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Do you own or operate a business? If so, you know how essential it is to keep your company's data secure. Many companies and users fall victim to cyber crimes every year.

A reliable VPN for business can encrypt your enterprise's web traffic and provide access to overseas servers. However, not all VPN providers can be trusted to protect your company's data.

That's why, I've decided to test the top business VPNs for myself - to help you find a solution your business can trust.

After extensive researching and testing of some of the best performing VPNs in the industry, I've formed a list of the top VPN for business providers:

  • NordVPN (Very fast and affordable VPN solution)
  • ExpressVPN (Fast VPN solution for small businesses)
  • ProtonVPN (Affordable VPN with strong security features)
  • TorGuard (Offers business-specific VPN plans)

1. NordVPN

Prices start at: $2.99/month

nord vpn main page

NordVPN is a Panama-based VPN provider that fits for both personal and business VPN needs. It's one of the few commercial VPN providers that has features geared towards small to mid-sized business owners.

nordvpn speedtestNordVPN is actually one of my favorite consumer VPNs. The company provides thousands of users with solid performance levels, large server lists, affordable prices, and watertight security. 

The top-tier performance reflects in the speeds this VPN shows. The speed test results are very impressive - NordVPN is the quickest provider on the list.

I tested the speed with my 80Mbps internet connection: using NordVPN, the download speed fell only to 71.2Mbps. That's the speed retention rate of almost 90% - definitely one of the best in the VPN industry.

Keeping your data safe should be a priority, which is why you need a VPN that uses state-of-the-art encryption. Fortunately, NordVPN uses AES 256-bit encryption - the same encryption standard previously used by the US Military.

Do you have a workforce that operates globally or needs access to overseas servers? Well, NordVPN also provides you with over 5,000 servers in over 60 countries, allowing you to log in to the internet from every corner of the globe.

VPN For Business NordVPN Server Locations

You'll also benefit from a customer care team that offers 24/7 support. You can access its chat service and support ticket any time of day.

NordVPN VPN solutions for business

While business customers receive the same performance benefits as consumer clients, there is a range of additional benefits included for business owners. Many of these benefits help ease the process of implementing and maintaining a company-wide VPN service.

Before you begin using your NordVPN business account, you'll be matched with a dedicated account manager that is at your beck-and-call. They're the primary contact for all your VPN needs - system updates, installation, payments, plan expansions, etc.

While some VPNs make you pay for individual VPN accounts, NordVPN allows for a single billing system to help streamline your account. You can also manage your company's entire VPN account from a centralized administration panel!

VPN For Business NordVPN Business Features

Last but not least, if you're looking for consistent connectivity, NordVPN can set you up with dedicated servers and IP addresses. This feature helps you ensure consistent performance throughout the workday. All of these features come at a shockingly small price - you can get your network protected with NordVPN at $2.99/month.


  • Fast speeds
  • Large server list
  • Strong security
  • Very affordable
  • Dedicated IP addresses and servers


  • Best prices only available in long-term subscriptions

2. ExpressVPN

Prices start at: $8.32/month

expressvpn main page

ExpressVPN is another offshore VPN provider that offers great solutions for small business owners. Like NordVPN, this VPN is very popular with everyday consumers.

ExpressVPN is perfect if you're looking for a high-performance VPN with plenty of internet speed.

My speed tests on its servers revealed ExpressVPN often provides over 75% speed retention - a great result.

If you're looking for access to overseas servers, you'll find ExpressVPN has one of the largest country lists on the market.

At present, it offers 2,000 servers in 94 countries - this is even more countries than NordVPN has to offer.

VPN For Business ExpressVPN Server Locations

Of course, you're looking to keep your work files safe - that's why ExpressVPN offers the same military-grade encryption as NordVPN. Its AES 256-bit encryption standard provides a secure tunnel for your business's sensitive web traffic. ExpressVPN doesn't offer VPN that's specifically tailored to business and enterprises. But this doesn't mean it's not up for the task - its performance features ensure ExpressVPN stands out from the pack.

Also, if you do happen to run into any issues with your ExpressVPN service, you can contact its customer support team 24/7. When you run a business, it's essential you have access to support if you encounter an issue with your VPN.

However, all these features come at a cost - ExpressVPN's traditional VPN services start at $8.32 per month, which is pretty steep. If you own or operate a large business, you may want to consider a business-specific VPN that allows for bulk billing and other business benefits.


