Best VPN for Gaming – No Lags And No Logs


While all VPNs slow down your internet speed, finding a VPN that retains most of your download capabilities is essential if you want to ensure it doesn't impact your gaming.

It's a no-brainer that crappy internet connection can take away your ability to annihilate opponents...

So when choosing a VPN, it doesn't only have to be fast. It also needs to be stable - with low ping and jitter.

It's hard and time-consuming to find the best gaming VPN on the market, but luckily, I've done all the research for you. These are the best VPN for gaming:

  • NordVPN (Worldwide access, top-notch security, and privacy features)
  • TorGuard (secure gaming VPN with an excellent reputation)
  • ExpressVPN (Very fast server performance and access to a huge server list)
  • VyprVPN (access to over 200,000 IP addresses and great performance for gaming)

1. NordVPN

From $2.99 /month

nord vpn main page

This Panama-based VPN service is one of the most popular VPN choices in the gaming realm and not without a reason.

You can link NordVPN to a range of different consoles - you don't just have access to its VPN service on a computer. Whether you're playing Xbox or PlayStation, you can integrate NordVPN to stay anonymous whenever you play. This keeps your setup simple and hassle-free regardless of your choice of a device. Yes - VPNs are not for wealthy PC noblemen only.

Best VPN For Gaming NordVPN Gaming

Protect Yourself from ISP Throttling

Some ISPs throttle your speed when you game to prevent you from overloading the provider's download capabilities, but NordVPN provides its users with the ability to completely block ISP throttling.

By using AES-256 bit encryption, it bypasses your ISP and allows you to connect directly to one of NordVPN's servers. This means you won't have to worry about your internet provider messing with your current speeds.

Best VPN For Gaming NordVPN Encryption

Another benefit to this is that the AES-256 bit encryption used is considered the gold standard of encryption in the VPN industry. In fact, it's actually military-grade encryption, as it was formerly used by the US Military. In other words, it's a sure way of ensuring your data and identity remain anonymous.

Need For Speed to Prevent Lag?

Lag is one of the worst parts about playing online games. If you use a VPN provider that doesn’t protect you from lag, you won't be able to match your competition when you play online.

I tested the NordVPN servers to ensure there was enough download speed retention and ping to keep your online games moving fast. While my normal internet connection clocks in at around 70 Mbps, after connecting to NordVPN my speed was reduced to around 53 Mbps.

nord vpn speedtest 2

This is around 75% internet speed retention, which is plenty if you're looking to prevent noticeable lag. And ping/jitter are both really, really good, meaning that not only the connection speeds will be great, the connection itself is also going to remain stable.

Servers and Countries Across the Globe

If you've ever tried to purchase a game from overseas, you may notice that they have different release dates or geo-locks. Using a VPN service with access to overseas servers means you can take advantage of purchasing video games as soon as they're released.

If you're doing a little bit of streaming, twitching or youtubing here and there, it's really important to stay ahead of your competitors with freshly released games.

NordVPN provides its users with access to over 5,000 servers in over 60 countries. This means you have no shortage of server options or locations when you're looking to take advantage of the next release.

It also means you can log in to your gaming console or Steam account from other areas of the world.


  •  Compatible with consoles
  •  Strong encryptions
  •  Great price points
  •  Extensive server lists
  • Prevents ISP throttling


  •  You need to purchase a multi-year subscription to get the best deals

2. TorGuard

From $5.00 /month

torguard vpn homepage

TorGuard is another shadow of the colossus in the VPN industry - this is one of the most popular US-based VPN providers on the market. You can download its VPN client directly to your gaming console, or use the PC/Mac interface to encrypt your PC gaming data.

Best VPN For Gaming TorGuard Gaming

When it comes to performance, TorGuard is actually pretty good, retaining around 80% of the original connection speed (original download/upload speeds were around 70 Mbps). What seems to be a bit more of an issue are its ping/jitter times. But even there, they're still good enough for online gaming.

torguard speed test

No-Logs and Strong Encryption

Some people may worry about TorGuard's US jurisdiction, but the company has a strict no-log policy to keep your gaming and web traffic private. It doesn't retain any of your web traffic or IP data when you connect to its servers.

Best VPN For Gaming TorGuard Logging Policy

TorGuard also offers the same AES 256-bit encryption you find with the other VPN providers on this list. If you're trying to create a secure tunnel that protects your data from your ISP and hackers, TorGuard delivers the goods.

On the topic of protections against ISPs - TorGuard provides protection from throttling from your ISP by hiding your activity. If you currently experience lag or problems gaming, it may be the result of throttling from your current internet provider, and TorGuard can solve it.

Take Advantage of Overseas Releases and Pricing

TorGuard offers 3,000 servers in over 50 countries. If you want to purchase an overseas release or a game is cheaper in a different country, simply change your server location on TorGuard.

