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cloudflare review

CloudFlare Review: All You Need To Know

Every website owner opts for a higher speed to connect with the viewers. The faster they can connect to them, the more reliable…
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esputnik review email marketing

eSputnik Review – Launch Your Online Marketing!

eSputnik was founded back in 2012. In these dark and savage times, the email service providers were drastically different from what we have now.…
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Trust.Zone VPN Review – Stay Incognito!

Do you want to ensure privacy and security of your internet connection in various public places? Maybe you are logging into your bank account…
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Best Cyber Monday Web Hosting Deals (2018)

When Black Friday passes by, Cyber Monday arrives. It's a wonderful time when online businesses offer plenty of discounts for people looking for…
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wp buffs review featured image

WP Buffs Review – Steroids For Your WordPress Website

What Is Wp Buffs? WP Buffs is a company that is there to help you with everything WordPress related. They describe themselves as…
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cPanel and Plesk Now Owned By The Same Company – What Does It Mean?

Recently, it was announced that cPanel is changing its owners - it's been acquired by Oakley Capital, an investment group also in charge…
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Host Excellence Acquired by Site5 – What Happens Now?

For more than a dozen years, Host Excellence was hosting thousands of clients' websites and storing their files. This year, the journey has…
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sendpulse review

SendPulse Review – Reach Your Audience In A Heartbeat!

I will start with the basics. What's SendPulse in general? To be concise, SendPulse is an integrated marketing platform, offering a great variety…
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BigCommerce – For Businesses Of All Sizes

Running an online store can be a very profitable business. Thanks to the intuitive and easy-to-use eCommerce platforms, you can set up a…
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Intel Screwed Up – Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerabilities

Do you have a computer with an Intel CPU or run a website? If so, you are almost guaranteed to have been affected…
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