  • Fast speeds
  • Military-grade encryption
  • Large server and country list
  • A reliable customer support team


  • No business-specific VPN plan
  • No bulk billing
  • More expensive than some other options

3. ProtonVPN

Prices start at: free!

protonvpn main page

If you're interested in online security, you've probably heard of the encrypted email service ProtonMail. Well, the founders of ProtonMail have teamed up to develop their own encrypted VPN platform.

VPN For Business ProtonVPN EncryptionWhen choosing a VPN provider, the country it operates from is an important factor to consider. ProtonMail is currently headquartered in Switzerland - a country that's known for strong internet privacy laws.

If you take your business's data protection seriously, you'll be pleased to know that ProtonVPN prioritizes its platform's encryption standard.

Its AES 256-bit encryption is considered the platinum encryption standard in the VPN industry.

Current research indicates there aren't any known methods to hack AES 256-bit without having previous knowledge of the encryption key.

Hence, ProtonVPN can help you protect your company's data on even unsecured WiFi networks. If you have a remote team that operates on various WiFi hotspots, strong encryption is the best way to protect you and your employees against unwanted hackers.

If you need to access overseas servers, you may be a bit let down by ProtonVPN's server list. It currently only offers around 300 servers in 29 countries. While this may sound decent, it's miles off some of the competition.

protonvpn speedtestYou'll also find that ProtonVPN's performance is slightly behind the industry leaders.

While many of its servers retain over 70% of your internet speed, this isn't as good as some of the other VPNs on this list. My speed fell from 80Mbps to 58.6Mbps.

However, it is still manageable - you shouldn't have any problems browsing and downloading files.

ProtonVPN is an excellent VPN for small business, but it doesn't offer tailored plans for small business owners.

While you won't find any business-specific plans with ProtonVPN, the VPN's packages allow for multi-device use that can save you money. ProtonVPN's visionary plan costs $24 per month, but it provides access for 10 separate users at the same time. And also, a ProtonMail plan is also included, giving your company access to an encrypted mailing platform.

So, while larger businesses may need access to a business-specific VPN provider, smaller businesses can easily benefit from ProtonVPN's services.

If you'd like to try this VPN on your business computer before investing in the platform, ProtonVPN offers a free option for all internet users. While this free option provides limited capabilities, it's still a great way to test the service before you spend any of your company's money!


  • High-level encryption standards
  • Created by data security experts
  • Multi-user/multi-device options
  • Free plan available


  • Not as fast as some VPN providers
  • Smaller server list than some VPN providers

4. TorGuard

Business VPN from: $69.00/month

torguard vpn homepage

As my last recommendation for VPN for business, I turn to one of the most recognized names in the VPN industry - TorGuard. While many people associate TorGuard with downloading torrents, this VPN provider is a top option for small business owners.

TorGuard utilizes the AES-256 encryption standard and retains over 60% of your internet's connectivity speed.

And this makes TorGuard is the slowest VPN on this list.

While this speed rating isn't fantastic, TorGuard has over 3,000 servers in over 50 countries.

This is one of the industry's largest server lists - so in this case, you choose servers over speed.

But the best thing about TorGuard is its business-specific plans.

TorGuard's business and enterprise options

It's hard to find a high-performance VPN that offers business-specific packages. Fortunately, TorGuard has some awesome options for small business owners.

Depending on the package you choose, you'll have access to multiple user accounts at the same time. TorGuard also provides emails for your users and the option to set up dedicated IP addresses.

VPN For Business Business Features

If you need a solution that is specifically tailored to your company, TorGuard offers custom business packages that can be tweaked according to your business' needs.

A business VPN package for ten people starts at just $69 per month! This is a great deal considering the additional benefits you receive through its enterprise subscriptions.


  • Strong encryption
  • Large server list
  • Affordable prices
  • Business-specific plans
  • Dedicated IP addresses


  • Slower speeds compared to other providers in the industry
  • Located in the United States - not an ideal jurisdiction for internet privacy

Choosing the Best VPN for Business

If you own a small business, choosing the right VPN for your company is extremely important. You don't want to make a bad investment in your data security.

That's why it's essential to consider which service caters to your needs. Below are some brief explanations of what to expect from each VPN I reviewed in this article.

  • NordVPN is best for those who want the best overall business solution.
  • ExpressVPN is best for those who want fast VPN services for a small business.
  • ProtonVPN is best for those who want a VPN built by encryption experts.
  • TorGuard is best for those who want business-specific VPN solutions.

If you want to keep your company's data secure, it's essential to choose a reliable VPN provider. The right VPN can also help your employees access secure internet from anywhere on the planet. For such a small price, a VPN is an extremely valuable investment.

Do you use a VPN in your business practices? If so, let us know about your experiences with your provider in the comments below!

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