5 Cheap Windows VPS Options That Pack A Punch


Bart Keating


2019 November 22nd

In this article, I talk about cheap Windows VPS providers - rare unicorns of the hosting industry combining the best performance, pricing, and features.

VPS hosting uses a technology that separates the resources of one physical server into multiple virtual ones. This way, each of these virtual resource clusters functions as small dedicated servers. They provide privacy and power of a dedicated server without a hefty price tag.

Cheap Windows VPS

Windows VPS is a great hosting option for web-based applications and dynamic pages. It uses a familiar graphical Windows interface rather than a command-line offered by Linux.

For a lot of users, it's much easier to get a hold of it. Unfortunately, despite good intentions to keep pricing low with which VPS was created, Windows VPS costs tend to skyrocket. The reason? Software licensing costs, low supply, and lack of professionals who can manage the servers.

So finding a cheap Windows VPS provider is a rather difficult task.

Fortunately, being in the hosting industry for quite some time now, I've come upon and used several providers offering budget Windows VPS plans.

So to save you some time, I did some testing and evaluation once again and put all the best providers on one list. But before we continue, let's take a look at the features that should be taken into consideration before you press "Buy."

How to Choose a Good Cheap VPS Hosting Provider?

Before you even start choosing, think of a reason why you need Windows hosting in the first place. If that's just for a simple website - I highly recommend sticking to Linux. It's more affordable, there are more professional developers, and a lot more cheap VPS hosting providers.

However, if you are creating a Windows-based web application or you're simply more experienced in Windows, there are certain features that need to be considered. Talking about cheap Windows hosting, the 3 key things are:

  • Pricing, renewals, and upsells - hosting industry is thriving on pricing increases and upsells. Before purchasing, reading the fine print is a must. You may notice that a huge majority of providers will increase pricing after the first billing period ends and there's little you can do to avoid it. Don't forget to check for the items in your shopping cart you've not intended on buying - that's another trick providers often do.
  • Performance - hosting performance is not just the speed but also the uptime. Carefully check if the provider has a good track record both for uptime and response time. SLA agreement is also a good guarantee that the provider will live up to its claims.
  • Necessary licenses -  often, Windows Server licensing or even control panels need to be purchased separately. It raises the costs a lot. Before committing, check whether everything you need is included.

Based on these criteria, I picked the 5 best cheap Windows VPS hosting providers.

The Best Cheap Windows VPS Providers

Cheap Windows VPS hosting doesn't mean a bad service. It merely requires to be just a little more careful when choosing.

These are the best cheap Windows VPS providers at the moment listed from the cheapest:

1. Hostwinds - cheapest Windows VPS hosting.
2. InterServer - best long-term cheap Windows VPS.
3. Hostinger - top-level VPS services.
4. GoDaddy - affordable business hosting.
5. Liquid Web - premium Windows VPS service.

1. Hostwinds - The Cheapest VPS Hosting Option

Response time
Price from
Cheap Windows VPS Hosting: Hostwinds Windows VPS Landing Page

Hostwinds is the cheapest managed Windows VPS hosting provider. The entry plan costs no more than a simple shared hosting option.

Although very cheap, Hostwinds definitely doesn't slack on features - the instant launch of licensed servers, nightly backups, enterprise-level firewall, server location choice, and proactive server monitoring are included among other features.

Seems almost too good to be true.

Especially when fast and reliable performance together with premium features is promised for the lowest price in the industry.

Hostwinds Pricing

Hostwinds 10 plans Windows VPS in total, but the first 4 starting at $7.99/mo are the most budget-friendly. Other plans ranging from $40 to over $200/month are great options to scale as websites grow.

Cheap Windows VPS Hosting: Hostwinds Windows VPS Pricing

I must mention, however, that Hostwinds increases pricing after the renewal. The increase is a pretty big one - 53% from the original price.

But despite that, Hostwinds still remains the cheapest VPS provider on the list. Even with the pricing increase.

And the resources provided are enough not for one but for several websites. The cheapest plan features 1 CPU, 1GB RAM, 30GB of disk space and 1TB bandwidth.

