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Paul Mahony


2019 January 7th at 3:59


FrootVPN wants to be known for being 'high-speed and ultra-secure' --  but this doesn't mean it's true. If you want the best VPN service money can buy, it's essential to do some digging before you make a purchase.

In this FrootVPN review, I'll put their claims to the test and help you determine if this is the right VPN product for you.

How Safe is FrootVPN?

Unfortunately, FrootVPN's privacy isn't up to scratch. The company headquarters are in Sweden, which is actually part of the Fourteen Eyes Jurisdiction. This contains an agreement between many major countries to share data and information. The United States is one of the primary members of the Fourteen Eyes Jurisdiction.

If safety is your concern, I can't recommend FrootVPN. Their location isn't as secure as other competitors on the market. Still, there are some upsides with FrootVPN.

They have a no-logging policy that is much stronger than other VPN providers. They don't track any of your browsing data or history. The only information they store is your email and password – it may be worth creating an anonymous email to sign up for the platform.

FrootVPN Review Privacy Policy

FrootVPN Speed Test

All VPN providers claim they have  ULTRA MEGA TURBO fast download and upload speeds. Unfortunately, this is one of the biggest lies in the industry. There are plenty of VPNs that will actually destroy your internet speed.

I don't believe a VPN is fast until I see it myself. I conducted a FrootVPN speed test to determine if their performance lives up to the hype.

frootvpn speed

My test concludes that FrootVPN's download speeds are not nearly as good as other online VPN providers. I was able to reach a maximum download speed of 18.42 Mbps and upload of 12.1 Mbps. My usual internet speed caps out at 70 Mbps

While this isn't terrible, it's a huge let down when you consider the speeds of other VPNs.

Regardless, it's fast enough to stream most forms of content - but will you be able to access overseas Netflix content using this VPN service?

FrootVPN Netflix Capabilities

As media companies continue to geo-lock content based on location, VPNs are becoming a favorite way to get around restrictions. If you plan on using your VPN to watch Netflix, you need servers that bypass security controls.

vpn netflix not supported

I tested Netflix on a few different servers – the results were mixed. I was able to establish a connection until it was severed a few minutes later. If you want to access Netflix without any problems, this service isn't consistent enough for you.

While FrootVPN Netflix capabilities aren't horrible, they're not reliable enough to recommend. Competitors provide better access.

Does FrootVPN Support Torrenting?

torrents working vpn

Many people use VPNs to torrent files and media from around the world. Some VPN providers ban torrent use on their platforms, while others embrace it.

If you plan on using torrents via your VPN, you need to work with a provider that openly supports P2P platforms. It's the only way to ensure seamless use.

FrootVPN torrenting openly supports P2P platforms across their servers. This is one of the positive features included with FrootVPN.

FrootVPN Server Locations

If you're someone who plans on using a wide variety of server locations, it's essential to work with a VPN provider that has a presence in tons of countries.

Unfortunately, FrootVPN has servers in less than 20 countries around the world. While these do cover most of the major regions, other VPNs have considerably more locations.

FrootVPN Review Server Locations

If you still think FrootVPN is a good option for you, do they have a reliable customer support team to help you when something goes wrong?

FrootVPN Customer Support

If you have a problem with your VPN, a solid customer support team is the best way to resolve any issues. But many VPN providers don't deliver in the customer service department.

But is FrootVPN any different?

The company provides a great range of resources to help their customers understand installation and other technical issues. This is a solid benefit not included with many other providers.

FrootVPN Review Resources

Unfortunately, contacting their customer support team is a different story. They only offer a support ticket contact method, which means you may need to wait a while for support if you have a problem.

FrootVPN Pricing

One of the first features to consider when purchasing a new VPN is the price. The market is saturated, so there are plenty of alternatives if a VPN doesn't fit your budget.

Fortunately, FrootVPN pricing is one of the best features associated with this particular company. They offer some great prices in a variety of different subscription lengths: monthly, quarterly, and annually. Prices range from $2.99 to $4.99.

Period Price
Monthly $4.99
Quarterly $11.97
Annually $35.88

FrootVPN used to be free, but their current price points are still some of the best in the industry. They provide affordable access to VPN services.

It's a good thing to note that FrootVPN was once a free service. There are no longer any FrootVPN free options available to new customers, though.

While this sounds like a letdown, FrootVPN still offers a 30-day money back guarantee that ensures you can try their service risk-free. If you're not happy with the product in the first 30 days, request a refund from their support team.

Is FrootVPN Any Good?

After reading my FrootVPN review, you may still be wondering: is FrootVPN good? There are plenty of pros and cons associated with using the FrootVPN service.

While their no-log policy is great, their location in Sweden leaves their security up in the air. Their internet speeds also leave you with less-than-perfect performance. Nor will you be able to rely on unlocking overseas Netflix content.

The best part about FrootVPN is their pricing. If you can't afford a more expensive VPN, this is one of the better low-cost options.

Regardless, if you can afford to upgrade to a more premium service, it's definitely worth it!

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