Managed VPS service: Is it like having your own server administrator?


Fiona O’Connell


2020 January 20th

As a web presence of a business progresses more and more, it becomes essential to have a website that is quick and very reliable. The bigger you grow, the more you will lose with a website that is not working very well. Yet you can't be a successful business owner and keep nitpicking with your website! It is important to manage your time in a more productive manner! But is there a way you can spend less time on your website while making it more and more suitable for a constantly increasing number of users? If you thrive to gain more power, stability and increase the overall performance of your website, there might just be a fitting solution. It might be the right time to consider managed VPS service, VPS meaning 'Virtual Private Server'. 

Managed VPS service

Getting started with your project

There are some things you need to know at first. Shared hosting is a common solution for web beginners and for many websites, it's a perfectly fine option. Most of the shared hosting plans are made for less tech-savvy individuals, and even though, web browser type control panels easily automate complex, time-consuming tasks, and require less attention, they fall short to satisfy the needs of a growing business.

Running a website on VPS is more complex, requires much more skill and provides less automation. Even though VPS is still a virtual machine, it tends to behave like a dedicated server, providing you with your own allocated resources, high performance, and full access to the system, permitting you to customize your server to your website’s needs. The main reason many business owners or individuals with entrepreneurial mind choose managed VPS is to have full control over their hosting. In many cases, your favourite blazingly-fast websites are probably hosted on a virtual private server. The old page from 2007 which takes five seconds to even start loading? Most likely using a slow shared server. If you want speed on a relatively low price, a VPS is a way to go - and has been for a while.

As empowering as it sounds, it’s also not for everybody. Managing the private server yourself means a lot of responsibility to you. In most cases, providers guarantee reliable network the server is hosted on, but the rest in on your shoulders. Skill and knowledge will be expected. To install any software you might need, upgrade the system with necessary security measures and protect your server from unforeseen issues. To put it bluntly - if something goes wrong, it's probably your fault and you deserved it. In many cases, most users will do just fine with regular shared web hosting. It may be less powerful, but it's good enough for a lot of cases. In our web hosting reviews we compare the service providers - and they're actually pretty alright.

What is a managed VPS service all about?

But let's say you really want to take up services of a managed VPS host and have a great combination of power and price. Let's dive in just a little bit further. Remember how I just called VPS price "relatively low"? There are two sides to that coin too. Between expertise and time, unmanaged VPS can also turn out to be expensive, as you may have to hire someone to master it. This means an extra person doing all the work, which is naturally going to make things even more expensive. That’s when an option to go for a managed VPS comes in handy.

Managed VPS is partly administered by the hosting provider, allowing you to focus on your business more. No need trying to learn an extra skill or hiring someone already possessing it. Managed VPS solves an unneeded problem.

As opposed to unmanaged VPS and dedicated server hosting, managed VPS hosting means less responsibility and skill required. While it still provides you with the full access and control over your virtual server, it also gives you the ability to contact experienced customer support, in case any issues arise and you need help keeping your virtual private server running smoothly. It can save you a lot of time and headache. Managed VPS is somewhat like shared hosting. In a sense that all complicated and time-consuming tasks can be done by your hosting provider. And yet, you still have the full control of your server, similar to the one on unmanaged VPS or even a full-blown dedicated server. It’s great for less tech savvy and more time saving, business-oriented individuals.

What is the best managed VPS provider?

It depends on a lot of things. It is always worth visiting the hosts and seeing what they offer before making a decision - comparing prices and features may not only get you a great product. It will also save you a lot of money. Some key VPS hosting players include:

Is it worth using a VPS?

Managed VPS hosting can undeniably lighten your workload. Hosting provider takes over the responsibility of all server hosting areas. Most of the time it manages your upgrades and installations of desired software based on your website’s needs. It also overlooks the overall security of the server, and it monitors and optimizes your server to perform at its best. The time saved on researching and then implementing those tasks yourself now can be spent on improving your business, for example, generating ideas on how to increase your web presence, double your current revenue or improve service or product your business offers.

Switching from shared hosting to a managed VPS host as your business grows, is the way further. While it might seem tempting to gain full control of your hosting, it takes time, skill and dedication. There’s always an option of hiring someone to maintain your managed VPS, in which case you’re able to fully dedicate your time to your business without having to worry about your website. However, this option does not come off as free, as a matter of fact, it might increase your expenditure by a lot.

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