Judging from the price, Hostwinds really looks like the best budget Windows VPS option. Does the performance say the same?

Hostwinds Performance

Hostwinds provides a 99.9999% SLA agreement. And that's the promise it does live up to. Our testing server remained up for the whole month of testing without a single minute of downtime.

The response time, on the other hand, was not the most stable one. Hostwinds averaged at 482ms, but there were some peaks.

Hostwinds Performance

The highest peak reached over a second while the minimum response time was around 380ms. It is not considered a huge instability and may suggest that the load balancer is not configured correctly - that's an easy fix.

Nonetheless, Hostwinds performance is well above the industry average. So for the price, you get reliability and great features.

Hostwinds is a very cheap and well equipped Windows VPS hosting provider. It offers great premium features as well as server reliability.


  • Cheapest Windows VPS hosting
  • A lot of premium features
  • 99.9999% uptime guarantee


  • A relatively small amount of resources

Visit Hostwinds

2. InterServer - Best Long-Term Windows VPS Hosting

Response time
Price from
Cheap Windows VPS Hosting: InterServer Windows VPS Landing Page

InterServer has big claims offering performance, stability, and high-end security for an affordable price. Its cheap Windows VPS plans all come equipped with daily backups, SSD storage, and 24/7 customer support. InterServer's own developed security package is bundled in too.

The provider also has a choice of 2 server locations as well as the latest server OS. Currently, it offers Windows Server 2012, 2016, 2019, and 10 versions.

So can InterServer deliver its claims of performance and latest software for an affordable price?

InterServer Pricing

InterServer has 16 Windows VPS options starting at $10/mo per slice -  1 core, 2GB memory, 30GB SSD, and 2TB of bandwidth. Each additional slice costs $10/mo up until you reach 16 CPUs for $160/mo.

Cheap Windows VPS Hosting: InterServer Windows VPS Pricing

What is impressive, is that you can save even more. Choosing the longest billing period, price is reduced by 20%. This means, that each slice will cost $8/mo - an offer that's almost as good as the Hostwinds' one.

So perhaps InterServer will overrun the competition with the performance?

InterServer Performance

InterServer doesn't have an impressive uptime guarantee - just the industry standard 99.9%. But it does outperform it.

Through my month of monitoring, the website hasn't gone down. And server speed was good too. The provider averaged at 426ms response time. 

InterServer Performance

The server did experience a couple of response time peaks. On the other hand, it remained stable throughout the rest of the time.

The results are very similar to those of Hostwinds' and so is the pricing - both providers are fast but there are competitors showing even better performance.

InterServer is a very affordable and reliable hosting provider. It is a good long-term option as it provides a lot of scalability options, month-to-month hosting, long-term discounts, and no pricing increases.


  • Great long-term pricing discounts
  • Latest software licensing
  • Reliable servers


  • A relatively small amount of resources
  • Performance could be improved

Visit InterServer

3. Hostinger - Cheap Windows VPS With a Lot of Resources

Response time
Price from
Cheap Windows VPS Hosting: Hostinger Windows VPS Landing Page

Hostinger is a premium provider that always tops the lists of the cheapest and fastest hosting. However, in the case of Windows VPS, it outperforms itself.

As it seems, Hostinger decided to invest in the high-end hardware and software licensing to provide affordable yet not completely cheap services. The packages are equipped with a lot of resources, premium control panel, and secure backups.

The dedicated support team is available 24/7 as well.

So how do Hostinger's prices look like this time?

Hostinger Pricing

Hostinger has 4 Windows VPS plans but I would consider only 2 of them really affordable. The cheapest plan costs $26/mo while the second option is $62/mo. 

Cheap Windows VPS Hosting: Hostinger Windows VPS Pricing

Even the cheapest plan already includes several times more than the cheaper competitors Hostwinds and InterServer offer.

  • The $26/mo plan is equipped with 2GB RAM, 4 CPUs, 50GB of storage, and 4TB of bandwidth.
  • The plan for $62/mo offers 4GB RAM with 4CPUs, 100GB of storage and 5TB of bandwidth.

