Avast VPN – Can You Trust This VPN Service?


Avast VPN claims to offer clients 'true' online privacy at the 'click of a button.'

So if you're looking for an easy-to-use VPN service that encrypts your data, this might be music to your ears.

avast vpn review

But the reality is most VPN providers make similar claims – and few are able to live up to expectations.

Our Avast VPN review examines the various features available in this popular VPN service.

Firstly, Let's Talk Avast VPN Safety

If you want to keep your online web traffic secure, you need a VPN you can trust. I always look at jurisdiction and privacy statements to determine the trustworthiness of a VPN company.

Avast VPN is registered in Prague, Czech Republic. But the company also holds offices in the United States and the United Kingdom.

avast vpn review

The Czech Republic is one of the best countries in the world for internet privacy – there is relatively little oversight in this Eastern European nation. But Avast VPN's presence in the United States and the United Kingdom is slightly concerning.

Both the U.S. and U.K are part of the Five Eyes Jurisdiction. Countries that are members of this jurisdiction share information and intelligence between one another.

Avast VPN's presence in these countries may imply it has to respond to government requests for information.

But it's important not to focus too much on jurisdiction – a company's logging policy is just as important.

avast vpn review

Unfortunately, Avast VPN does log your IP address and connection times. This means Avast VPN can't claim to have a true no-logging policy.

While this is concerning, its privacy policy also has some other hidden disadvantages. Avast VPN complies with government requests and orders for information.

Avast VPN Review Privacy Policy

But... What About Avast VPN's Encryption Features?

Encrypting your internet data and traffic is the best way to protect your information online. Public WiFi hotspots and other unsecured platforms can put you at risk - you may not even realize it!

Fortunately, Avast VPN provides users with access to AES 256-bit encryption - a military-grade encryption standard with no known risk of hacking.

So, is Avast VPN safe? While encryption is really strong, I can't recommend this as a safe service – while its encryption is strong, there are not enough guarantees in the logging policy.

Avast VPN Speed Test

avast vpn speed testI conducted an Avast VPN speed test to see how fast this VPN service truly is. Can Avast keep up with my performance demands?

Surprisingly, yes. My internet download internet speed is normally 70Mbps.

With Avast VPN, I tested a maximum download speed of 46.97 Mbps and upload speed of 9.38 Mbps. As you can see, this is a download speed retention percentage of around 67% - much better than the typical industry retention speed.

While it's not as fast as my normal internet connection, it's definitely good enough to stream content and game online.

Avast VPN Netflix Capabilities

vpn netflix not supported

I tested Netflix on a variety of different Avast VPN servers. I wanted to see if Netflix would block me from accessing other countries' content lists.

Unfortunately, Avast VPN Netflix capabilities aren't up to the task. I couldn’t consistently access Netflix from overseas servers.

If you want to use Netflix overseas, you need a reliable VPN to help you bypass its geographical blocking technology. If Netflix detects a VPN, it will prevent you from accessing its content.

Does Avast VPN Support Torrenting?

vpn torrenting supported

Avast VPN offers P2P servers dedicated to hosting torrents and other P2P content. Avast VPN torrenting is openly supported across its networks.

I tested P2P networks on Avast VPN's servers and didn't experience any issues.

If you use torrents online, you may want to stay anonymous. Many ISPs now block torrent use and governments are making it harder to access P2P networks.

Using a VPN provider that allows torrent use is the best way to get around this problem.

Avast VPN Review Torrenting

AvastVPN is a great partner if you're looking for anonymous torrenting support.

Avast VPN Server Locations

Other Avast VPN reviews often overlook the number of servers the company provides.

So, does Avast VPN have enough servers to keep me happy?

While Avast VPN doesn't have as many servers as other leading VPN companies, it does have access to over 30 countries. Many of these countries have multiple servers to choose from.

avast vpn review

If you want to take advantage of different Netflix locations, you'll need a variety of server locations. The best VPNs have hundreds of different servers spread throughout the world.

Avast VPN Pricing

Avast VPN only offers annual subscriptions for its services – there are no month-to-month options. A PC/Mac subscription costs $59.99 a year, while an Android/iOS subscription costs $19.99 a year.

Annual Cost$59.99$19.99

Avast VPN pricing is definitely affordable, it's just a shame you can't opt for a monthly subscription.

One feature of its pricing that I like is the mobile option. Many VPN services don't offer cheaper mobile subscriptions for customers – if you only want a VPN for your phone, this is one of the cheapest options on the market.

It's hard to commit to paying for a whole year of service without testing the platform. So, is there an Avast free trial available to potential customers?

Avast VPN offers a 7-day free trial to its potential customers. It's a great way to get a feel for its platform without making any commitments.

Avast Review: Should You Use It?

After checking out what the product has to offer, I think it's safe to say that Avast VPN doesn't provide as much security as it claims. The jurisdiction and logging policy are both sub-par, and a lot of the competition is doing much better.

Avast VPN server speeds are definitely a positive, but it isn't able to unlock Netflix content from abroad. The server locations are also rather limited when compared to other top performers.

So, is Avast VPN good? I don't recommend this service to those who want premium data security. But if you're looking for a cheap mobile fast VPN Avast VPN isn't a bad option.

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