While the country list isn't as extensive as the other VPNs on my list, it's still a reliable option.


  •  Huge server list
  •  Strong encryptions
  •  No-logs policy
  •  Compatible with consoles
  •  Excellent reputation


  •  Not as fast as the other VPNs
  •  Based in the United States
  •  Not as many country options as other VPNs on this list

3. ExpressVPN

From $8.32 /month

best torrenting expressvpn

It's safe to say ExpressVPN is a titan in the industry. This premium British Virgin Islands-based VPN provider has plenty of the capabilities you need to keep yourself gaming.

As with NordVPN, you can directly download ExpressVPN to various consoles or platforms. You won't be restricted to PC gaming if you use this VPN service.

Games From the Moment They Release

While NordVPN has a large server list with plenty of countries, ExpressVPN is actually the leader of the pack. This VPN service doesn’t have as many servers as NordVPN, but it has over 90 country locations to choose from.

Best VPN For Gaming ExpressVPN Server Options

This means you have access to various release dates and gaming locations. You won't have to worry about delays in downloading your new favorite games - simply log in from another country and purchase your favorite release.

Speed that Packs a (Falcon) Punch

The primary factor to consider when purchasing a VPN for gaming is speed. ExpressVPN doesn’t disappoint in the speed department - in fact, it's one of the fastest VPN providers that I've ever tested.

This is one of the only VPNs I've ever tested that provided me with over 80% speed retention. My normal download speed of 70 Mbps was reduced to 61 Mbps - you won't run into any problems keeping your games lag-free with this VPN.

expressvpn speed test result


  •  Strong encryption
  •  Protection from DDOS attacks
  •  Fast internet speed
  •  No-logs policy
  •  Large server list
  •  Largest country list on the market
  •  Compatible with consoles


  •  The most expensive VPN on the list

4. VyprVPN

From $5.00 /month

Best VPN For Gaming VyprVPN Gaming

VyprVPN is a Switzerland-based VPN service provided by online data security company Golden Frog. It's a popular VPN with gamers because of a variety of different features - primarily its extensive IP address list.

You can download VyprVPN directly to your console - it's the perfect solution if you game online using Xbox or PlayStation. Its PC/Mac user interface is also easy-to-use - you can navigate through countries and servers in seconds.

Most Extensive IP Address List on the Market

Best VPN For Gaming VyprVPN Gaming IPs

If you want to protect against DDOS attacks, hide your identity, and keep your server options open, VyprVPN is one of your best options.

This VPN provider has one of the most extensive IP address lists on the market - you have over 200,000 IP address options.

This prevents your authentic IP address from receiving exposure or targeting from outside sources.

It's the perfect addition to any gamer's protection.

VyprVPN also offers server locations in over 70 countries, so accessing new releases from around the world won't be a problem with its service.

Good VPN performance

Like all the VPN providers on this list, VyprVPN retains plenty of your download speed. If you can already run online games without any lagging issues, VyprVPN will keep your performance up to par.

Using VyprVPN's servers, my download speed was reduced from 70 Mbps to 52 Mbps. This means you'll retain over 74% of your current download speed. That's a very good result. Ping and jitter times are very good as well.

Is VyprVPN a Safe Option for Gamers?

VyprVPN offers the same robust encryption standard as the other providers on this list - AES 256-bit encryption. You won't need to worry too much about DDOS attacks or prying eyes if you use this service to encrypt your data.

The only downside of VyprVPN is its logging policy - the company retains much more information than it advertises. It keeps 30-day records of IP address and connection information. While it claims this is for performance reasons, the other VPNs on this list don't have similar practices.

Best VPN For Gaming VyprVPN Logging Policy

However, many gamers won't see the logging policy as the primary concern when it comes to choosing a VPN. Yet it's still something worth noticing.


  •  Strong encryption
  •  Solid speed retention rates
  •  Huge IP address list
  •  Protection from DDOS attacks
  •  Compatible with consoles


  •  Logs more information than advertised

Which Gaming VPN is Right for You?

While you may be looking for a free gaming VPN, it's best to pay for a premium service if you want to avoid lag, get plenty of resources, and ensure your security.

All 4 VPNs on this list are great options. And this is what makes each of them unique and great:

  • NordVPN is best for those who want a comprehensive gaming VPN for an affordable price
  • TorGuard is best for those who want a secure gaming VPN with an excellent reputation
  • ExpressVPN is best for those who want a gaming VPN with plenty of performance and access to the industry's largest server list
  • VyprVPN is best for those who want access to over 200,000 IP addresses and plenty of gaming performance

Do you use a different VPN with gaming? If so, comment below with any experiences you may have to share with us regarding using your gaming VPN provider! Any questions are welcome too; I'm here to help.

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    I use Veepn for online games,the connection is always stable and the speed is always high.

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