And if you decide to purchase, HOSTINGREVIEW coupon code will save you an additional 10%.

Although more expensive, Hostinger includes a lot more. Are the extra couple of dollars worth it?

Hostinger Performance

Hostinger has a standard 99.9% uptime guarantee which it betters the majority of the time. Throughout the month of monitoring my server was down for less than a minute and still evened out at 100% uptime. As I later found out, it was a scheduled reboot of the server.

The response times were also impressive - very stable and without any major peaks.

Hostinger Performance

Hostinger averages at 255ms response time while the max response time only reached 308ms.

It is one of the best results I've got testing cheap hosting providers and Hostinger definitely leaves the cheaper competitors behind.

Hostinger Windows VPS plans offer great value in terms of pricing and performance. The provider uses high-end hardware and the latest software to ensure peak performance. A premium control panel is included for the ease of use as well as the latest server OS.


  • High-end hardware
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Lots of server resources


  • Scalability can get expensive

Visit Hostinger

4. GoDaddy - Well-Equipped Business Hosting

Response time
Price from
Cheap Windows VPS Hosting: GoDaddy Windows VPS Landing Page

GoDaddy offers one of the easiest budget-friendly Windows VPS hosting plans in the industry. All essentials like OS licensing, premium control panel, backups, and expert VPS support are included. Auto-installers come with the package as welk.

This makes GoDaddy one of the best-equipped providers on my list.

It also promises incredibly fast performance and high reliability - great for popular blogs, multiple sites, and eCommerce stores. Web application developers shouldn't be disappointed by the performance as well.

So how do GoDaddy's plans look like?

GoDaddy Pricing

GoDaddy has 4 affordable Windows VPS plans starting at $29.99/mo. All of the packages are equipped with dedicated IPs, unmetered bandwidth, free SSL for a year, and automatic updates. It's worth mentioning that the introductory prices apply for renewals too.

Cheap Windows VPS Hosting: GoDaddy Windows VPS Pricing

Being a cheap provider, GoDaddy does not provide an overabundance of resources.

  • The Launch plan for $29.99/mo is best for popular blogs or multiple simple websites - it includes 1 CPU and 40GB storage.
  • The Enhance plan for $39.99/mo is great for high-traffic sites - 2 CPUs and 60GB storage are included.
  • The Grow plan for $49.99/mo will be best for high-traffic eCommerce sites - it's equipped with 3 CPUs and 150GB of storage.
  • The Expand plan for $59.99/mo can equip mission-critical sites and web-based apps - 4 CPUs and 200GB of storage are included.

As you can see, GoDaddy provides fewer resources than, for example, Hostinger - that's why I would recommend it for smaller projects.

Now, let's take a look at the performance.

GoDaddy Performance

GoDaddy has a regular 99.9% uptime guarantee but thanks to the professional management of the VPS, it manages to keep the rate at 100%.

The response time, on the other hand, is pretty average. GoDaddy averages at 421ms response time. 

GoDaddy Performance

What was impressive, is that I've observed an improvement in performance. At first, GoDaddy was averaging close to 600ms and later the performance dropped down to 400ms.

The 200ms improvement is a lot - it's nice to see providers that are constantly striving to improve.

GoDaddy is a budget-friendly and very well-equipped provider. All packages come packed with premium features and the performance is constantly improving.


  • Packed with premium features
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Improving performance


  • A relatively small amount of resources
  • Limited scalability options

Visit GoDaddy

5. Liquid Web - High-End Windows VPS Hosting for a Budget Price

Response time
Price from
Cheap Windows VPS Hosting: Liquid Web Landing Page

If you're looking for premium top-performance Windows VPS that's still affordable - Liquid Web is the one. The provider offers managed VPS service, high-end hardware, and lots of premium features.

That includes dedicated IPs, Cloudflare CDN, advanced security, built-in firewall as well as local backups, DDoS protection, 100% SLA, and premium control panel. 

