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Ahoy, me hearties!

If you practice looting media and content from torrent providers, you may worry about potential consequences.

With increasingly invasive privacy laws appearing in many Western countries, it's more essential than ever to remain anonymous online. Unless you are willing to walk the plank. Blimey!

But don't worry, maties! There's a solution.

Using a VPN can help you bypass privacy and performance-related issues with online torrenting. But while this is great, not all VPNs support torrents on their platforms. Plus, there are also plenty of VPNs that don't provide enough internet speed to effectively download torrents.

So, to help you, I've established a list of the best VPN for torrenting:

1. NordVPN

From $2.99 /month (3-year term)

best vpn for torrenting review

NordVPN is a Panama-based VPN service that offers the best overall P2P experience on the market. The company openly provides support for P2P sharing - it offers optimized servers dedicated to hosting torrents and other file sharing activities.

Best VPN for Torrenting NordVPN Torrent Policy

NordVPN offers one of the strictest no-log policies on the market. It doesn't retain any of your personal browsing or download data. The firm's location in Panama also ensures your information is locked away from prying eyes.

But it's not just NordVPN's torrent policy that makes it an excellent choice for P2P users. This VPN platform also has some of the best internet performance ratings in the industry. Without a VPN turned up, my download and upload speeds were around 75-80 Mbps. I tested the NordVPN servers in a variety of locations - its servers were able to access speeds of up to 71.2Mbps download and 64.4 Mbps upload.

nordvpn speedtest

I also tested NordVPN's performance by downloading a number of media files via uTorrent. I can confirm NordVPN's speed was maintained while downloading torrents.

And just in case you're unsure, this is plenty of speed if you're looking to download large media files via your favorite P2P network!

Cheapest VPN for Torrenting

While NordVPN offers some of the best torrent features on the VPN market, it's also one of the cheapest VPNs for torrenting. If you take advantage of NordVPN's three-year option, you only pay $2.99 per month to use its platform.

While there are slightly cheaper options, none of them offer the same capabilities. Unfortunately, there simply isn't a better free VPN for torrenting - so if you want to keep your torrent usage secure, you'll need to pay.

2. ExpressVPN

From $8.32 /month (1-year term)

best torrenting expressvpn

My second favorite VPN for torrenting is British Virgin Islands-based ExpressVPN. This is another VPN service that provides a range of features conclusive to high-quality file sharing.

ExpressVPN openly encourages the use of torrents on its servers. The company doesn't restrict internet access on its platform. In fact, ExpressVPN even provides step-by-step instructions on how to use uTorrent on its servers!

Best VPN for Torrenting ExpressVPN Torrent Policy

If you want the best VPN for torrenting, you need to choose something that can maintain a good seed. ExpressVPN does just that - its servers provide download speeds of up to 61.1Mbps. Compared to non-VPN download and upload speeds of around 80 Mbps, that's quite a good result.

When I used uTorrent on ExpressVPN, I was able to download large video files at extremely fast speeds. It's clear that ExpressVPN provides optimized servers for P2P usage.

Privacy is also a major priority at ExpressVPN. The company is one of the few VPN providers that offer a true no-log policy - it doesn't store any of your browsing data or IP information.

expressvpn review privacy policy

Its location in the British Virgin Islands also places it in a privacy-focused jurisdiction. If you're worried about keeping your P2P information private, ExpressVPN is a reliable option.

3. VyprVPN

From $5.00 /month (1-year term)

vyprvpn best torrenting

Another VPN platform that I recommend for torrenting is VyprVPN. VyprVPN is a Switzerland-based VPN provider owned by the tech company Golden Frog.

But what makes VyprVPN an excellent choice for torrent usage?

VyprVPNs primary benefit is its performance. I tested its server speeds - as compared to around 80 Mbps download/upload speeds without a VPN turned on, its top servers tested around 70Mbps. And this performance standard also held firm when I tested VyprVPN on uTorrent.

I was able to quickly download uTorrent files without any issues on VyprVPN's platform, while the firm also provides one of the most extensive server lists in the industry. With over 700 servers and 200,000 IP addresses, you can access plenty of different IP addresses when you next download torrents.

VyprVPN provides open support for torrents too - in fact, it welcomes unlimited torrent use on its platform.

Best VPN For Torrenting VyprVPN Torrent Policy

While its location in Switzerland bodes well for privacy, VyprVPN does log some of your data.

VyprVPN Logging Policy

It's essential to keep this in mind if you're trying to purchase a VPN service that prioritizes data safety. A strict no-log policy is best if you want to reduce your chances of exposure!

4. TorGuard

From $9.99 /month 

torguard vpn homepage

If there's ever been a torrent-friendly VPN, it's TorGuard. The name itself is a clear indication of this VPNs intentions - it provides secure internet access for those who want to keep their data private.

