ZenVPN Review – Simple. Affordable. Good?

zenvpn review

ZenVPN advertises itself as a 'Simple VPN Service.' While easy usage is a definite plus, I would like much more capability from my personal VPN service.

ZenVPN makes a lot of promises, but it's essential to see if they deliver what they advertise.

So, I performed a full ZenVPN review to see if they are up to the task.

How Safe is ZenVPN?

A VPN company's location tells you a lot about its safety. ZenVPN is located in Cyprus – an EU territory, partly controlled by Turkey. While Cyprus isn't part of the 14 Eyes Jurisdiction, its position as a safe location is up for debate.

Like most VPN services, ZenVPN claims they don't log any of your data or information. But a quick look at their privacy policies online tells some more honest truths. Your IP address and date/time of connection are stored, amongst other data.

So, Is ZenVPN safe?

Considering their unclear jurisdiction and data retention policy, I can't say that ZenVPN is a safe service to use.

If their safety issues don't put you off, can you at least rely on the speed of their servers?

ZenVPN Speed Test

If speed is a major priority for you, ZenVPN won't deliver what you're hoping for. My ZenVPN speed test concluded that their servers significantly reduced your ability to navigate the web effectively.

On their US servers, I was only able to receive a top download speed of 4.72MB and a top upload speed of 3.28 MB. This will impact your ability to consume media online – especially considering these are the top speeds exhibited.

zenvpn review speeds

By comparison, my speed with no VPN was around 65 Mbps, and I was able to stream 4K content with no issues.

ZenVPN Netflix Capabilities


If you're looking to unlock overseas content, a VPN can help you. It's essential to choose a VPN that isn't blocked by Netflix's VPN prevention mechanism. Fortunately, you can use ZenVPN to access Netflix and other top online media services.

ZenVPN Netflix capabilities are a plus, but do they provide the same assurances for torrents?

Does ZenVPN Support Torrenting?


Other ZenVPN reviews state that ZenVPN torrenting is supported by the company. Unfortunately, we can't find any evidence of this from their website. Their lack of information on torrenting may indicate they're not fully supportive of peer-to-peer sharing.

If you're planning on using torrents, it's better to use a provider that explicitly supports torrenting.

ZenVPN Pricing

ZenVPN pricing offers some of the most affordable and flexible VPN services on the market. They're one of the only companies that provide a weekly membership option. You can purchase ZenVPN services on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis.

The only downside is their most affordable plans include a 5GB cap on data transfer. Their unlimited plans are on the higher end of VPN price points ranging anywhere from $2.95 a week to $95.50 a year – depending on the type of plan you choose.

Below is the ZenVPN pricing for standard and unlimited plans:


Even with cheap standard subscriptions, it's nice to try a VPN service before you buy.

Fortunately, you can try ZenVPN free of charge before you buy a subscription. You'll just need to create an account and confirm your email.

Additionally, there is a 30-day money back guarantee that ensures you can receive a refund if you're not happy with the subscription you purchase. I like a VPN company that offers guarantees on their services!

Is ZenVPN Any Good?

After evaluating ZenVPN, it's easy to see there are a few pros and cons associated with their services.

While they support Netflix and have decent price points, they also have unclear safety protections and sub-par performance.

After all of this, is ZenVPN good? At the end of the day, I don't recommend using ZenVPN. They don't have fast servers and they log too much information about their customers. I suggest choosing a safer VPN provider.

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