Trust.Zone VPN Review – Stay Incognito! review

Do you want to ensure privacy and security of your internet connection in various public places? Maybe you are logging into your bank account from Starbucks or want to watch Netflix shows unavailable in your country? In this case, you need a Virtual Private Network!

If I've got your attention, there's one company that may be in your interest.

Trust.Zone - Who They Are?

Trust.Zone is a VPN created in 2014 by a company, providing trusted solutions, called Trusted Solutions, LLC. They are based in Seychelles archipelago, one of 115 islands. If you've never heard about it, just look up "Seychelles" in google images and you may decide to add this destination to your bucket list!

Also, these islands are secured from government meddling in the businesses of Trust.Zone clients. To be more specific, the Big Brother can't demand data of their customers.

Trust.Zone operate 126 servers in 80 zones over the world. review server locations

This means that you'll have a better connection speed and stability while you'll be connected to the servers closer to your location. If something bad happens to the server you're connected to (smashed by the Godzilla or something common like that), you'll be automatically reconnected to another server in the same VPN zone.

Services Provided by the Trust.Zone

Trust.Zone offers features that every self-respecting VPN service should have: review services

As you can see, internet provider can't track your activity; speed and traffic are limited by your internet plan only; Trust.Zone VPN is available on all platforms, and encryption-secured.

The interesting statement is that Trust.Zone doesn't keep your logging information. While other VPN providers add security and keep your activity private, they have no problem with keeping a log of your personal information. The very same that you're trying to hide from others.

Is it true? Well, yes. I've looked through their policy and found some promising information: review policy

All information they collect is an email address to approve registration and to send notifications. They are not storing your name, location or ANY log files. All the usage data is anonymous and not connected to your real, public IP address. If you can find this information in policy statement you just know that it's true. Otherwise, Trust.Zone VPN would be out of business just in a heartbeat.

Trust.Zone VPN Review - Pricing and Features

Let's now take a look at the prices. It might appear interesting when choosing VPN provider: review pricing and plans

Oh, what we have here? It looks that you can try Trust.Zone VPN for free! The 3-day term should be enough to decide if  Trust.Zone is good enough for you. A pretty brave move, don't you think? Let's take a look at the difference between these plans in more detail:

Free Test1 Month3 Months1 Year
No. of servers111126126126
Data transfer1 GBUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Simultaneous connections1333
Server switchingLimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
One click installIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Money-back guarantee-10-days10-days10-days

The difference is pricing - the longer the billing cycle is, the cheaper it'll get. Of course, for the free ride, the data transfer and server locations are limited. But that's why it's free.

The pricing is pretty clear - three tiers with billing cycles for one month, three months or one year. You can see the actual price for one month and it's pretty easy to do the math. One year will cost you $39.95 without extra features. Extra features are dedicated IPs or more connections at the same time : review additional features

Payment Methods

The selection of payment methods is extensive and if you're a bitcoin tycoon, you'll even get a lucrative 10% discount! review payment methods

Trust.Zone VPN Compatibility 

One interesting thing I've noticed is that under VPN Software Download section there's only one option for the OS - Windows: review windows

But worry not, my friend, when ordering a plan you'll be able to select any option you prefer: review os

Trust.Zone VPS is compatible on a multitude of platforms, variating from computers to phones, tablets, streaming and gaming systems. I don't see anything lacking, but if you do, you can leave your remark in the comments below! And don't forget to leave a like! JK. 

Trust.Zone Tryout

Furthermore in my Trust.Zone review, I'll put this bad boy to the test. After selecting the compatible operating system - Mac OS X for me, it's time to select the protocol: review protocol

There are two options: OpenVPN and L2TP. First one is the industry standard - time-tested and proven to be the best. The second one stands for Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol. Not as secure and I would highly recommend going with the first option. That's what I've selected.

The next step is to choose a VPN zone closer to my location. Done.

When I've selected the one closest to me, I have to download a Tunnelblick software and configure my VPN. There's a step-by-step instruction provided: review instruction

Well, I don't know how about you, but I'm all set up and let's see how this will work in real life!

Lucky for me, I have a Netflix account. Unlucky for me, I live in Europe and can't watch some of the content that is only streamed for the US viewers. And I really want to watch Star Wars: Rogue one, which at the time of this review, is only available in the US 🙁 review rogue one

As you can see - no Rogues for me. What should I do? WHAT SHOULD I DO? I know! I can try changing my location with Trust.Zone VPN! I've configured the soft to connect to the US and voila! review star wars

Apparently, it works!

Just keep in mind, that if you want to use this hack for Netflix or Hulu, you have to buy VPN services as it's not included in free trial! review vip services

Would I Recommend Trust.Zone?

I would. The only issue I've found is a customer support. It's an outdated and slow ticket system. You just can't be sure if you'll get the answer in 5 minutes or in 5 hours.

Other than that, everything looks great. Registration and installation are simple, they don't keep your sensitive (or any) information and their pricing is pretty darn good, compared to other VPN providers.

If you are not completely satisfied with paid VPN services, you can contact them in the first 10 days of usage and you'll be given a 100% refund. Or you can just try Trust.Zone VPN for free!

In my opinion, just give Trust.Zone a shot and stay safe!

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