TorGuard openly supports torrenting for its clients and is compatible directly with most major torrent platforms, including uTorrent and Vuze. TorGuard also offers 24/7 chat support - so if your P2P sharing isn't working, you can get in touch with its team at any time.

Best VPN For Torrenting TorGuard Torrent Policy

However, in terms of speed, TorGuard certainly isn't as fast as ExpressVPN or NordVPN. I tested its servers for speed and tested a maximum of 53.2Mbps on its servers. Compared to either the original speed of around 80Mbps, or the best competitors, it's not amazing but still really good.

While this is plenty of speed to download large files and share content on P2P networks, it's not as efficient as the top performers on my list. I tested the uTorrent on its servers and the server speeds provided quick torrent downloads, but again, not as quick as the other providers mentioned.

TorGuard is committed to keeping customer data safe. As with the other VPNs mentioned in my article, TorGuard provides its clients with a strict no-log policy. The firm doesn't collect any of your browsing data or IP addresses.

TorGuard Review Logging Policy

This helps keep you safe if prying eyes come looking for your torrent information.

The USA Problem

While TorGuard offers some excellent torrenting features, its major downfall is its jurisdiction. As a United States based VPN provider, TorGuard is open to USA court orders and jurisdictional agreements.

So, while TorGuard provides a solid no-log policy for its customers, the US government's restrictions on torrenting make this an uneasy option for privacy-concerned users.

5. Private Internet Access (PIA)

From $2.91 /month (2-year term)

privateinternetaccess homepage

Private Internet Access (PIA) is the last of the VPN providers on my torrenting list. As with the other VPNs mentioned in my article, PIA is a torrent-friendly VPN provider. The company makes it clear you're more than welcome to use its platform for P2P sharing.

Best VPN for Torrenting Torrent Features

But can PIA compete with the other VPN providers on this list in terms of speed?

Well, I tested its server speed across a wide range of jurisdictions, and PIA's fastest server tested at 57.2Mbps. While this isn't as quick as some of the top performers in the industry (or the starting speed of 80Mbps, of course), it's plenty of power to download large files from torrent networks.

I also tested PIA servers on uTorrent. Fortunately, PIA servers maintained solid speeds while downloading media files on uTorrent.

PIA is another VPN company that values the online privacy of its customers. With PIA, you can rest assured its 'no-log' policy truly prevents logging. PIA doesn't store or log any personal browsing data or history for VPN users.

Private Internet Access Review Logging Policy

The major problem with PIA comes down to internet jurisdiction. Like TorGuard, the company is headquartered in the United States, which means it doesn't have as many privacy protections as offshore VPN providers.

Again, if you're primarily concerned with privacy, PIA isn't your best option. While its no-log policy is excellent, when it comes to torrents, the United States is one of the strictest governments in the world. And the jurisdiction simply isn't great for VPNs.

Your ISP May Cause You Headaches

As an extra added note, Internet Service Providers are under increasing pressure to block torrent providers from their platforms. Western governments around the world are now putting pressure on ISPs to help protect copyright owners.

In fact, recently the Australian government ordered domestic ISPs to block up to 15 different torrent sites, and Government orders such as this are preventing regular internet users from accessing torrents.

Best VPN for Torrenting ISP Restrictions

At the end of the day, it's much better to use a VPN to bypass ISP restrictions on torrents. But while not all ISPs block torrent sites, rumors suggest that some ISPs throttle torrent speed to prevent proper usage.

So, if you feel your current torrent download speed is significantly slower than your traditional internet speed, this may be due to interference from your ISP.

Which Torrenting VPN is Best for You?

The best P2P VPN for you will always depend on your preferences and priorities.

But to help you make a decision, I've compiled a list of the strongest features from each platform.

  • NordVPN is the best choice for overall torrent support.
  • ExpressVPN is the best choice for top torrent download speeds.
  • VyprVPN is the best choice for a wide variety of torrent servers and IP addresses. 
  • TorGuard is best for who want guaranteed torrent platform compatibility. 
  • Private Internet Access is the best choice for those who want the cheapest annual plan rate. 

It's important to read through the detailed reviews in the above sections before making a decision, though, and you should consider every component of a VPN before you decide which one is right for you.

No VPN is perfect, but many of the top VPNs mentioned in this list provide extensive download speeds and privacy protections. Regardless, you should always make sure to work with a VPN provider that openly support torrents, as VPN companies that restrict content aren't providing you with true internet freedom.

Have you had an excellent torrenting experience with a VPN provider not mentioned on this list? Or maybe you've had difficulties? Either way, make sure to leave a comment below!

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