Freedome Review – Perfect Service, Or A Bad Urban Legend?

There are plenty of claims floating around about the F-Secure Freedome VPN. From rumors that Edward Snowden uses the platform, to claims that it's one of the most secure services available – is it all true? No one knows for use.

But what we can find out, is whether this service is a premium VPN, or a bad urban legend.

And this is exactly why I put it to the test.

Let's see how it does.

How Safe is Freedome?

Most VPN users look for a service that helps protect their data from prying eyes. If security is a priority, you should try to find a VPN located in a safe jurisdiction.

Freedome's location in Finland is one of the primary advantages of this VPN service. Finland is known for having strict privacy laws that protect internet users from government intrusion.

Also, Finland is outside of the Fourteen Eyes Jurisdiction – which means they're not obligated to share information with other major Western countries.

While Freedome headquarters is in a great location, it's not all about jurisdiction. Internet logging policies matter too – you don't want to work with a provider that logs all of your information.

Unfortunately, while Freedome doesn't log all of your information, their privacy policy isn't water-tight. They leave some room for interpretation about how your data is handled.

If you're interested, click on the image below and have a look - there are a couple of interesting lines there.

Freedome Review Privacy Policy

Freedome jurisdiction is in an excellent location for VPNs, but their privacy policy isn't what I typically look for in a VPN service. Therefore, I cannot recommend Freedome as the most secure VPN option.

If speed is something you're more concerned with, will you be able to benefit from fast connection speeds using Freedome's servers?

Freedome Speed Test

Speed is a huge issue with a lot of VPN servers. Some VPN users may see their speed reduced to a tenth of their typical performance with some VPN providers – this is devastating if you're trying to download content online.

Fortunately, this isn't an issue that you need to worry about with Freedome. I tested Freedome's speed extensively and found they have seriously fast servers.

Without a VPN, my Internet connection that guy was pretty alright, clocking the download/upload speeds of around 80-90 Mbps.

With F-Secure Freedome VPN turned on, I was still able to nearly reach 80 Mbps! This is much better than what I typically see with VPN servers.

You won't have any problems downloading files, surfing the web, or streaming content using the servers at Freedome VPN.

Speaking of content - let's have a look if you'll be able to stream on one of the world's leading video platforms:

Freedome Netflix Capabilities

freedome review netflix no

Netflix is pretty big on geolocking. And sadly, Freedome doesn't help you to unlock overseas Netflix content.

I tested Freedome Netflix capabilities across a range of their different servers. Unfortunately, Netflix was able to detect the VPN software and blocked my access to their content.

If you're looking to unlock geo-locked content using your VPN, then Freedome VPN isn't a good option.

But Netflix isn't the only media source online – will you be able to use torrents with Freedome VPN's services?

Does Freedome Support Torrenting?

No – Freedome VPN does not currently support torrenting on its servers. They are trying to comply with legislation that prevents P2P sharing of licensed content.

If your ISP blocks torrent use, you won't be able to use this VPN to download your favorite movies and shows.

This is a bit of a letdown. (Edward Snowden probably owned a lot of DVDs.)

Freedome Customer Support

Many people overlook the importance of customer support when choosing a VPN provider. But let me tell you this much - if you don't choose a company with solid customer care, you may regret your purchase when a problem arises.

At Freedome, you benefit from a large customer support team that you can contact via live chat or telephone. They also have plenty of online resources that can help you answer essential questions.

Freedome Review Customer Support

While the chat service isn't 24/7 (opening hours depend on location), it's safe to say Freedome VPN provides great customer support.

So - overall, this is an interesting package. Now, let's see how much it costs.

Freedome Pricing

Freedome has quite excellent prices. The only downside is that they only offer annual packages. And of course, you have to pay for the entire year in advance.

Freedome cost differs depending on the number of devices you want to use with their platform. Prices range from $49.99 to $79.99 a month depending on the package.

Period3 devices5 devices7 devices
12 Months$4.17/mo.

Freedome VPN Free trial

If you're still not certain if you spend so much at once, don't worry! You can try their VPN on any eligible device for 5 days before you have to pay for a subscription.

Go ahead - take full advantage of it!

Freedome Review Conclusion: Is It Any Good?

As with most VPNs, Freedome VPN is a bit of a mixed bag – there are both positive and negative features associated with this service.

While speed is close to the top of the industry and Freedome is located in a reliable jurisdiction, the lack of support for Netflix and P2P platforms may put some users off.

So, is Freedome good? I recommend this to users who are primarily concerned with fast internet speeds. If you're overly cautious with safety or want online content capabilities, you'd be better off looking elsewhere for the best VPN.

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