Shrew Soft Review – A Rat In Shrew’s Clothing


Shrew Soft claims its VPN service provides 'strong cryptographic functionality' - but is this Texas-based VPN provider up to par with other competitors? With a very basic website and limited information, it's hard to believe this is a solid option for VPN users.

But no review could be completed without really giving the service a try. So in this Shrew Soft review, we'll explore the features included in this lesser known VPN service.

Important note: Shrew Soft is only available for Windows and Linux users – if you own a Mac, you won't be able to use their software.

Let's start.

How Safe is Shrew Soft VPN?

If you want your web traffic protected by a VPN, it's essential to use a VPN provider that isn't located in a jurisdiction that may impact you legally. Unfortunately, Shrew Soft is located in Austin, Texas – right in the middle of the United States.

I've provided Shrew Soft's personal statement on their location below.

The United States also has multiple data sharing agreements with other Western countries. I recommend you steer clear of VPN providers operating out of America.

And as if that isn't bad enough…

Shrew Soft doesn't provide explicit details on its logging policy, which may mean your browsing data is stored within its servers. So, is Shrew Soft VPN safe? I highly recommend you steer clear of Shrew Soft if you value your online privacy.

With no documentation and no guarantees, it's a very clear red flag.

Does Shrew Soft Encrypt Data?

Shrew Soft claims to create an encrypted 'tunnel' for your data, but it provides relatively little information on its encryption standard. The company doesn't provide any encryption specifics on its site. 

When I reached out to ask about what type of encryption is used to protect web traffic, I never received a response.

There's a good reason behind never getting a response - upon further inspection, I noticed that Shrew Soft hadn't released a software update since 2013. Talk about 'out of date'! As you can see below, its most recent updates are archaic.

Shrew Soft VPN Speed Test

Unfortunately, if you're looking for a VPN that keeps your internet moving quickly, Shrew Soft isn't a good option.

shrew soft speed testMy Shrew Soft speed test indicated that the company's servers run slower than most VPN providers on the market.  Download speed on the fastest servers was 18.1 Mbps and upload speed was just 3.5 Mbps.

My typical internet speed is around 70Mbps, meaning Shrew Soft only retains around 25% of your download speed.

Upon further inspection, I noticed that Shrew Soft hadn't released a software update since 2013. Talk about 'out of date'! As you can see below, its most recent updates are archaic.

Speed certainly isn't a winner with Shrew Soft.

Shrew Soft VPN Netflix Capabilities

vpn netflix not supportedShrew Soft VPN Netflix capabilities are non-existent.

The company doesn't provide any Netflix related guarantees, and its VPN service is unable to access geo-locked content. Other Shrew Soft reviews also appear inconclusive.

If you want to use Netflix overseas, you'll need to use another provider.

Does Shrew Soft VPN Support Torrenting?

vpn review torrenting not supportedShrew Soft falls short in the torrenting department.

The company doesn't provide any assurances that you'll be able to access torrents on its platform.

This lack of information is typically an indicator that the VPN provider is not torrent friendly.

When I tried it myself - I was not able to download torrents from several different torrent clients.

Shrew Soft VPN Pricing

Considering the limited capability that Shrew Soft provides its customers, does it at least have affordable price points?

Shrew Soft pricing is actually the best part of its service. Its standard package is free to use for both commercial and private use.

If you want to use their advanced service, you'll need to purchase the software and licensing.

Its paid packages range from $19.99 to $3,499 per year. All depends on the number of licenses you're looking to purchase.

VPN Client Pro for WindowsPrice per year
1 license + 1-year updates$19.99
5 licenses + 1-year updates$94.99
10 licenses + 1-year updates$179.99
25 licenses + 1-year updates$424.99
50 licenses + 1-year updates$799.99
100 licenses + 1-year updates$1,499.99
250 licenses + 1-year updates$3,499.99

Shrew Soft VPN Free Option

While the company doesn't provide a specific Shrew Soft free trial, its standard package is free. You can use the software without needing to pay anything. In many ways, it's a risk-free option.

Also, you get 14 days money-back guarantee with paid packages.

ShrewSoft Isn't Really Worth Your Time

Shrew Soft is a severely outdated VPN provider that doesn't live up to many modern competitors. The company's website and software were last updated in 2013.

Shrew Soft doesn’t provide much hope concerning safety. The VPN provider also doesn't support Netflix or torrenting, and the speed of the service is slow.

So, is Shrew Soft VPN Good? It's difficult for me to find anything about Shrew Soft's service that I like. The only upside I found in my Shrew Soft review is that its standard package is free, so at least you're not losing money.

To sum it up - Shrew Soft is a NO for me.

If you're serious about obtaining a safe and fast VPN, I advise to shrew them and look elsewhere.

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  1. oliver picture oliver
    2019 August 9th

    It’s a tool for connecting to remote servers. It’s safe and fast (and cheap) if that’s what you want. If (like this reviewer) you think a VPN is only for hacking Netflix, then it’s not what you want.

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