Is Avira Phantom VPN Truly Untraceable?


Avira Phantom VPN positions itself as an untraceable VPN service that provides added security for users. This may sound good, but I never take a VPN provider's word for truth without testing it.

In my Avira Phantom VPN review, I'll scope out all the essential features included in Avira's VPN product.

So if you're considering purchasing Avira Phantom VPN - read ahead!

What is Phantom VPN?

Phantom VPN is Avira's primary VPN product. It allows users to access a private network via public network connections.

This service can help you keep your web traffic secured through a private portal. It also allows you to access the internet from overseas jurisdictions.

How Safe is Avira Phantom VPN?

Safety is a feature that Avira Phantom VPN promotes heavily. They claim their service is un-hackable and untraceable -- but is this really the case? Let's take a closer look.

Avira is a company headquartered in Germany. While this might be outside of the United States, Germany is part of the Fourteen Eyes Jurisdiction. This jurisdiction is a group of major Western countries that share information and data.

If you're trying to keep your data safe from large governments, the location of Avira Phantom VPN is a concern. I typically recommend working with companies located offshore in areas that don't require data disclosure.

But it's not all bad news!

Avira Phantom VPN has a strong logging policy. While they do log some non-person specific data, overall their logging policy prevents the retention of your data.

Avira Phantom VPN Review Logging Policy

So, is Avira Phantom VPN really safe?

I can't recommend this VPN provider for safety because of their location in Germany. But their logging policy is strong enough to warrant recognition.

Avira Phantom VPN's average safety rating might not be a concern if you're focused on performance. So, is Avira Phantom VPN fast enough to impress you?

Avira Phantom VPN Speed Test

Speed is critical if you want to use the internet effectively while your VPN is connected. Almost all VPNs reduce the speed of your internet, but the best VPNs will allow you similar online speed.

Unfortunately, Avira Phantom VPN is not one of these high performing VPNs. In fact, their internet speed was some of the slowest I've tested.

I found a top download speed of 6.87 Mbps and a top upload speed of 7.82 Mbps. If you're used to fast internet, you'll definitely have a hard time adjusting to these slow speeds.

Avira Phantom VPN

My internet speed without VPN enabled rounds up to 70 Mbps.

Avira Phantom VPN Netflix Capabilities

vpn netflix available

Have a particular show you'd like to watch but getting restricted by your geological location? Well, you are in lcuk.

Avira Phantom VPN Netflix capabilities currently allow you to access Netflix from abroad.

If you're someone who loves streaming overseas media, this is a definite advantage.

Does Avira Phantom VPN Support Torrenting?

vpn review torrenting not supportedAvira doesn't mention torrents on their website and doesn't provide clear guidance for P2P networks on their servers. This is a clear indication they do not openly support torrents on their platform.

Avira Phantom VPN torrent suitability isn't guaranteed. This provider isn't a good option if you're someone who plans on using P2P platforms via your VPN. Their aversion to torrents is most likely due to their jurisdiction in Germany.

Avira Phantom VPN Pricing

VPN pricing is a significant component of any purchasing decision. There are plenty of different price points available depending on the type of service you're looking for.

Avira Phantom VPN is one of the only VPN providers that provides a free option for users. Their free package does not include technical support or fail-safe services. It also has a 500MB per month limit on data.

Avira Phantom VPN Review Free Pricing

Regardless, it's a good option if you're looking for a free VPN.

If you want their 'Pro' version that has unlimited data transfer and added features, you'll have to pay. They offer monthly and yearly subscriptions which range from $10.00 a month to $6.50 a month.

Monthly (Android & iOs only)$5.99 (unlimited devices)

Avira Phantom VPN doesn't offer a free trial for their premium service. This isn't a big deal though – you can try most of their features by signing up for the Avira Phantom VPN free package.

Although the free package has limited data, it will at least allow you to try out their platform before you have to pay.

While Avira's capabilities provide mixed signals, can you rely on their customer support team to help you reliably use their service?

Avira Phantom VPN Customer Support

All forms of software can stop working from time to time, so it's essential to have a customer support team that can help you at any time of day. If you plan on using your VPN service a lot, this is an especially critical element of any purchasing decision.

Other Avira Phantom VPN reviews and customers report their customer care as less than perfect.

So, does Avira Phantom VPN has a solid customer support team?

After trying to contact their customer support team, it's evident that they don't provide reliable customer care. They only offer customer support in the form of an email ticket – this isn’t a fast way to deal with a problem if your VPN isn't working.

Avira Phantom VPN Review Customer Support

While their homepage has a 'Phone Support' option, this button doesn't actually work. They also have no live chat service.

Unfortunately, customer support is not a positive feature at Avira Phantom VPN.

Avira Phantom VPN Review - Is it Any Good?

After reading my Avira Phantom VPN review, you might be wondering: 'so, is Avira Phantom VPN good?' Well, truth be told, there are positive and negative features associated with using Avira's VPN service.

While their no-logging policy is solid, their jurisdiction prevents them from being a reliable VPN. Their speed is also too slow for me to recommend their services.

On top of these negatives, their lack of customer support may leave you stranded if you have issues with their service.

If you're looking for a free VPN, this is still a possible option. But if you want to pay for a premium service, I would certainly look elsewhere!

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