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Paul Mahony


2019 January 7th at 3:59

ProtonVPN's release to the market created quite a buzz. The company behind it was already known for ProtonMail - a very popular, fully-encrypted email service.

With this experience in the encryption field, and also a free VPN option, there's no surprise that ProtonVPN has proven to be extremely popular.

protonvpn review

Is ProtonVPN Safe?

If you're looking to keep your data personal, it's essential to use a VPN that can secure your web traffic.

So, while ProtonMail is known for its end-to-end encryption, can the same be said about ProtonVPN?

Their location in Switzerland seems excellent at first glance. The small European nation has a reputation for being a haven for offshore money and financial dealings. And they're not a part of the Fourteen Eyes Jurisdiction, meaning they don't have to share their user information with other Western countries.

However, some rumors indicated that Switzerland may cooperate with Western countries more than some realize. However, that seems to be mostly random tales and there are no documented cases of Swiss VPN companies giving their information away to other countries.

And besides all that, there's still more to security than location. You should also focus on a VPNs data retention policy when deciding on whether they're a good pick.

Of course, almost all VPN providers claim they don't log any of your data.

Fortunately, ProtonVPN operates with a true no-log policy.

ProtonVPN Review Logging Policy

Whilst going through it, I found no common "loopholes". There are no "we're looking just to make sure you're using the connection responsibly"  lines which indicate that your data could be monitored, and therefore - be not secure.

But... What About It's Overall Security?

It so happens that security not only about the jurisdictions and the policies. It's also about the data encryption, which would allow you, for example, browse on public WiFi hotspots by creating an encrypted 'tunnel' that secures your information.

And in data encryption, ProtonVPN is on the top of the game, using the AES 256-bit encryption standard. This standard was once used by the US Military to protect sensitive information.

And it's going to protect your data just fine as well.

ProtonVPN Review Encryption

So, in terms of security, ProtonVPN has a lot of good things going on for itself. While some may not like Switzerland as a viable jurisdiction, the company more than makes up for it with a great no-log policy in and advanced encryption.

ProtonVPN Speed Test

Without the VPN turned on, my Internet connection was clocking download and upload speeds of 70-78 Mbps. Here's what happened when I turned ProtonVPN on:

These are good results for ProtonVPN. In terms of download speed, we're talking about a 75% speed retention rate - this is one of the best retention rates in the industry.

If you have a speedy online connection, this VPN won't throttle it too much.

ProtonVPN Netflix Capabilities

ProtonVPN can be used to access Netflix from any country.

Netflix detects some of the ProtonVPN's IP addresses. Luckily, you can change them using the VPN's dashboard and eventually find one that works.

I had zero issues connecting to Netflix servers in every country available through ProtonVPN.

So yes, you may need to do some IP switching at first, but Netflix on ProtonVPN works.

Does ProtonVPN Support Torrenting?

ProtonVPN has mixed reports about its torrenting capability. But as I conducted my own tests, the results were positive.

ProtonVPN Premium plans support torrenting. However, some users using the free option weren't as successful. This makes sense as P2P connections are very data-consuming, so after a certain period of time, they might just get disabled.

In short, the ProtonVPN Premium servers I tested all provided fast torrenting capabilities.

ProtonVPN Server Locations

ProtonVPN doesn't disappoint - it has servers in 29 different countries. That is much better than a lot other VPN providers. Better yet, ProtonVPN has over 300 total servers, which is a great feature if one of their servers in a particular region isn't performing well.

ProtonVPN Review Server Locations

ProtonVPN Customer Support

ProtonVPN Review Chat

ProtonVPN has a great customer care team that you can contact by support ticket and live chat. The responses are pretty much immediate.

The only downside is that their live chat isn't 24/7. (I even put a picture in here, so they would say this themselves!) It actually works from 8 AM to 7 PM, but be vary - that's on Swiss time, which is 6 hours ahead of New York.

Regardless, you can reach them 24/7 on email and ticket support. The representatives are knowledgeable and respond in a matter of hours.

If that won't be enough, there are also some excellent tutorials and guides on ProtonVPN's website. So that might also help you solve a range of issues.

ProtonVPN Pricing

ProtonVPN has several available premium plans. Prices range between $4 and $24 a month. However, when buying ProtonVPN, you'll have to pay for a year in advance. And this is how much that   would cost you:

Period Price - Basic (2 devices) Price - Plus (5 devices) Price - Visionary (10 devices)
Monthly $5.00 $10.00 $30.00
Yearly $48.00 $96.00 $288.00

While the $5/month package is quite overpriced, the ProtonVPNs overall pricing model is quite affordable. You can get an entire year of Premium VPN for less than $50.

If you can't justify paying for a VPN service, ProtonVPN also offers a free option. 

ProtonVPN free plan allows you to use it on 1 device at the same time and provides servers in only 3 countries (US, Japan & Netherlands). On top of that, the speed will also be throttled and you will not be able to use it for Netflix or Torrenting.

So, Is ProtonVPN Any Good?

Well, after analyzing ProtonVPNs services and features, I can say that it really is a good VPN.

Their no-log policy is one of the best in the industry, there's no doubt in that. And while some people may experience slight issues in streaming and P2P services, Premium clients will be given perfect usability and performance.

Even though it was created by a company that started as an email service provider, ProtonVPN doesn't seem like an afterthought. It's a full-fledged internet security product.

And if you're looking for a great VPN that won't break your bank, ProtonVPN is an excellent option.

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