VPN Land Review – Can They Keep You Secure?


First impressions imply that  VPN Land provides a premium VPN service at an affordable price. But almost every VPN provider advertises themselves as an industry leader – it's not always the reality.

VPN Land boldly claims they're the 'Best VPN 2018' – could this possibly be true?

I performed a VPN Land review to find out!

How Safe is VPN Land?

Safety is the most essential component of any VPN service. If you want to protect your IP address and internet traffic, you need to use a service that doesn't log data and avoids government intrusion.

VPN Land headquarters is in Toronto, Canada. Unfortunately, this means they're located in the Five Eyes Jurisdiction – a group of five nations that share intelligence and information.

And it gets worse...

The Five Eyes Jurisdiction itself is actually part of an even larger intel-sharing group. It's named the 14 Eyes Jurisdiction, and it includes a cohort of other data sharing nations.

This means your information is easily accessible by the United States, Canada, and many other Western countries.

While VPN Land claims they don’t log data, their stance on logging IP addresses is vague. So, is VPN Land safe? My answer to this question is NO. I would not trust it.

But if VPN land isn't safe, does it at least perform well?

VPN Land Speed Test

Speed is the next crucial component of any VPN service. Most VPN services slow down your internet, so it's essential to find one that keeps your traffic moving fast.

Unfortunately, VPN Land is one of the slower options on the market. Without a VPN, my connection on the day of the review was around 70-75 Mbps. And the VPN Land speed test results were poor in comparison to many industry leaders.

vpn land review speeds

While VPN Land is slow, can it at least allow you to unlock Netflix overseas?

VPN Land Netflix Capabilities


Using other Netflix jurisdictions can help you watch geo-locked content. Netflix has strong protections against VPN services to prevent unfair use of overseas media.

Fortunately, VPN Land Netflix capabilities allow users to bypass geography locked content. You can access the best shows and movies from around the world using VPN Land.

Does VPN Land Support Torrenting?

torrents work

If you're a torrent user looking to protect your internet traffic, it's essential to use a VPN service that supports torrenting. Some modern VPN services shy away from torrenting because of legal implications.

The company supports VPN Land torrenting. If you enjoy torrenting media online, you can rely on VPN Land to support your connectivity.

VPN Land Pricing

VPN Land offers three different payment options: Monthly, semi-annually, and annually. For a monthly subscription, you pay $9.99 a month. For a semi-annual subscription, you pay $54.99 for six months. For the annual subscription, you pay $59.99 a year.

Every 6 Months$59.99

Purchasing the annual subscription provides you with a 50% discount over the year. The only downside is that you have to pay upfront. Regardless, I find that VPN Land has very competitive prices when compared to the market.

What about a free trial?

Unfortunately, a VPN Land free trial is nowhere to be found. The company states it doesn't provide free trials for security reasons. This ridiculous excuse seems invalid – plenty of other VPN companies supply me with free tests of their services.

So, Is VPN Land Any Good?

VPN Land may advertise their services well, but their VPN product is much weaker than many industry competitors. Their location in Canada eliminates their stance as a safe VPN provider – you won't be safe from government intrusion.

Other VPN Land reviews may claim the company's services are adequate, but this isn't the case. My VPN Land review uncovers plenty of reasons why you may want to work with another VPN company.

So, is VPN Land good? The reality is no. You have plenty of other options on the market to choose from.

Also, their service is slow, and you won't benefit from a free trial. If you want to keep your data safe, I don't recommend you work with VPN Land.

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