Surfshark Review: A Perfect Opportunity To Test New Waters!


Surfshark only opened its doors in 2018, however, this newcomer is already making waves in the VPN industry. While it's a relatively young service, Surfshark appears to offer some of the best features on the market.

But should you trust a new VPN service with your data? Let's test Surfshark and find that out.

Is Surfshark Safe?

Overall, Surfshark scores high points in the 3 main VPN security fields: jurisdiction, policy, and technical advancements. There also have no reported cases of Surfshark getting hacked into or sharing data with the 3rd parties. Let's review this.

Like popular VPN provider ExpressVPN, Surfshark is located in the British Virgin Islands. This offshore jurisdiction is critical in understanding Surfshark's commitment to data privacy. Using an offshore location allows it to avoid prying eyes and Western government requests for information.

Also, Surfshark operates a genuine no-log policy that prevents it from retaining the web data of its users. The company doesn't log any of your IP addresses, connection information, or browsing history. It's one of the few VPN providers that matches its privacy policy with its advertising claims.

Surfshark Review Logging Policy

What About Surfshark's Technical Safety Features?

While jurisdiction and logging policies are critical, technical safety features are just as essential. Surfshark is one of the many VPN providers that uses AES 256-bit encryption standards. This standard is one of the strongest encryption standards on the planet.

Surfshark Review Encryption

So strong, in fact, that the NSA previously used AES 256-bit encryption to protect sensitive information. So, you can effectively rely on this level of encryption to create an encryption tunnel that protects web traffic.

I highly recommend this encryption standard for people who often use public WiFi networks or unsecured hotspots. For those wondering, is Surfshark safe, the answer is a resounding yes.

Surfshark Speed Test

I tested Surfshark servers to verify the level of speed on offer. My internet speed is normally around 70 Mbps. On this Surfshark review, the VPN was able to retain around 64% of this speed. My upload speed averaged around 39 Mbps and download speed on Surfshark's top servers maxed out at around 44.9 Mbps. All of that, with a nearly flawless ping/jitter time.

surfshark review speed test

While all VPNs will slow down your connectivity speeds, it's essential to work with providers that can retain the majority of your download capabilities.

The not so good news? Surfshark's speed performance isn't as capable as some of the other industry titans. But, it's certainly fast enough to keep your internet operating as it should.

Surfshark Netflix Capabilities

vpn netflix available

Fortunately, Surfshark is easily able to unlock Netflix and Hulu content via various servers. You won't have any problems finding your favorite TV shows using this VPN provider.

As Netflix offers some of the strictest controls against foreign users, I made sure to review Surfshark's servers while connected to Netflix. I never experienced any hiccups. Streaming was seamless, and I was able to access overseas content catalogs.

You can even set up Surfshark on Amazon Fire TV. It's easy to directly access foreign content via your Amazon Fire. Based on the fact that Surfshark has excellent download speeds, accessing content is never a hassle when using this platform.

Does Surfshark Allow Torrenting?

vpn torrenting supported

Yes! Surfshark openly supports the use of P2P platforms and torrent sites. You won't need to worry about throttling or ISP-related issues if you torrent using its servers.

Using a VPN with strong encryption protocols can help you shield your torrent usage from outside eyes. If you want to torrent safely, it's essential to access your favorite P2P networks while securely connected to an encryption tunnel.

I tested uTorrent with Surfshark's various servers and never had any issues with downloading or uploading content. It's safe to say this is a reliable partner for those using torrents.

Choice Of Server Locations

At Surfshark, you'll have access to over 500 servers in around 50 different countries. While this isn't as extensive as some of the other leading VPN providers, it offers you plenty of global options when you connect to your VPN.

Surfshark Review Server Locations

If you plan on using your VPN to access overseas servers, you won't fall short at Surfshark. It's an excellent VPN provider if you enjoy tapping into overseas content providers.

In most major countries, such as the United States, Surfshark has a wide range of server options. If you feel that one is underperforming, switch servers through the easy-to-use portal.

Available Platforms

Fortunately, Surfshark VPN is available on a wide variety of different platforms. For most devices, you can download an easy-to-use Surfshark app directly to your device. Below are the platforms that are compatible with this VPN:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Android
  • Linux
  • iOS
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • macOS
  • Windows

As you can see, some of the above platforms include browsers. This means that you can download a Surfshark extension directly to Chrome and Firefox. It's an easy way for your VPN to pinpoint your browsing traffic.

Customer Support Is Flawless

Surfshark offers its customers a range of support options. For one thing, you can submit a request or use its 24/7 live chat service for an immediate response. For this Surfshark review, I tested its live chat portal and received a response within a few seconds. Good service, right? It absolutely is.

While many VPN providers tend to either keep you waiting or not provide chats at all, Surfshark keeps the standards really high. And that's great.

But – if you don’t want to contact customer support, you can also use its online resources page. You can search for issues, troubleshoot problems, and find tutorials on a broad range of VPN-related topics. It's an excellent way to find help without having to speak to a customer care team member.

surfshark support

Surfshark Pricing

Surfshark actually offers some amazing price points. For example, you can purchase subscriptions month-to-month, annually, or in a 24-month package. Prices range from $3.49 per month to $11.95 per month – depending on the package you choose.

Monthly$3.49 Per Month
12-Months$5.99 Per Month
24-Months$11.95 Per Month

These are some of the most affordable rates available on the market. Considering how many features are built into Surfshark, it's obviously an excellent VPN if you're looking for value for money. The only downside is that the month-to-month subscription is on the higher end of the industry's price range.

Unfortunately, there is no Surfshark free option available to new customers. What there is, though, is their 30-day money back guarantee which is available with all subscriptions. If you don't like its service during the first month, you can request a full refund.

Surfshark Payment Options

You'll find this newcomer to the VPN industry offers plenty of different payment options for its users. Not only can you use PayPal and credit cards to purchase subscriptions, but you can also use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple.

Surfshark Review Payment Options

Using crypto to pay for your VPN subscription can provide an extra layer of anonymity – there's no need to attach a credit card or PayPal account to your Surfshark account. This is an excellent feature for those extremely concerned with safety.

Is Surfshark a Future Big Fish?

As it is a relatively new VPN service, there aren't many Surfshark reviews for customers to access. So, after all of my research, do I think that Surfshark warrants a place alongside the industry's elite providers?

Believe it or not, while doing this Surfshark review, it was hard to find any problems with the platform. It comes packed with the same features that you see in many of the industry's top performers.

With Surfshark, you'll benefit from excellent performance, strong encryption, a true no-log policy, over 500 servers, a robust customer service team, and affordable pricing. You'll also be able to access overseas content and use P2P platforms without any hiccups.

The only major drawbacks at Surfshark are the connections speeds (not as fast as some providers), as well as the fact that you need to pay for 24 months to access the best price points. But even then, the positives massively outweigh the negatives.

So, based on my experiences, I would recommend Surfshark as a strong VPN platform. Your choice now is: try something new, or stick with the ones you know best?

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