HideMyAss – Can They Really Hide Your Back End Online?


The HideMyAss (HMA) VPN business model is built around the importance of internet security. HideMyAss claims it is a leading service for users seeking internet privacy.

All VPN providers make similar claims – I know not to take a company's word for truth. I put HideMyAss to the test to decide if it is a genuine top VPN provider.

So, is HideMyAss one of the most secure VPNs in the industry? Find out in my HideMyAss review below!

Is HideMyAss Safe?

If safety is your priority online, it's essential to choose a VPN service that provides the best protection. When I discuss security, I typically look at jurisdiction and log-policies to determine if I can trust a VPN service.

The HideMyAss parent company has company headquarters in the UK – a country that isn't well-known for valuing online privacy. The UK is also a member of the Five Eyes Jurisdiction – which is a collection of governments that share intelligence.

If you're looking to keep your data away from prying governments eyes, I can't recommend HideMyAss.

HideMyAss Cooperating With FBI

It's hard to trust HideMyAss when you consider the shameful matter that took place in September 2011 and damaged the company's reputation for years to come.

Long story short - FBI arrested Cody Kretsinger, a young Phoenix resident.

Kretsinger and friends made an unauthorized intrusion to the Sony Pictures website and boasted about it online, using fake identities, while hiding behind HydeMyAss VPN.

The FBI traced the hackers back to the HideMyAss company and demanded chat logs. Eventually, the authorities got everything they needed and Cody got 15 years in prison.

Though I don't encourage any illegal activities, this gives me mixed feelings about HideMyAss' privacy terms.

HMA Log Policy

As we can see, HideMyAss' log policy is less than ideal – they claim to log minimal data but a closer look at its privacy policy says otherwise.

HideMyAss Review Logging Policy

HideMyAss logs way too much information for my liking. There are much better services available with true 'no-log policies.'

Brilliant HideMyAss encryption

HideMyAss is one of the many VPN providers that uses military-grade encryption to help guard your data. We say 'military-grade' because AES 256-bit encryption was once used by the US Military to help protect sensitive information. 

HideMyAss Review Encryption

At present, research suggests that the only way to hack AES 256-bit encryption is to have previous knowledge of the encryption keys. As you can see above, there are simply too many combinations for this encryption standard to get hacked. 

So, is HideMyAss safe?

At the end of the day, I cannot recommend this service for people looking to stay completely anonymous online.

Both the jurisdiction and log policy rule HideMyAss out as a safe option. While its encryption standard is reliable, government cooperation allegations do not bode well for this service.

HideMyAss Speed Test

One disadvantage of using a VPN server is it typically slows down your internet speeds. The best VPN servers provide speeds comparable to your current internet speeds.

Fortunately, HideMyAss provides relatively good internet speeds for its customers. I ran a HideMyAss speed test to further explore its performance.

My normal internet download speed tests at around 75Mbps. HideMyAss servers often tested above 44Mbps in download and around 50Mbps in upload speed. HideMyAss provides a download speed retention rate of around 59% - this is definitely better than the industry average.

hidemyass speedtest

While this isn't one of the best speeds in the industry, it's definitely good enough to stream online content and download large files.

HideMyAss Netflix Capabilities

vpn netflix not supportedHideMyAss Netflix capabilities don't allow you to access Netflix abroad.

I tested its servers to see if Netflix would detect my location – Netflix was able to block me on every server that I checked.

If you want to access overseas content, don't use HideMyAss.

Does HideMyAss Support Torrenting?

vpn review torrenting not supportedHideMyAss does not openly support torrenting on its servers.

You should always aim to work with a VPN provider that openly supports torrents on its servers.

If a VPN provider doesn't discuss torrents, it probably can't guarantee P2P support on its platform.

Unfortunately, HideMyAss is one of the VPN providers that steers clear of the subject of torrents. I don't suggest you use HideMyAss if you plan on downloading torrents via a VPN.

HideMyAss Server Locations

HideMyAss doesn't have as many servers as some of the larger firms in the industry, but it does have one of the best country lists on the market. At present, you can access over 800 servers in over 190 countries.

HideMyAss Review Server Locations

This gives you access to the internet from almost any corner of the world. It's one of HideMyAss's best features!

I mean seriously, just have a look to where I can connect to!

HideMyAss Customer Support

hidemyass review

If you read other HideMyAss reviews, you may notice a lot of criticism about its customer support.

I've even read online reviews that claim HideMyAss doesn't offer any customer support.

These reviews are either incorrect or outdated; there are plenty of different ways to get in contact with its customer support team.

You can use an online support ticket or contact them immediately through its live chat service.

HyMyAss's live chat portal allows you to search for support subjects or speak directly with a customer service representative. There are staff available 24/7.

I find it hard to fault HideMyAss's customer support options. It does a much better job than many other VPN providers.

HideMyAss Pricing

HideMyAss pricing is actually very affordable. The company offers its services in three different term lengths: monthly ($11.99/mo), bi-annually ($7.99/mo), and annually ($6.99/mo).


If you want to save money, the annual plan is the best option.

This being said, it's hard to commit to a year-long subscription if you've never tried a company's product.

So, is there a Hide My Ass free trial available?

Fortunately, HideMyAss is one of the few VPN providers that currently offers a free trial. You can try the service for 7-days before your credit card is charged. Also, there is a 30-day money back guarantee included with all subscriptions.

Take advantage of this risk-free offer if you're looking to see if HideMyAss is right for you.

Is HideMyAss Right For You?

No VPN service is perfect – but it's essential to work with a provider that ticks as many boxes as possible. HideMyAss has some great features, but also lacks some necessary benefits.

HideMyAss has one of the best server location lists in the business. You can connect to servers all across the world. THe customer service team is excellent, and its internet speeds are far above average. The significant problems with the service include privacy issues and a lack of media capabilities.

So, is HideMyAss good? It's not a horrible service, but I can't recommend this as a premium option because of the few significant downsides.

Feel free to leave your own HideMyAss reviews below.

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