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hideipvpn review

HideIPVPN claims to help you protect your identity, unlock overseas content, and hide your IP address from snooping eyes.

They appear to have everything you could possibly want in a VPN service.

So, is Hide IP VPN truly one of the best VPN products on the market? Let's take a look in my HideIPVPN review!

How Safe Is HideIPVPN?

Keeping your internet traffic and IP address safe is one of the primary functions of a VPN service. You should never work with a VPN provider that can't guarantee the protection of your personal data.

HideIPVPN claims their location is in Moldova – a country far outside the prying eyes of the West. Moldova is not part of the Fourteen Eyes Jurisdiction, which means they're not operating open intelligence sharing agreements with the West. Unfortunately, it appears that HideIPVPN also has a US location, which makes its security status a little unclear.

The company claims to have a no-log policy, but their privacy policy indicates they share certain types of information upon government request. Below is an excerpt of the privacy policy.

Due to the vagueness of their location and privacy policy, HideIPVPN is NOT one of the most reliable options on the market.

If safety isn't your priority, can you at least rely on HideIPVPN to keep your internet running smoothly?

HideIPVPN Speed Test

Keeping your internet speed moving quickly is a vital component of any VPN service. While you'll never manage to keep your same ISP speed, you can come close with an excellent VPN service. So, what did my HideIPVPN reveal?

HideIPVPN provides quite an okay download/upload performance for a VPN service. I found the service provided a top download speed of 24.9MB and a top upload speed of 19.1MB. While this probably isn't as quick as your regular internet speed, it's definitely fast enough for most types of usage.

hideipvpn review speeds

My speed without this VPN turned on was about 78 Mbps download and 61 Mbps upload. So you can see a difference yourself.

My HideIPVPN review concludes speed is a strong point for the company. So, with all this internet speed, does HideIPVPN allow you to unlock overseas content?

HideIPVPN Netflix Capabilities

netflix not supported

Unlocking geographically locked content is a great feature of many premium VPN services. HideIPVPN claims their service allows you to 'access any website, anywhere' – is this true?

My HideIPVPN review tests reveal that Netflix often blocks their servers. If you're looking for regular Netflix usage abroad, HideIPVPN Netflix services won't help.

If you can't rely on Netflix support, can you at least torrent using the service?

Does HideIPVPN Support Torrenting?

torrents working vpn

Finding a VPN provider that supports torrenting is crucial if you plan on using torrent providers. Fortunately, HideIPVPN does support torrenting on its platform.

In fact, HideIPVPN has a specific torrenting package geared towards people using peer-to-peer downloads.

HideIPVPN torrenting is fully supported on their servers.

HideIPVPN Pricing

If you don't want to break the bank, it's essential to find a VPN service with affordable subscriptions. HideIPVPN has a range of different payment packages that offer different levels of functionality.

Ninja Power is their premium service, which allows access to all of their servers worldwide. This service comes priced at $9.99/mo if you pay monthly, $7.66/mo if you pay quarterly, and $5.83/mo if you pay annually. You receive around a 45% discount for subscribing to an annual plan.

Alternatively, you can access cheaper payment plans that only provide you access to servers in specific locations: Poland, UK, or the United States. Each of these plans will cost you $5.99/mo if you pay monthly, $4.33/mo if you pay quarterly, and $3.33/mo if you pay annually. Below are the annual pricing lists for HideIPVPN services.

Fortunately, HideIPVPN has a free trial and thus you can try HideIPVPN free for 24 hours. Also, they have a 30-day guarantee, which means you can request a refund before your first month is over!

Is HideIPVPN Any Good?

So, is HideIPVPN good? While the service's speed and pricing is within range of a premium service, their other features prevent me from recommending them. With vague safety jurisdictions and policies, you can't be certain your data is hidden from prying eyes.

While some HideIPVPN reviews indicate the company provides a safe service, further digging reveals some unsavory possibilities.

Also, the company is unable to provide reliable access to Netflix, which means you can't rely on them to unlock overseas content. There are plenty of superior VPN services on the market.

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