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If you're like most modern internet users, you probably use online streaming providers to watch TV shows and movies. One of the best such services is Hulu.

Unlike Netflix, Hulu is only available in the United States and Japan. And if you find yourself outside of one of these countries - well, you won't be able to access Hulu's content.

Unless... you have a VPN.

Modern VPN services can help you bypass Hulu's restrictions on overseas users.

If you're wondering which VPNs are best for Hulu, don't worry - I've done the research for you. Below are the top four Hulu VPN services on the market:

  • NordVPN (Worldwide access, great security features)
  • TorGuard (Safe Hulu access with an excellent reputation)
  • ExpressVPN (Very fast server performance and access to a huge server list)
  • Hotspot Shield (Download retention rate of around 90%!)

1. NordVPN

From $2.99 /month

nord vpn main page

NordVPN is one of the world's most affordable and high-performing VPN services. It's currently headquartered in Panama - making it far out of reach of Western government influence and snooping laws.

I tested NordVPN's various servers using Hulu and didn't have any problems accessing the content provider's platform. I streamed content for long durations to ensure that connectivity wasn't interrupted by geographical blockers or other firewalls.

If you're looking for a service that can bypass Hulu's jurisdiction restrictions, then NordVPN has more than the ability to achieve this.

Servers, Servers, Servers, and... Even more Servers

You can access over 5,000 servers on NordVPN. While some VPNs have servers in more countries than NordVPN, it's hard to find anyone with this extensive of a server list.

Hulu VPN NordVPN Server Options

With multiple servers on the US, you will have no issues connecting to the one which works best. And while Hulu is only currently available in the USA and Japan, there are rumors suggesting an international expansion is near. Therefore, having a large server list will help you access new local catalogs as Hulu expands.

Brilliant speed retention

If you're planning on streaming large amounts of HD content, you need a VPN service that provides enough speed. All VPNs slow down your speed, but you just need to find the one with a large download speed retention rate.

My typical download speed on the day of testing was around 80Mbps. I tested NordVPN's top US servers and my speed clocked in at 71Mbps. As you can see, NordVPN retained nearly 90% of my typical download speed. 


What this means is that - if you already have fast enough internet to stream content, you'll be able to keep streaming once you connect to NordVPN's servers.

Premium experience for a budget price

While NordVPN is considered one of the most premium VPN services on the market, its price points are (unbelievably) affordable. nordvpn speedtest

If you're willing to pay for its services upfront, you can take advantage of massive savings.

NordVPN offers a three-year option that delivers a $2.99 per month price - I haven't seen anything else this affordable in all my time researching VPNs.

The only thing to keep in mind is that a VPN's quality can change. Making a long-term investment in a VPN won't necessarily guarantee that you can always access Hulu.


  •  Great overall performance levels
  •  Large server and country list - over 5,000 servers
  •  Most affordable price points in the industry
  •  Works with Hulu across various servers
  •  Based offshore


  •  Competitive prices only available on longer subscriptions

2. TorGuard

From $5.00 /month

torguard vpn homepage

TorGuard is definitely one of the most recognized names in the VPN industry. This is a US-based VPN provider with a substantial global client base - the company offers a range of premium VPN features to its customers.

While most people associate TorGuard with torrents, it's also great for Hulu and other online content providers. I tested TorGuard's Japan and USA servers and found no issues with streaming HD Hulu content.

Hulu VPN TorGuard Server Locations

Plenty of steam to stream

While TorGuard isn't as fast as the other VPNs on this list, it still provides above average streaming speed for Hulu users.

After connecting to TorGuard, my download speed dropped from 80Mbps to 53.2Mbps - an around 65% retention rate on download speeds.

torguard speed test

It's plenty of speed to stream HD content. You just need to make sure your typical internet speeds can handle streaming Hulu content - if so, you won't have any problems. It doesn't retain any of your web traffic or IP data when you connect to servers.

Some people may worry about TorGuard's US jurisdiction, but the company has a strict no-log policy to keep you Hulu watching experience private.

TorGuard also offers the same AES 256-bit encryption you find with the other VPN providers on this list. If you're trying to create a secure tunnel that protects your data from your ISP and hackers, TorGuard delivers the goods.


