How to Delete a Wix Site: Delete Site, Account, or Unpublish?


Dani Nolan


2019 March 25th

how to delete wix account

Whether you consider the subscription cost too high or are finally ready for more customization options - there are many reasons for quitting Wix and finding another website builder. While Wix is an incredibly user-friendly and design-oriented website builder, it's a rather closed-off platform with limited services for a high price. 

And if you would like to transfer your Wix site, here's our in-depth tutorial on how to transfer from Wix to WordPress.

But if you're looking for how to delete a Wix site, here's how to do that.

  • 1. Cancel your subscription
  • 2. Move your site to trash
  • 3. Additional step: how to unpublish Wix site
  • 4. Additional step: how to delete Wix account

At the end of the article, I'll also cover how to delete Wix account and how to unpublish Wix site.

1. Cancel your subscription

how to delete wix site billing and paymentsWhen joining Wix, you fill out a sign-up form that you submit with your personal details during the registration process. So when you decide to delete a Wix site, you should know that this will only delete the HTML website that you have created.

Wix will still retain your subscription details and charge your monthly or annual price.

So, if you're deleting your Wix site you probably don't want to keep paying. This step is optional - you can keep paying if you think that you'll use Wix in the future.

To cancel your Wix subscription, log into your account and on the top right corner under 'Account Settings' click 'Billing and Payments'.

There, you'll see your active plan and click 'Cancel Plan'.

You'll be prompted with a window to choose the reason for canceling, so pick the one that suits your situation.

2. Move your site to trash

Now that Wix won't charge you for the premium plan, you can go ahead and delete the site.

Find 'Site actions' section on your dashboard and click 'Move to Trash'. A window will appear asking if you really want to remove the site - click 'Move to Trash' once again.

how to delete wix site move to trash site

That's it - your Wix site now is not reachable. However, Wix keeps your deleted websites, so you can always restore them. 

The restoring process is also easy and quick - you can find your deleted sites in the 'Trash' folder and retrieve them from there.

3. Additional step: how to unpublish Wix site

If you don't want to commit to fully deleting your site, you can unpublish it. That's a great feature since you can your get site live any time you want.

The process of how to unpublish a Wix account is actually even simpler than deleting a Wix site.

how to delete wix site unpublish

Head to the 'Site Manager' section of your dashboard and click 'Unpublish' next to the chosen website. The site will be unavailable to reach instantly.

If one of the reasons for why you are looking to unpublish a Wix site is privacy, then there are other options to keep your site discrete. For instance, it is possible to give a few users a direct link to the site privately, thereby hiding your site from search engines. This way, you can control who views your website while it is under construction.

4. Additional step: how to delete Wix account

There is a difference between deleting a Wix site and deleting Wix account. If you delete a website, you're still a member of the platform, and you can continue building new websites.

However, if you're sure that Wix is not the website builder for you - go ahead and delete the whole account. Who needs another membership that's not used, right?

You have two choices here: either deactivating your Wix account or permanently deleting it. But here's the thing, if you have any active premium services, you can only deactivate the account once they expire.

This can be time-consuming if you want to get rid of your account as soon as possible, so I will concentrate on deleting the Wix account.

Just note - once you delete a Wix account, you cannot reactivate it again. This process completely scrapes any evidence of your existence from their databases.

First of all, if you skipped the first step - cancel your paid membership. You will have to manually deactivate all premium services, such as mailboxes and premium plans. Wix will not reimburse you for any services once you delete your account.

how to delete wix site delete accountSecondly, you'll have to either cancel or transfer the domains you own.

To transfer your domain to another host, go to your site’s dashboard and click 'Domains' under the 'Subscriptions' tab.

Next to the domain you want to transfer, click 'Move away from Wix'. In the next 24 hours, you will receive a transfer code in your email address that you will need to use when registering to another host.

Since domain is a premium service, to remove it all you have to do is cancel this service under 'Billing & Payments'.

Lastly, all you have to do is request Wix to permanently delete your account.

Once you delete a Wix account, you cannot reactivate it again. This process completely scrapes any evidence of your existence from the databases. You may contact support at any point during the 7-day period to request to stop the process. Once the period is over, you will not receive any further communication from Wix.

Note that when you go through with the deletion process, search engines might still display your Wix site, that is until they update their databases.

How to Delete a Wix Site: Consider Your Options

All in all, Wix is a great and easily understandable website builder. But if you wish, it is easy to delete a Wix site and start over if you feel that this platform doesn't suit your needs.

However, there are less permanent solutions to try if you're not completely sure. My recommendation - before permanently deleting your site and Wix account, try cancelling premium services or unpublishing your site.

But in the end, we'd also love to hear your thoughts? Why have you decided to leave Wix? Comment your experiences down below!

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Great info , good thanks.