How to Transfer Your Website From Wix To WordPress


Dani Nolan


2019 February 4th


Wix is an excellent platform for building a new website. But often there comes a time when your site becomes limited by Wix's functionality - and you start looking for a better place for your page.

However, Wix isn't all that good when it comes to moving the websites. It's a very closed platform, not allowing to export your site to another web builder directly. You can't export Wix to HTML, because that will cause the website to break. The page structure will be distorted and Wix plugins won't be functional anymore.

So if you've been hoping to transfer your Wix site to WordPress, you may be scared that you'll have to rebuild your entire site.

Well - don't be. There is a way to speed up the transition process.

My tutorial will help you transfer your site without manually recreating your entire site. Here are the steps you need to take to move from Wix to WordPress:

  1. Sign up for WordPress
  2. Access your Wix RSS feed
  3. Save Wix RSS feed for WordPress
  4. Click 'Install Now' on RSS feed
  5. Upload RSS feed file
  6. Manually import pages to WordPress

1. Sign Up for WordPress

Before you can transfer Wix to WordPress, you'll need to create a WordPress site. Nowadays, almost all best web hosting providers offer one-click WordPress installation with their hosting packages. You can also head straight to

However, I strongly encourage to use a hosting provider, and download WordPress there - it's a cheaper, more functional option, that will be better in the long run.

2. Access Your Wix RSS Feed

Next, it's time to start importing the blog posts from your Wix site. First, you'll need to access the RSS feed from your current Wix site. Wix won't let you directly export your blog posts or content, so we need to use this shortcut to save time.

To do this, you'll need to add '/feed.xml' to the end of your Wix URL address. For those who don't have an exclusive domain name, you'll need to enter

Important Note #1: you also need to put your username under 'yourusername,' and your blog name under 'yourblogname'. Do not simply copy and paste the URL noted in this tutorial.

Important Note #2: depending on when your website, the end of your URL may be different. If "feed.xml" doesn't work, try "blog-feed.xml".

3. Save Wix RSS Feed for WordPress

Once you access your RSS site on Wix, a bunch of text will appear. Right-click anywhere on the text and select 'Save As.' Save the file on your computer, as you will need to import it during our next step. This will copy your RSS feed for importing into WordPress.

4. Click 'Install Now' on RSS Feed

Scroll your mouse over the 'Tools' tab on the left-hand side WordPress dashboard. Select 'Import' from the sub-menu that appears. Here you will need to find the RSS Feed option when the page opens.

WIX to WordPress Step 4.1

When the RSS Feed page uploads, select 'Install Now.' After a few seconds, 'Install Now' will be replaced by 'Run Importer.' Click this button and it will redirect you to upload your RSS feed from Wix.

WIX to WordPress Step 4.2

5. Upload RSS Feed File

On the RSS Feed page, you'll be given the option to choose a file and upload the previous RSS Feed from Wix. Upload the file you initially saved in Step 3. If you have a lot of blogs, this may take a bit of time to complete.

WIX to WordPress Step 5

6. Manually Import Pages to WordPress

While this will upload your blog posts to your new WordPress sites, it won't upload your main pages (such as your homepage). Unfortunately, you'll need to go to your Wix site, copy the text, and paste it into new pages on your new WordPress site.

To add a new page on your WordPress, scroll over the 'Pages' tab on the left-hand side WordPress dashboard. The option to 'Add New' should appear as you scroll over the tab. Click this option, and you will be able to insert the text and upload new pages.

WIX to WordPress Step 6

Additional Steps: Adding Old Media to New WordPress Blog Posts

While you can easily transfer your old blog posts across using the above steps, the images won't be included in the automatic RSS Feed upload. Below, we'll explore a way to automate the image transfer process.

1. Find the 'Auto Upload Images' plugin:

WIX to WordPress Step 2.1Scroll your mouse over the 'Plugins' tab on the left-hand side WordPress dashboard.

Click the 'Add New' button that will appear on the sub-menu as you scroll over the 'Plugins' button.

2. Install and activate 'Auto Upload Images' plugin

In the top right-hand search bar, search 'Auto Upload Images' in the search bar. When the plugin appears, click 'Install Now' in the top right-hand section of the plugin preview. After a few seconds, 'Activate' will appear in the same location as 'Install Now.' Click 'Activate' to complete the installation process.
Note: Other plugins may appear when you search for 'Auto Upload Images,' make sure it is the same plugin exhibited below.

WIX to WordPress Step 2.2

3. Select screen options to increase pagination

Next, scroll over the 'Posts' tab on the left-hand WordPress dashboard. Select 'All Posts' from the sub-menu. After your posts appear, click 'Screen Options' and increase 'Number of items per page' to 999.

Wix to WordPress Step 2.3

4. Update all posts to automatically include images

If you manually re-save your posts to upload your images, it may take you days. Fortunately, there's a little trick that can help you speed up the process. Select the all posts box at the top of your post list, and then update the posts collectively to automatically input all your old images.

wix to wordpress post selection

Wix to WordPress: It's Not as Hard as You Think

If you think it's time to transfer your Wix site to another host, don't let the process deter you from making the move. There are huge advantages associated with uploading your site to WordPress.

Using the steps in this tutorial will help you speed up the process if you want to transfer Wix site to another host. Of course, due to the limitations of the Wix platform, a lot of the work will have to be done by you - getting the posts and the media on your page will make the process much, much easier.


Written by Dani Nolan

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2020 February 24th

i have a question. Can i move my wix site to my own url? If html means bought url, cant i hire someone who knows what theyre doing to fix... Read more

i have a question. Can i move my wix site to my own url? If html means bought url, cant i hire someone who knows what theyre doing to fix it?

Heather picture

2020 January 8th

This helped me so much!! Thank you! Have you tried this using more than 20 posts? I can't seem to get my feed.xml file to load more than the latest... Read more

This helped me so much!! Thank you! Have you tried this using more than 20 posts? I can't seem to get my feed.xml file to load more than the latest 20 posts.