TotalVPN Review – Is This Free VPN A Viable Option?


TotalVPN has a reputation for providing one of the best free VPN platforms on the internet. The company assures its customers that it provides an easy-to-use VPN product with high-end security protocols.

While some of TotalVPN reviews praise the company's free service, other seriously advice to avoid this one.

This is a little bit confusing so, let's find out if you can really trust TotalVPN to keep you safe online in this unbiased review.

How Safe is TotalVPN?

If you want to keep your online data private, it's essential to use a VPN company that you can trust. It's also critical to find a VPN provider that benefits from a safe legal jurisdiction.

Unfortunately for TotalVPN, its parent company is currently located in the United Kingdom. The UK is part of a number of data sharing agreements, including the Five Eyes Jurisdiction.

This agreement means that the British government is open to sharing intelligence and data with other Western superpowers and allies. I prefer to work with VPN providers located in better jurisdictions – the UK is not known for valuing internet privacy.

While TotalVPN's jurisdiction could be much better, does it at least have a solid 'no-log' policy?

No. In fact, TotalVPN has a horrible data retention policy that leaves a lot up to interpretation. There's a high chance your information is stored and analyzed if you use TotalVPN.

TotalVPN Review Privacy Policy

But...What About TotalVPN Encryption?

The one good thing about TotalVPN's security features is its encryption. Despite offering a free VPN, TotalVPN offers military-grade, AES 256-bit encryption on its platform.

If you're looking to prevent hackers or ISPs from viewing your web traffic, this level of encryption can do the job. Sadly, that's where the security ends.

In general, TotalVPN is not safe at all. And a lot of that comes down to the terrible data retention policy, and its location is part of a number of data sharing agreements.

TotalVPN Speed Test

totalvpn speedtest

Total VPN only offers a download speed retention rate of 5% - it is one of the slowest VPNs I've tested.

My typical internet speed is 70 Mbps. On TotalVPN, I was only able to manage a top download speed of 3.6 Mbps and upload speed of 1.8 Mbps on its best server.

If you try some of its Asia-based servers, speeds are even slower.

It's safe to say TotalVPN speed is lacking. If you want internet performance that supports streaming and downloading, this isn’t the best option.

TotalVPN Netflix Capabilities

vpn netflix not supportedUnfortunately, TotalVPN Netflix capabilities aren't up to par.

You won't be able to unlock the most popular Netflix content from other countries on TotalVPN servers.

If you want to use your VPN to access overseas Netflix catalogs, you need a service that can bypass Netflix's geo-locked security measures.

This being said, other websites are unable to detect TotalVPN. For example, you can fake your location and access YouTube without any problems.

Does TotalVPN Support Torrenting?

vpn torrenting supported

TotalVPN openly supports torrents on its platform. It provides a specific server dedicated to torrent hosting.

It's safe to say Total VPN torrenting is one of this service's primary benefits.

I tested uTorrent on TotalVPN to see how it performed. While TotalVPN didn't block P2P sharing, its internet speeds made it almost impossible to download anything.

If your ISP currently blocks torrents, using a VPN is a great way to gain access to popular P2P platforms. You should only use torrents on VPNs that openly support P2P networks.

TotalVPN Server Locations

Unfortunately, TotalVPN doesn't offer a wide variety of servers. At present, the company only has 30 server locations.

TotalVPN Review Server Locations

The number of server locations provided by a VPN is often overlooked. If you want to have the flexibility to surf the internet from a variety of regions, it's essential to choose a VPN service with a large number of servers.

Considering many other firms have over 100 locations, TotalVPN could be doing a lot better.

TotalVPN Customer Support

TotalVPN has plenty of online resources to help you quickly fix any VPN-related issues. You can find an FAQ page and knowledge center on its website with a list of common problems and solutions.

TotalVPN Review Customer Support

You can also submit a support ticket or contact its live chat portal for additional support. You'll need to head to its 'Contact Us' page for its live chat portal to appear.

Overall, TotalVPN provides all the customer support options you need – it's hard to find any problems with its customer support department.

TotalVPN Pricing

TotalVPN is one of the rare VPN providers to offer a permanent free package. But if you want to take advantage of all the features this service has to offer, you'll need to invest in its premium subscription.

Fortunately, its price point of $4.99 per month is quite affordable.

TotalVPN Review Pricing

It's safe to say that TotalVPN pricing is one of the best features of this VPN product. You don't get much - but you don't pay much either.

TotalVPN Free Option

It's always nice when there's a free trial or free option offered by a VPN provider. As mentioned previously, TotalVPN is one of the only companies to provide a permanent free package.

This being said, the TotalVPN free option is quite limited in functionality. You'll only receive three server locations and limited bandwidth with its free option.

Still, if you're looking to try out its services before spending any money, this is the perfect option!

TotalVPN May Be Free... But Is It Worth It?

With so many VPN options on the market, it's hard to decide which one is right for you.

Unfortunately, I can't recommend TotalVPN to people looking for a viable VPN service. The company has one of the worst logging policies I've seen, and its jurisdiction is also very unsafe. On top of this, slow internet speeds and a lack of Netflix support make TotalVPN even more unattractive.

So, is TotalVPN good? If you're looking to try an easy-to-use VPN for free, TotalVPN is a legitimate option. But if you want the true capabilities of a high-end VPN, steer clear of this provider!

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