IVPN – Can It Guarantee Your Online Privacy & Security?


IVPN positions itself as a VPN service that is 'serious' about privacy and security. The company claims to provide users with premium security protections that shield clients from any kind of outside intrusion.

I'm always a little skeptical when a VPN company makes such large claims - and I take them seriously. After all, other IVPN reviews produced mixed conclusions.

So, can you trust IVPN's claims?

Let's find out below in my IVPN review!

First Things First, Is IVPN Safe?

As IVPN claims to be a secure and safety-focused platform, it's essential to investigate its safety features. When I assess the safety of a VPN provider, I typically consider its jurisdiction and privacy policy the most important components of my analysis.

IVPN company headquarters is in Gibraltar – a British overseas territory that doesn’t adhere to many of the same rules as the UK. While Gibraltar is an area that claims to have better privacy laws, its association with the UK makes me slightly concerned.

The UK is part of the Five Eyes Jurisdiction. This jurisdiction includes a wide range of Western nations that agree to share data and intelligence. I prefer to work with VPN providers that are located in jurisdictions outside of this realm of influence.

But it's not all about location; you also need to consider the logging policy of your VPN.

If a VPN 'logs' your data, this means they keep track of your information and browsing history. This puts you at risk if you're trying to maintain your privacy online.

IVPN Review Privacy Policy

IVPN's solid no-log policy is excellent when compared to many other industry competitors. Almost every VPN provider promises not to log data – but only a few VPNs do no logs.

But... What About IVPN's Technical Safety Features?

IVPN Review EncryptionYou can have great safety policies but they won't matter if your VPN provider can't secure your data. Modern encryption is the best way to prevent prying eyes and hackers from viewing your online web traffic.

Fortunately, IVPN uses one of the best encryption standards in the world - AES 256-bit encryption. It also generates new keys every hour to ensure additional security.

According to the experts, AES 256-bit encryption is currently thought to be unhackable. It's the type of protection you need to keep your information secure while connected to public WiFi hotspots.

So, is IVPN safe?

IVPN has a great no-log policy but its jurisdiction raises questions. I would avoid IVPN if safety is your number one priority.

IVPN Speed Test

IVPN speedtestI ran a few speed tests on IVPN's servers to gauge its platform's performance. Unfortunately, IVPN's servers are a little too slow for my preferences.

My normal download speed reaches around 70Mbps. Once I connected to IVPN's best servers, I reached a top download speed of 22.4Mbps and 13.3Mbps upload speed. This means that IVPN only retains just over 30% of your internet download speeds.

While this is still fast enough to browse with barely any noticeable issues, it's much worse than some other VPN competitors. If speed is your top priority, there are plenty of better VPN products on the market!

IVPN Netflix Capabilities

vpn netflix not supportedUnfortunately, IVPN Netflix capabilities can't get by Netflix's blockers.

If you're a frequent Netflix user, you may want to use a VPN service to unlock overseas content. This is an excellent feature if you're traveling or if you live in an area that doesn't have a good Netflix selection.

While a few servers were able to bypass the Netflix content restrictions, I can't recommend this as a consistent Netflix VPN.

Does IVPN Support Torrenting?

torrents working vpn

At IVPN, you're more than welcome to torrent on its platform. IVPN openly supports torrents and other P2P content.

I tested uTorrent across its servers and there were no interruptions in connection or download speed.

If you want to access P2P networks, it's essential that you use a VPN that openly supports torrenting. This is a great option!

IVPN Server Locations

IVPN's server list is quite limited in scope. IVPN has less than 40 server locations in total - many of which are in the United States.

IVPN Review Server Locations

If you plan on accessing the internet from a wide range of regions, it's essential to choose a VPN with an extensive server list. Some VPN providers have thousands of servers in every corner of the world.

If you want to get the most out of a VPN's server features, this isn't the best option.

IVPN Customer Support

ivpn review

IVPN has excellent customer support resources on its website. You can access information about a wide range of topics and technical issues.

You can also submit a support ticket to speak with a customer representative.

If you need urgent help, its live chat service is open 24/7.

I used the live chat portal at 6 AM in its local timezone and received a response within seconds!

 As you might be able to tell, IVPN scores well in the customer service department!

IVPN Pricing

IVPN provides excellent price points for its customers. IVPN has three different subscriptions available: month-to-month ($15), quarterly (13.33/mo), and annually (8.33/mo). While the monthly price is quite expensive, purchasing an annual package makes it much more affordable.


While IVPN pricing is solid, is there a way to try its platform for free before purchasing a subscription?

Fortunately, IVPN offers a 3-day free trial that lets you try its service without paying. There's also 7-day money back guarantee on all its products.

Should IVPN Be Your Next VPN?

It's hard to judge a VPN without trying it first – that's why I ran extensive testing on this service in my IVPN review.

IVPN isn't one of the top performers in the industry. While there are some positive features associated with this VPN, slow speeds and limited server locations are a definite drawback.

So, is IVPN good? While IVPN's offering is solid, there are still much better VPN services on the market for similar price points.

If you have IVPN reviews of your own, feel free to leave them below!

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