VPNBook – Can A Free VPN Be Any Good?


VPNBook promises to be the best free VPN solution on the market. The company uses advertisements and other revenue streams to maintain a free service for its clients.

vpnbook review

It also claims to help you access overseas websites without issues and maintain consistent online anonymity.

So, does it live up to the claims? Or is it just a waste of everyone's time?

I'll be finding out in my VPNBook review.

Is VPNBook Safe?

While all VPNs claim tight security and strong privacy policies, this isn't always the reality. I analyzed VPNBook to assess if it's as secure as it claims.

VPNBook headquarters is in Zurich, Switzerland – an area known for strict internet and banking privacy laws. While Switzerland has a great reputation for privacy, recent rumors suggest it's beginning to cooperate with Western authorities.

It is thought that Switzerland now cooperates with the Five Eyes Jurisdiction – a group of Western nations that have agreements to share data. The United States, the United Kingdom, and other Western superpowers are members of the agreement.

While Switzerland isn't a bad jurisdiction for VPNs, the country's not as cautious with your data, as they are with bank accounts.

And the best way of finding out all things security about a VPN is its privacy policy.

While VPNBook doesn't log your browsing data or information, it does keep short-term records of your IP address and connection time. This isn't a 'true' no-log policy.

VPNBook Review Privacy Policy

VPNBook and 'Anonymous' Allegations

The internationally famous hacking group Anonymous once made allegations that VPNBook was responsible for incriminating some of their members in a federal investigation. 

While these claims are currently unsubstantiated, it's worth keeping in mind that there are allegations that VPNBook is cooperating with federal authorities in the United States. Considering the United States has various data sharing agreements with other Western countries, this could pose a risk for a wide range of internet users.

If that sounds like an issue for you, maybe it would be better to steer clear.

Does VPNBook Offer Secure Encryption?

VPNBook Review Encryption

VPNBook offers two different encryption options for its customers. You can use AES 128-bit or AES 256-bit encryption standards. Both of these options are considered some of the best encryption standards in the VPN industry.

Not all VPN providers offer options to their clients - considering VPNBook is free, this is certainly a positive feature. With AES 256-bit encryption, you can rest easy that your data is extremely secure. 

So, is VPNBook safe? The company makes considerable efforts to keep your data safe, but it's not as secure as some of the major players in the VPN industry. The major problem with VPNBook is allegations that they cooperate with government officials. Therefore, I would encourage you to look elsewhere if data security is your top priority.

VPNBook Speed Test

vpnbook speedtestTo test VPNBook's speed, I ran a speed test on my regular internet connection and compared it to VPNBook's servers.

My normal internet download speed clocks in at around 70Mbps.

I noticed an average drop off of around 34 percent - to a 44.2Mbps download speed and a 7.3Mbps upload speed.

While this may seem like a lot, it's not bad when compared to the rest of the VPNs on the market. This is especially true considering VPNBook is free.

So, putting all of those things together, VPNBook's download speed is definitely a positive feature.

VPNBook Netflix Capabilities

vpn netflix not supported

Other VPNBook reviews provide conflicting claims, so I decided to put VPNBook's Netflix capabilities through a rigorous test for a clear outcome.

However, after trying Netflix on a host of different VPN servers, I wasn't able to bypass its security measures.

So, VPNBook Netflix capabilities aren't what it claims. If you want to access overseas content, you'll need to use another VPN provider.

Does VPNBook Support Torrenting?

vpn torrenting supported

VPNBook doesn't advertise torrenting as a feature included in its service.

This being said, it also says you're allowed to use its platform to access any corner of the internet.

It has a small statement in its privacy policy hinting P2P is approved. 

It appears torrents aren't prohibited, but BookVPN doesn't encourage them either. If you want to torrent on a VPN server, it's best to work with a company that has dedicated P2P servers.

VPNBook Review Torrenting

Make of that what you will.

VPNBook Server Locations

At present, VPNBook only has five server locations. This is one of the smallest server lists I've seen for any VPN service.

I consider server locations one of the most essential components of any VPN service. If a service doesn't have a large number of servers, your internet access will be limited.

If you want access to different countries and regions, I don't recommend this service.

VPNBook Customer Support

As a free service, VPNBook doesn't offer some of the same customer service benefits as more expensive options. To get in contact with its customer support team, you can submit an online ticket or send in an email. There's no live chat function.

VPNBook Review Customer Support

Setting Up VPNBook

VPNBook provides its clients with step-by-step instruction for installing its software. It has online guides for all compatible devices.

vpnbook review

As you can see, these guides include screenshots and explicit details on how to set up the service.

It's a great benefit if you find it difficult to install new software.

And it's possible that you'll face some difficulties without any live support.

VPNBook Pricing

VPNBook is a free service financed by advertisements and other revenue streams.

If you're looking for a VPN that costs nothing, the VPNBook free option is one of the only choices on the market. This is one of the primary benefits of using its service.

VPNBook Review Free Option

Free VPN Book services are accessible across the globe.

This is also a great feature because it means you don't have to submit any personal payment information to VPNBook. This feature provides an extra layer of security.

Is VPNBook the Best Free VPN?

Choosing the right VPN service is hard. To rate VPN services, I factor in all features and compare them against the cost of the service.

My VPNBook review found this service isn't as safe as some of the leading VPN options – primarily because it logs your IP address and connection times. But its internet speeds and easy-to-use portal make it a good VPN for beginners.

So, is VPNBook good? I don't recommend this service for anyone who is looking for a premium VPN. There are much better options on the market.

But if you want a free VPN with relatively decent performance, VPNBook isn't a bad option. Just make sure you're aware of potential exposure on its servers.

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