OpenVPN Review – One of the Fastest VPNs Available?


OpenVPN is an open-source VPN protocol used by many of the largest VPN providers in the country. But OpenVPN also has its own VPN service, titled Private Tunnel, which it claims is one of the most secure platforms on earth.

Other OpenVPN reviews I've checked are quite inconclusive so, let's have our take on it.

How Safe Is OpenVPN?

If you're in the market for a VPN, you're probably looking to keep your data as secure as possible. Choosing a VPN that values safety is the best way to guard your internet traffic from prying eyes.

Unfortunately, OpenVPN's service Private Tunnel keeps company headquarters in the United States. The United States is part of the Five Eyes Jurisdiction – meaning they agree to share data with many other Western nations.

This jurisdiction is a significant downside to using OpenVPN. I much prefer to use VPN services that are outside of data sharing jurisdictions.

But jurisdiction isn't the only component of VPN safety. Internet traffic logging policies matter too.

OpenVPN doesn't log much of your data, but there is still a bit too much information tracked than I typically feel comfortable with.

Also, they claim they don't sell or trade your data, but closer inspection reveals some worrying disclosure information. They provide your data to 'third parties' that help OpenVPN provide services.

OpenVPN Review Privacy Policy

So, Is OpenVPN Safe?

My OpenVPN review concludes that this service is not a top performer in terms of safety. They are apart of the Five-Eyes Jurisdiction, and they also provide your data to 'third parties'.

While many people may find this a deal breaker, others are much more concerned with internet speed. Can you rely on OpenVPN for a fast connection?

OpenVPN Speed Test

If you're looking for speed, you've come to the right place. Out of all the VPNs I've tested, this is one of the fastest available on the market.

After testing across various servers, I found top download speeds on the OpenVPN platform of 65.80mpbs and upload reaches 47.30mbps. It's hard to find a VPN that can provide this amount of speed.

openvpn review

If you're looking to consume online content or download large files, OpenVPN speed is one of your best options.

So, with all of this internet speed, does OpenVPN allow you to access overseas content from Netflix?

OpenVPN Netflix Capabilities

vpn netflix not supported

If you live somewhere with a short supply of Netflix content, using a VPN service can help you access overseas media. This is a significant advantage if you enjoy using Netflix or other online content providers.

Unfortunately, OpenVPN Netflix capabilities do not allow you to access overseas content. I tested their servers in various locations – none of them were able to access Netflix.

Netflix invests heavily in preventing VPNs from accessing their servers. You need to use a strong VPN provider if you want to access their content.

While Netflix content is off limits with OpenVPN, can you access torrents on their servers?

Does OpenVPN Support Torrenting?

vpn review torrenting not supported

Torrents are a hot issue in the VPN community. Many VPN users use VPNs to prevent ISPs from blocking their torrent usage.

Some VPN providers aim to steer clear of torrent use – many don't like to take on the risk associated with providing a platform for torrenting.

Unfortunately, OpenVPN is one of the providers that don't take this risk - they don’t allow torrent networks or P2P platforms on their servers.

The OpenVPN torrenting policy is another indication that this platform isn't ideal for people who want to consume online content.

OpenVPN Customer Support

OpenVPN review customer service

Customer support is much more important than many people realize.

There are plenty of technical issues that can arise with a VPN. It's essential to use a service that values customer care.

With OpenVPN's service, you're in good hands. Private Tunnel has a great customer support team that helps their clients 24/7.

You can submit a support ticket via their website or access live chat. I tested their live chat service and received a response within seconds.

With great speeds and a reliable customer support team, is OpenVPN's service affordable for you?

OpenVPN Pricing

There's no point purchasing a VPN you can't afford, simply because there are plenty of other options available on the market.

But don't worry, OpenVPN is one of the cheapest options on the market out there. Monthly costs are $6 per month, while the annual package costs $35 for the year.

Period Fixed Plan (3 devices)Flexible Plan
Monthly$6$6 (plus $6 for an additional device)
Annually$35$35 (plus $35 for an additional device)

If you're still nervous about paying, is there a way to try their services for free first?

OpenVPN Free Option

When VPN providers don't offer a free trial, it usually means they don't have confidence in the service they're providing their clients. A free trial is a good indication that a company is honest.

OpenVPN doesn't fall short in this department. They provide all potential clients with a free seven-day trial of their services. If you're not sure you want to use OpenVPN's service...try it out!

Concluding My OpenVPN Review - Is It Any Good?

There's no doubt that OpenVPN's Private Tunnel has some excellent features built into its service. As one of the fastest VPN providers available, you won't need to change your internet habits to use this service.

OpenVPN also has a great customer care team. In turn, you won't have any problems getting in contact with their staff.

The downside of OpenVPN is their jurisdiction and media capabilities. Unfortunately, this isn't one of the safest options on the market. You also won't be able to access overseas content or use torrents.

So, is OpenVPN good? If you plan on downloading large files, surfing the net, and don’t care about your privacy, this service is a good option. But problems arise if you want to keep your data secured or stream online content.

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