Trust.Zone VPN Review: It’s Cheap, But Is It Any Good?


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2019 May 24th at 4:24 review

If you're looking for a simple and inexpensive VPN that keeps your privacy at all times, Trust.Zone VPN aims to be the perfect solution for you.

This Seychelles-based virtual private network provider says that it's "the one to rely on".

Well, we'll be the judges of that. In this Trust.Zone VPN review, we're going to see if this VPN is fast, secure, and lets you browse the internet with no restrictions.

What is Trust.Zone?

Trust Zone VPN in operates 170 servers in 96 zones over the world and offers features that every self-respecting VPN service should have. Your ISP won't be able to track you and it doesn't interfere with speed and bandwidth. Also, it's available on all platforms: Windows, iOS, Android, and others.

Trust.Zone's VPN servers are grouped to zones based on geographic location. If something bad happens to the server you're connected to, you'll be automatically reconnected to another server in the same VPN zone. Also, you'll have a better connection speed and stability when connected to the servers closer to your location. servers

Founded in 2014 by a company called Trusted Solutions, Trust.Zone is under Seychelles jurisdiction. These islands are secured from government meddling in the businesses of Trust.Zone clients. Being outside any governmental surveillances means that your data cannot be reached by Western jurisdiction countries. And not all VPN providers can offer that.

Is Trust.Zone Safe?

Trust.Zone states it doesn't keep your logging information. Is it true? Well, according to its Privacy Policy - the information they collect is your email address when you register. And that's where it stops. review policy

It doesn't store your name, location or ANY log files. All the usage data is anonymous and not connected to your real, public IP address. This is what Trust.Zone's  states in its policy, so you can be sure it's true. Otherwise, Trust.Zone VPN would be out of business and sued to oblivion almost immediately. review

Now - let's talk about the encryption. There are two protocol options - OpenVPN and L2TP, with solid AES-256 encryption available on both of them. As for handshake encryption, there is RSA-4096. And the PPTP protocol, known for its security issues, is not supported.

With Trust.Zone VPN, your DNS queries go through its own DNS servers. However, Google DNS may also be used. Adding to that, Trust.Zone also uses its own SSL certificate. From the technical side, Trust.Zone VPN is matching up with the best names in the business.

Good jurisdiction, transparent privacy policy, extensive encryption, and no history of past issues makes Trust.Zone a safe VPN.

Trust.Zone VPN Features 

With Trust.Zone you get unlimited bandwidth and data transfer, so the speed and traffic are limited by your internet plan only. Also, you get unlimited server switching.

Trust.Zone VPN supports 3 simultaneous connections. That is not too many, but you can buy 3 additional connections if you wish.

And the VPN is available on all sorts of platforms - including - Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, many Linux builds, etc. review os

There are two things, however, that make me worried about the Trust.Zone VPN.

First one if the page and the platform list itself - it's massive outdated, still including Xbox 360 (replaced in 2013) and Android KitKat (latest release in 2014).

The second issue is slow customer support. It's an outdated and slow ticket system. You just can't be sure if you'll get the answer in 5 minutes or in 5 hours. And with those two things, it may seem that Trust.Zone is rather ancient VPN, that hasn't been updated and improved for a few years now.

Trust.Zone VPN Speed Test

trust zone vpn speed test

When it comes to upload and download speed, Trust.Zone VPN is in the middle of the pack. Without a VPN on, my download and upload speed was around 80Mbps.

Trust.Zone VPN retains about 55% of the original internet connection speed - the results I've had were around 40-50Mbps and had a ping of around 4ms.

Ping and jitter times were quite acceptable, too.

Overall, Trust Zone VPN is fast enough for regular browsing, but if your online connection is a bit slower, you may have issues with online gaming and high-quality media streaming.

Does Trust.Zone Support Torrenting? review torrent yes

Trust Zone VPN allows you to downloads torrents with no restrictions. During the testing, all of the servers were capable of downloading data.

This VPN provider doesn't seem to block any protocols, IP addresses, servers or any type of traffic.

All specific internet protocols are allowed along with all kinds of internet traffic.

That means you're free to use P2P for your torrents.

Trust.Zone Netflix Capabilities

vpn netflix available

If you need a VPN to unblock Netflix of a specific region - Trust.Zone VPN will help you do just that.

In some regions, Netflix offers only a limited selection. But you can fix that by simply choosing a different location.

Trust.Zone allows you to connect to the U.S. servers, and that's it. You have all Netflix shows available! review vip services

Just keep in mind, that if you want to use this hack for Netflix or Hulu, it's not included in a free trial. You can enjoy it only after purchasing the VPN services.

Trust.Zone VPN Pricing

Trust.Zone VPN is quite cheap - the prices vary from $3.33/month to $6.99/month.

The prices are actually for one and the same plan: you pay differently, depending on the duration you choose. You can choose from: 1 month ($6.99/mo), 3 months ($4.95/mo), and 1 year($3.33/mo)

That's a simple pricing structure: the longer the billing cycle is, the cheaper it gets. review pricing and plans

There's also a free plan, but it was fewer locations, allows for 3 days of use, and 1GB data transfer. So essentially it's not a viable full-time solution. Instead, the free plan is only a trial option for you to check.

Trust.Zone also offers several additional features. For some extra dollars, you can get dedicated IPs or more connections to use VPN on multiple devices. And when purchasing for 1-year of a 3-year term, you also get over 60% discount for these features. review additional features

The selection of payment methods is extensive: Bitcoin, PayPal, credit cards, and so on. The payment process is very simplified. And you don't have to provide any personal info (name, last name, or billing address) - only an email.

Also, if you're paying with Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies, not only you stay completely anonymous, but you're also getting a 10% discount. review payment methods

Another great thing is that Trust.Zone offers a money-back guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied with paid VPN services, contact them in the first 10 days of usage and you'll be given a 100% refund.

And also, let's not forget that you can try this product for free. The Trust.Zone VPN free trial will only have 1 GB data transfer, and server locations are limited. But for a 3-day term, it should be enough to decide if  Trust.Zone is good enough for you. 

Trust.Zone VPN Review - Conclusions

Trust.Zone VPN may be worth your attention. Registration and installation are simple, they don't keep your sensitive (or any) information and the pricing is pretty good.

However, there are some shortcomings: the customer support is outdated, and the performance compared to the best VPN providers, is only about average

But overall, Trust.Zone VPN offers proper service. And since there's a free trial you can use, it may very well be worth a shot.

  • Free plan available
  • Good pricing, cryptocurrencies available
  • Top security measures
  • Average performance
  • Subpar customer support


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