VPNhub Review – Is This VPN Provider Capable?

vpnhub review

VPNhub is the signature VPN product from Pornhub – one of the world's most famous adult entertainment platforms.

While it makes sense for a Pornhub VPN to be created for the privacy of their customers, does the platform truly protect web users?

I'll be putting this to the test in my VPNhub review.

How Safe is VPNhub?

If you're on the hunt for a VPN, you're probably looking to keep your personal internet data private. Using the right VPN will help ensure your internet traffic stays away from prying eyes.

While VPNhub is partially located in Cyprus, the company also has a presence in the United States. It so happens that the US is part of the Fourteen Eyes Jurisdiction – a group of Western nations that share intelligence and data.

Given VPNhub's presence in the United States, I can't recommend it as a safe option in terms of jurisdiction.

But wait, it gets worse...

At first glance, VPNhub appears to have a reasonable log policy. They claim they don't log any of their users' browsing data.

VPNhub Review Policy

While the above statement appears to indicate your data is safe, another area of their privacy policy is a little more worrying.

VPNReview Logging Policy

As you can see, staff or authority members may be able to access your personal information to do 'their job.' I find such wording to be a purposeful way to leave your privacy at risk. 

The wording in the privacy policy indicates that you should steer clear of their services if you value your privacy.

VPNhub Speed Test

If you're not concerned about privacy, you may still want a VPN provider that keeps your internet speed running smoothly. Unfortunately, you won't find this at VPNhub.

VPNhub has some of the worst VPN speeds I've ever tested. In fact, their fastest servers only reached a download speed of 5.27mbps and an upload speed of 0.97mbps.

vpnhub review speed

In comparison, without a VPN connection, that day by Internet clocked upload and download speed of about 60 Mbps.

So, if you want a VPN provider that can keep your online traffic moving fast, this isn't the right VPN for you.

VPNhub Netflix Capabilities

netflix not supported

At the end of the day, VPNhub Netflix capabilities aren't good enough if you're looking to use the internet effectively.

The provider's servers don't allow for consistent access to Netflix or other online content providers.

Not to mention the abysmal server speed. I doubt you'd ever be able to stream Netflix videos consistently.

Does VPNhub Support Torrenting?vpn review torrenting not supported

It so happens that VPNhub doesn't even support torrenting. We tried various P2P connections for hours and neither one of them returned any positive results.

Torrenting is clearly blocked and thus, - unavailable with VPNhub

VPNhub Pricing


VPNhub offers two different plans to their customers: monthly and yearly. For their monthly plan, you'll pay $14.99 a month. For their yearly plan, the cost is a one-off payment of $89.98 – a 50% discount off their monthly plan.


There are many other VPN providers available with much cheaper pricing packages. Don't fall for their clever marketing.

VPNhub free option

While VPNhub advertises their platform as 'free,' this statement simply isn't true. While VPNhub provides a short free trial, their product is actually one of the more expensive on the market.

VPNhub Review Final Words

VPNhub's capabilities aren't up to scratch. The speed is too slow and the privacy policy is too unclear for me to have confidence in this platform. It's also one of the most expensive VPN options on the market.

While slow speed and unclear privacy are enough to reject this VPN, VPNhub also doesn’t allow easy access to overseas content providers.

So, to wrap up my VPNHub review, is VPNhub good for consumers?

The clear answer is NO as there are no positive features associated with this heavily branded VPN product. I advise staying away.

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  1. Ned S picture Ned S
    2019 February 9th

    VPNHub is the worst! In addition to client incompatibility with Windows 10, they will charge your credit card the full annual subscription at the start of the 7-day trial. Upon cancellation (in this case, within an hour), they will not refund the charge. Their support is the worst.

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