Ivacy VPN Review – Will This VPN Keep Your Data Secure?


Ivacy VPN promises their service is perfect for internet users looking to access overseas content AND keep their data secure. While both features are signs of an excellent VPN service, does Ivacy VPN deliver on its promises?

In my Ivacy VPN review, I'll explore Ivacy's key features and help you determine if they're a good fit for you.

How Safe is Ivacy VPN?

Proper data security is one of Ivacy VPN's primary promises. Keeping web traffic secure and private is one of the many reasons individuals use VPN services.

Ivacy VPN headquarters are in the small country of Singapore. While this may seem like a safe offshore destination at first glance, Singapore is a bit too cozy with Western partners. In fact, some evidence suggests that Singapore is involved in the Five Eyes Jurisdiction – an intelligence-sharing network with many Western countries.

While Singapore doesn't openly express their involvement in this partnership, it's safer to assume the rumors are true.

One good sign from Ivacy VPN is their no-logging policy. While most VPNs promise no-logging, terms and conditions typically reveal another story. Fortunately, Ivacy VPN's terms dictate a strong no-logging policy that should keep your data private.

You can check out their privacy statement below:

It's hard to say – their jurisdiction is less than ideal, but their logging policy is one of the strongest in the industry. I still prefer to work with companies in truly offshore locations though.

While Ivacy VPNs security status may be a bit confusing, is their speed up to par with competitors?

Ivacy VPN Speed Test

If you want to keep your data moving fast, you need a VPN with fast servers. Some VPNs on the market will destroy your internet speed – you may lose your ability to stream content or download files.

Well, Ivacy VPN has some serious proof that it can maintain good speed. It's a common suspect of various performance awards and is known for its high speed.

ivacy vpn speed rewards

But we had to test this ourselves. Without a VPN turned on, my connection's upload and download speeds were around 70-80 Mbps. Here's what I saw with Ivacy VPN turned on:

ivacy vpn review performance

Ivacy VPN maintains about 60% of the original download speed, which is a very reputable result. That's pretty good - if you're used to your connection being fast, this VPN will keep it that way. Ivacy's speed is definitely a positive feature.

Ivacy Netflix Capabilities

vpn netflix available

After some searching, I managed to find USA servers, on which Netflix has been working.

The overall streaming experience was also pretty good. There were no serious lags, I was able to stream shows as if I'm using my own wi-fi network.

If you're looking for access to a vast Netflix USA library, Ivacy will be a good option for you.

If you're not a Netflix user, will you at least be able to access torrents using the Ivacy VPN servers?

Ivacy VPN Torrenting

torrents working vpn

If you don't use overseas streaming services, you may use torrents to download your media instead. Torrents are a bit of a touchy subject with some VPN companies – many try to avoid liabilities associated with torrents.

Fortunately, Ivacy VPN openly supports torrenting on their servers.

You won't have to worry about blocked P2P platforms. Ivacy VPN torrenting is open for business.

Ivacy VPN Pricing

Ivacy VPN is very affordable - but the price also depends on the period you're buying the product for. The prices range from $9.99 per month (monthly) to $2.99 per month (two-year package).

The one and two-year option require full payment upfront. Here's how all the possible pricing options look like.

Two Years$54.00

If you don't feel too confident paying for a service you haven't tried yet, then is there an Ivacy VPN free trial available?

Unfortunately, Ivacy VPN doesn't have a free trial available to new customers.

Instead, you have a 30-day money back guarantee. If you don't enjoy the services provided by the Ivacy VPN, they'll issue a full refund upon request in the first 30-days.

So, you will have to pay - but it's still very much risk free.

Ivacy VPN Review - Is Ivacy VPN Good?

There are many positive features associated with the Singaporean-based VPN provider. Netflix and torrents work just fine, the servers are quick, and on a long-term plan, the price is really good. However, there are some concerns.

While their no-logging policy is strong, Singapore's unclear jurisdiction and involvement with Five Eyes Jurisdiction makes this VPN quite an uncertain option.

However, with these small concerns put aside - if your priority is a cheap, fast VPN provider that supports P2P sharing and media streaming, then Ivacy VPN can be the right option for you.

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