VPNArea Review – Is Their No Log Policy a Reality?


VPNArea advertises that their service provides privacy, security, and freedom. However, as a VPN enthusiast, I know how difficult it is for a provider to uphold these guarantees.

There are plenty of VPNArea reviews on the internet, but my VPNArea review will take an in-depth look at every component of their product.

So, is VPNArea a suitable VPN for your computer or mobile? Let's find out.

How Safe is VPNArea?

VPNs provide users with the peace-of-mind that their web traffic is private and secure. While many VPN providers claim to provide industry-leading privacy and security, this is rarely the case.

VPN providers use smart marketing to show their VPN services are safe, but you need to read the fine print to understand if this is the reality.

VPNArea is located in Bulgaria – an EU nation-state situated in Eastern Europe. While their membership of the EU is less than desirable for internet safety, the country is not part of the Fourteen Eyes Jurisdiction.

So, while there are better countries for a VPN provider to be based in, Bulgaria is a solid option because of its logging policies.

vpnarea review loggingBulgarian law does not require VPNArea to keep data or traffic logs for their services, therefore it is a relatively safe option.

So, with a solid logging policy available through VPNArea, do they also provide quick internet speeds on their servers?

Let's check their speed to find it out.

VPNArea Speed Test

If you want to use the internet without any problems, it's essential your VPN provides fast connectivity. I conducted a VPNArea speed test to understand the capability of their servers.

The test results indicated a range of different server speeds. While the fastest servers reach into the 50mbps range, other servers were much slower. It appears their overall server speed isn't as capable as other high-end VPN platforms.

vpn area review

For comparison, my Internet connection speed without a VPN was around 75 Mbps download and 72 Mbps upload.

Regardless, VPNArea's internet speed is fast enough to stream online content.

VPNArea Netflix Capabilities

vpn netflix available

I found that VPNArea Netflix capabilities allowed me to access Netflix from overseas locations. This is a great benefit if you're someone trying to use online content providers that geo-lock their media.

Keep in mind, Netflix is continuously updating their blocking software to prevent VPN users from accessing overseas content. So you should regularly test if Netflix is working with your VPN software.

Does VPNArea Support Torrenting?

torrents working vpnFortunately for torrent users, VPNArea torrenting is fully supported on their servers. In fact, they even have dedicated servers that are optimized to host P2P content.

This is again another added benefit as not all VPN providers support torrents - it often depends on the jurisdiction of the specific VPN company.

So as you can see, VPNArea is a solid option if your priority is using torrent platforms.

VPNArea Customer Support

We all know that technology doesn't always work the way it's supposed to. That's why I prefer to work with VPN providers that have reliable customer support options for their customers.

You can email their team, submit a support ticket, or even access a 24/7 online chat portal for customer care.


Some users report that the online chat service is often inconsistent. When I personally tested their chat portal, I received a response within seconds. Regardless, you have plenty of customer support contact options with VPNArea.

Overall, their customer support is solid.

VPNArea Pricing

With so many VPN options on the market, it's essential to find one within your budget. Fortunately, with VPNArea, you have plenty to choose from!

VPNArea's pricing is pretty standard. The company offers subscriptions in three different forms: monthly ($9.90), bi-annually ($50), and annually ($59) - purchasing a year at a time will save you significant money.

VPNArea Membership prices range from $9.90 a month to $4.92 a month.


As you can see, their yearly membership provides a good value – I can't complain about VPNArea's price range.

There is also a 7-day money back guarantee. While this is shorter than many other VPN companies, it's still a substantial risk-free period that you can benefit from.

VPNArea Review - Is VPNArea Good?

While VPNArea's speed could be faster, there are a lot of good features associated with this VPN provider. They may not be the biggest name in the industry, but they share a lot of the benefits you find in the industry's top performers.

Their location in Bulgaria and strict no-logging policy makes me view them favorably in terms of safety. VPNArea also provides access to overseas content and torrents on their servers.

I also found, during my VPNArea review, that their customer support team is always on hand to fix any problems.

So, overall I'm happy to recommend this service.

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