  •  Excellent reputation
  •  No-log policy
  •  AES 256-bit encryption
  •  Huge server list


  •  Based in the United States
  •  Not AS fast as other VPNs on this list

3. ExpressVPN

From $8.32 /month

ExpressVPN is another popular VPN service with customers around the globe. Like many premium VPN services, Express VPN is located offshore - in the British Virgin Islands.

So, what makes ExpressVPN a top VPN for Hulu users?

First of all, it allows seamless access to Hulu on various servers. While it has fewer servers than NordVPN (around 2,000), it's country list includes over 90 different nations. This means you have access to plenty of regions for Hulu and other content providers.

Hulu VPN ExpressVPN Server Options

I tested a variety of different servers with Hulu and didn't experience any streaming issues at all. ExpressVPN was able to bypass Hulu restrictions and provide me with access to Japanese and USA catalogs. 

Industry-leading performance

ExpressVPN's primary benefit is its exceptional performance capabilities. It offers some of the highest download and upload speed retention rates in the industry - and this 'rings true' across many of its servers.

After testing my normal download speed at 80Mbps, ExpressVPN consistently clocked in at 61.1Mbps. This is around an 80% download speed retention rate!

expressvpn speedtest

If you can access HD content online without a VPN, you won't have any problems continuing your connectivity once you connect to ExpressVPN.

Be prepared to pay

While ExpressVPN is one of my favorite VPN services in the industry, it comes at quite a high price. A few of the other VPNs in this article offer cut-rate deals if you sign up for long subscriptions, whereas this particular VPN doesn't.

Unfortunately, even if you sign up for a year subscription with ExpressVPN, you're still going to pay a minimum of $8.32 per month. Although it's worth the price, it might fall outside of your budget!


  •  High-performance levels
  •  Works with Hulu across all servers
  •  Easy-to-use interface
  •  Huge server list
  •  Based offshore


  •  Highest pricing out of the VPNs mentioned in this article

4. Hotspot Shield

From $3.49 /month

hotspotshield main page

Hotspot Shield is another US-based VPN company with exceptional Hulu capabilities. As with all the other VPNs mentioned on this list, Hotspot Shield offers access to Hulu's platform without any issues.

While its server list is smaller than the other VPNs mentioned in this article, it's not a major issue - remember, Hulu is currently only available in Japan and the USA. If this changes in the future, you may need to change VPN providers to benefit from overseas content.

Hulu VPN Hotspot Shield Server Locations

I tested a variety of USA and Japanese servers to ensure that I was able to stream Hulu content - fortunately, there were no hiccups in the service!

Stable performance - just one drawback

Hotspot Shield's primary advantage as a Hulu VPN is its exceptionally fast download speeds. In fact, this is the fastest VPN I've ever tested.

My VPN-free download speed of 80Mbps was only brought down to 62.7Mbps. Overall, Hotspot Shield consistently provides a download retention rate of around 80%. On top of that, low ping and jitter times are always great.

hotspot shield speedtest

The only downside to Hotspot Shield's performance is that its upload speeds are unbelievably slow. They consistently tested at less than 16Mbps -  however, this shouldn't create too many issues with Hulu streaming.


  •  Fastest download speed on the market
  •  Works with Hulu and many other content providers
  •  Torrenting is allowed


  •  Highest pricing out of the VPNs mentioned in this article
  •  Slow upload speed
  •  Allegations that Hotspot Shield logs more information than declared in the privacy policy

Which VPN for Hulu Streaming is Perfect for You?

With four great options to choose from, you may be having a hard time deciding which Hulu anonymous proxy VPN is right for you. While all of these options are great for Hulu users, they each offer unique benefits to their clients.

So, which one is best for you? These are my main takeaways:

  • NordVPN is best for those who want the best overall VPN for Hulu
  • TorGuard is best for those who want a US-based VPN packed with features
  • ExpressVPN is best for those who want a VPN with the most powerful performance features
  • Hotspot Shield is best for those who want a VPN with unrivaled download speeds

Do you use a VPN to access Hulu or other content providers? If so, comment below with your experiences!

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