Keepsolid VPN Unlimited – Is This The Best Choice For You?


Keepsolid Unlimited VPN is one of the many VPN services that promise to keep your online data secure. It also guarantees to provide 'uncompromising' speed on its platform.

However, I never trust a VPN's claims until I test them myself.

So let's give Keepsolid VPN Unlimited a review, and see if it's really a secure VPN with unrivaled speed.

How Safe is VPN Unlimited?

If you're worried about keeping your data secure while online, choosing a reliable VPN can help you maintain your privacy. But it's essential not to pay too much attention to a VPNs privacy advertisement.

VPN Unlimited Review Privacy Promises

While the above claims are great, it doesn't provide any guarantees. To truly look at VPN Unlimited's safety features, it's essential to consider its logging policy and jurisdiction.

Keepsolid VPN Unlimited is headquartered in New York, USA. The United States is part of the Five Eyes Jurisdiction – which is a group of major nations that share intelligence with other superpowers.

I prefer to avoid VPN companies based in the United States.

So, does VPN Unlimited at least have a solid logging policy?

Unfortunately, VPN Unlimited uses third-party organizations to store and move your personal data. These third-party companies are not listed, meaning you may be exposed without realizing it.

VPN Unlimited Review Privacy Policy

But What About VPN Unlimited's Encryption Standards?

The one redeeming aspect of VPN Unlimited's security features is its encryption standards. This is one of the few VPN providers that offer multiple encryption standards.

When you customize your VPN Unlimted settings, you can choose between AES 128 and AES 256-bit encryption standards. Believe it or not, AES 256-bit is considered one of the most advanced encryption standards on the planet - the US Military previously used it to safeguard information.

VPN Unlimited Review Encryption

So, is VPN Unlimited safe?

Considering this VPN is located in the United States and can't guarantee data protection, I can't recommend it as a safe service. Sure, it encrypts your data well, but there are no guarantees it's not shared with some interested third parties.

VPN Unlimited Speed Test

I ran a VPN Unlimited speed test to check if its speed claims were truthful. My results indicate that, sadly, VPN Unlimited doesn't provide unrivaled speed.

vpn unlimited speed testOn the time of review, my internet has reached a download speed of 70Mbps. On VPN Unlimited's best servers, I was only able to reach a maximum download speed of 34.5Mbps and 11.4 Mbps upload.

VPN Unlimited was only able to retain just under half of my internet speed.

Regardless, this is fast enough to stream online content and download large files.

VPN Unlimited Netflix Capabilities

vpn netflix available

Fortunately, you can use VPN Unlimited's to access overseas Netflix content.

In the past, this was easy with any VPN – but Netflix is now much better at detecting VPNs.

I tested a number of different VPN Unlimted servers and its one of the only services that consistently allowed me to access Netflix in different overseas locations.

While some servers didn't work with Netflix, you can change servers within the same country on VPN Unlimited's user interface.

Does VPN Unlimited Support Torrenting?


If you're someone who often uses torrents, a VPN is one of the most affordable ways to stay anonymous online.

Are VPN Unlimited torrents supported on this service?

VPN Unlimited does NOT promote torrent use, though it does allow legal torrent use on some select servers.

VPN Unlimited Review Torrent Policy

I also tested uTorrent on some of VPN Unlimited's servers - the download speeds were less than impressive.

This isn't the best service if you plan on using torrents regularly. There are other VPN providers with much better torrent support.

VPN Unlimited Server Locations

VPN Unlimited has one of the most extensive server location lists on the market. With multiple servers in each country, you can change servers if a particular server is underperforming.

The firm has over 400 servers in over 70 worldwide locations.

VPN Unlimited Review Server Locations

While this isn't as good as some of the industry leaders, it's still a solid selection of servers.

VPN Unlimited Customer Support

VPN Unlimited Review Live ChatVPN Unlimited offers a broad range of customer support options for its clients.

Its website contains a great online 'knowledge base' that helps answer common questions. You can use this resource to research common problems or technical issues.

If you need to get in touch with customer support for more serious issues, you also have plenty of options. You can submit an online support ticket, email its team, or use its live chat portal.

I sent its online chat team a message and received a response in less than a minute. The chat service is open 24/7.

VPN Unlimited is a company that clearly values customer care.

VPN Unlimited Pricing

For regular five device service, VPN Unlimited offers a range of different pricing options. One month is $9.99 per month, one year is $5.00 per month, three years is $2.78 per month ($100), and a lifetime membership is $199.00.

MonthlyYearlyThree YearsLifetime
Per Month Cost$9.99$5.00$2.78$199 (One Charge)

There's also a ten device option available for added cost.

If you've never purchased a VPN before, it can be hard to know what prices to look for. It's safe to say these prices are very competitive when compared to the rest of the industry. And the lifetime membership looks like a great deal - if you can push at least a few years out of it, it's great value.

But if you plan on purchasing one of VPN Unlimited's longer subscriptions, it can be nice to try the service before you pay for it. Is there a VPN Unlimited free option available to consumers?

Unfortunately, you won't find any free trial at Unlimited VPN. But it does offer a 7-day money back guarantee. If you're not happy with its services, request a refund within the first week.

Is VPN Unlimited Any Good?

Unfortunately, VPN Unlimited doesn't provide adequate security if you're looking to stay anonymous online. Its logging policy and jurisdiction leave you open to prying eyes and government information orders.

VPN Unlimited provides decent internet speeds, access to Netflix, and excellent customer support. This service also has a variety of different server locations and extremely affordable price points.

With so many options on the market; there's no need to settle. And I can't recommend this service for people that prioritize online privacy. You could go for something else.

But if you're just looking to access overseas servers and content, this isn't a terrible option – especially considering the affordability of the price points.

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