It is a lot - not to mention dedicated customer support available 24/7. So can all of this be actually affordable?

Liquid Web Pricing

Liquid Web is the most expensive of our cheap Windows VPS providers for a reason - it offers much more than any other host. The cheapest plan costs $74/mo with all the premium features included. It's possible to upgrade up to 16GB RAM plan for $169/mo.

Cheap Windows VPS Hosting: Liquid Web Windows VPS Pricing

Liquid Web is one of the best choices for heavy projects that rely on flawless performance and reliability. For that, Liquid Web includes a lot of resources:

  • The 4GB RAM plan for $74/mo includes 4 CPUs, 100GB of storage, and 1TB of bandwidth.
  • The 8GB RAM plan for $94/mo is equipped with 8 CPUs, 150GB of disk space, and 10TB of bandwidth.
  • The 16GB RAM plan for $169/mo includes 8 CPUs, 200GB of disk space, and 10TB of bandwidth.

Also, an additional 100GB of backup storage is included. So as you can see, Liquid Web offers way more resources than other providers. The closest competitor - Hostinger is still left behind with RAM and bandwidth allowances.

So alongside the resources and premium features, Liquid Web also mentions fast performance. Let's see if it delivers.

Liquid Web Performance

Liquid Web has a 100% SLA and it does keep up to it. Though the monitoring period, it has not gone down even for a minute, keeping uptime rate at 100%.

The server performance goes hand in hand with the fastest providers - average response time was 291ms. 

Liquid Web Performance

I did not observe any high peaks in response time - the maximum reached only 366ms. However, the performance is not the most stable one and keeps swaying in the range of 250ms to 350ms. That might mean that load balancers could be configured better although it's not rare to see the performance like this.

So all in all, Liquid Web is a premium provider and it does deliver top-level results. Best of all - for an affordable price.

Liquid Web is a high-end provider offering Windows VPS plans for a very competitive price. It's one of the greatest options for users looking for the best performance and features.


  • Premium hardware and features
  • Top-level server management
  • Great performance


  • More expensive than competitors

Visit Liquid Web

The Best Cheap Windows VPS Hosting - the Verdict

When it comes to any cheap hosting, lots of things have to be checked and tested - pricing, performance, features, and more. That's exactly what I did to pick the cheap Windows VPS providers that are worth the money.

Only the providers offering the best value, features, and reliability reached this list.

Here they are, the top cheap Windows VPS providers:

1. Hostwinds is the cheapest and very much scalable Windows VPS provider offering fully-featured packages.
2. InterServer is great for scalability options, reliable performance, and great long-term pricing.
3. Hostinger provides budget Windows VPS hosting powered by high-end hardware and top-level support.
4. GoDaddy is an easy to use and cheap Windows VPS hosting option both for popular blogs and eCommerce sites.
5. Liquid Web is a high-end managed VPS solution with industry-best features offered at a very competitive price.

What do you think? Share what provider are you using, your experiences, and thoughts in the comment section down below.

Cheap Windows VPS FAQs

Is it right for you and when should you use it? I answered all the most commonly asked questions about cheap Windows VPS hosting.

Is Cheap Windows VPS Hosting Reliable?

Cheap Windows VPS hosting is reliable although as with any service there are exceptions - scam and phishing sites among others. However, the main difference between cheap and premium service when you buy it from a reliable provider is the features and resources you get.

Cheap hosting will naturally offer less than the premium option- for instance, compare entry and premium packages of the same provider. Usually, that's the only difference.

What are the Differences Between Windows and Linux VPS Hosting?

The main difference between Windows and Linux VPS is obviously the operating system and that comes with their own differences. Windows is a commercial OS designed for power and ease of use and therefore more expensive. Linux, on the other hand, is opensource and free but it takes more training to be able to operate it.

Users usually choose Windows for the ease of use and MS SQL hosting and database management while Linux is the most used OS for basic websites.

How Much Does Windows VPS Hosting Cost?

Windows VPS has a wide pricing range - from around $7 to over $200 per month. Pricing varies because of the hardware used, level of support, service management, and extra features included.

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