiliate Products in WooCommerce

The final step is to learn how to add Amazon affiliate links to WordPress. Once Amazon approves your application, you can start adding affiliate products to your site. To do this, click on ‘Products’ on your dashboard followed by ‘Add New’. You can then add your product’s name and description, among other details.

amazon affiliate wordpress adding products

Once your product description is complete, scroll down to the section entitled ‘Product Data’. There, choose the ‘External/Affiliate product’ option. Finally, insert your Amazon link as well as the text you’d like displayed on the button next to your product.

amazon affiliate wordpress external and affiliate products

To find your Amazon link, search for the product you’d like to list on your website in your Amazon Associates account. Be sure to keep the price section of your listing blank as Amazon doesn’t allow you to manually set pricing for products on the platform.

Before publishing your product on your WordPress store, add an image or a gallery of images by clicking on the ‘Set product image’ or 'Add product gallery images' on the right-hand side of your screen.

amazon affiliate wordpress product images

Next, click on ‘Publish’ or you can click on ‘Edit’ next to ‘Publish immediately’ to schedule your product to go live on a specific date. You can also click on ‘Save Draft’ if you’d like to review it at a later date.

amazon affiliate wordpress publish product

Additional Steps to Take When Designing an Amazon Affiliate WordPress Store

While your store is already set to go live, you should customize it to make sure that it aligns with your branding and looks attractive to potential customers. You can do this by changing the theme of your website with these steps:

  1. Select ‘Appearance’
  2. Click on ‘Themes’
  3. Choose ‘Add New’
  4. Scroll through the themes
  5. Click ‘Activate’ by hovering over the theme you’d like to use on your site

It’s important you consider your budget when choosing a new theme for your store. While WordPress does offer a selection of free themes, some of them are also quite expensive.

Have you got more Amazon affiliate tips? If so, share them with me in the comments below.

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