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Bart Keating


2020 January 20th


Searching for affordable web hosting packages can often be an unproductive hunt and a total waste of time.

That's why you need to know where to look and what to look for.

Well' we've done the hard part for you by testing many inexpensive hosting providers and looking for the best price and quality ratio.

Without further ado, these are the 5 affordable and reliable packages for those who are looking for cheap and good web hosting:

1. Hostinger

Price from: $1.45 /month

affordable web hosting packages hostinger pricingWith response times coming in as low as 77ms, Hostinger is the top performer in cheap reliable hosting. I cannot pick fault at this provider's uptime either, which I tested at as close to 100% as you can get for a 12-month period. Those are top-notch figures.

As for its remarkable prices of $1.45/month, these are marked as discount rates. The regular price is $7.99/month.

However, while the standard price is $7.99/month, Hostinger often has limited time offers that help you save more than 75% of the full price.

And there's more good news other than just the microscopic price...

There are WordPress optimization features, top anti-theft & anti-spam systems thrown in also. Plus, if you're not keen on WordPress, there's a website builder included too. These features and low prices easily position Hostinger as one of the best affordable hosts in the industry.

Are there any Hostinger's drawbacks?

Although you benefit from phenomenal speeds, reliable uptime, and a wealth of additional features, I must be clear that the biggest drawback for many users is the fact you only get 1 email address with the cheapest package.

While the limited storage (10GB) and bandwidth (100GB) aren't really a big deal considering the cost, there are slightly more expensive packages available that bag you unlimited access to both.


  •  Incredible uptime stability (very close to 100% over 12 months)
  •  Lightning-quick response times as good as 77ms
  •  BitNinja anti-theft system included
  •  SpamAssassin anti-spam system included
  •  300+ text and video tutorials
  •  24/7 Live Support


  •  No free domain or SSL without upgrading
  •  Only 1 email address in the cheapest plan
  •  Only 1 website in the cheapest plan

2. A2 Hosting

Price from: $3.92 /month

affordable web hosting packages a2 pricingFar from a one-trick pony, A2 Hosting is known by those interested in hosting for its jack-of-all-trades approach.

And for a good reason...

As well as offering rapid speeds, reliable uptime and both Windows & Linux server options in its shared plans, A2 Hosting also enables custom-hosting solutions that cater to tons of different types of users.

There are 44 custom-hosting solutions, with options ranging from blog and video to podcast and customer support.

With the podcast plan, for instance, you're given integrated software that assists you with podcast creation and related tasks.

While if you're running a business that needs to offers support to its customers, taking the customer support plan will mean your account is pre-loaded with useful support software, such as

affordable web hosting packages

With the cheapest plan coming in at just $3.92/month (or even cheaper if you opt to pay in bulk) and landing you unlimited bandwidth and SSD disk space, A2 Hosting deservedly earns itself a spot on this list.


  •  44 custom, user-catered plans to choose from
  •  Unlimited bandwidth & SSD disk space in the cheapest plan
  •  Windows & Linux server options available
  •  Choose from the U.S., European or Asian server locations
  •  24/7 Live Support


  •  The cheapest plan is limited to 1 website

3. FastComet

Price: from $2.95 /month

Affordable Web Hosting FastCometFastComet is an excellent choice if you want a fast global web host that will keep your site data safe and secure, all without breaking the bank.

FastComet hosts all its sites using rapid SSD storage and offers a choice of worldwide data centers. You can have your site hosted in any of six different countries, letting you pick a location near to your target audience to keep response times low.

But even if your website's audience is spread around the globe, it will still be able to load your pages quickly because FastComet includes a free CloudFlare CDN system with every hosting package. CloudFlare caches your site at multiple worldwide data centers to help local visitors load page previews faster.

FastComet hosting packages start at $2.95/month and include 15GB of storage space. Every plan includes a free domain for life, which is another excellent money-saving feature. Although lots of hosts include registration for 12 months, it's great to know FastComet will keep saving you money years after you sign up.

And, as if that wasn't enough, FastComet includes a free SSL certificate with every plan, which will show customers that their connections to your site are encrypted. Free daily backups are also thrown-in, so you can have confidence that any data you upload to your FastComet site will be kept secure.


  •  Free daily backups with 1-click restore manager
  •  A free lifetime of domain registration
  •  Free CloudFlare CDN
  •  Free SSL certificate
  •  24/7 Live Support


  •  Storage limits, even with pricier plans

4. 1&1 Ionos

Price from: $1.00 /month

affordable web hosting packagesBoasting 8 million customers and over 90,000 servers spread across 5 different countries, 1&1 is a well-established provider of one the best affordable web hosting packages available.

Its Business package (starting at just $1/month) provides 100GB of storage, 25 email addresses, and an impressive 25 (1GB SSD) databases.

Add in the fact you're given a free SSL certificate and a free domain for the first year and it becomes difficult to say anything negative about this plan.

My uptime tests came back positive too, with literally just 1 minute of downtime in the last 30 days.

Over the same timeframe, response times also impressed. While the average response time (in the U.S.) I received of 200ms isn't quite as good as Hostinger's industry-leading speed, it's still among the best in the industry.

Furthermore, 1&1 Ionos offers a unique, personal-consultant support service. This is a great touch.

affordable web hosting packages

Once activated, you're assigned to one particular support agent, who will then be your personal consultant for as long as you're with 1&1, or for as long as they work in that role for 1&1. Whenever you need to call support, you can call your consultant directly.

If they aren't working, you're connected with someone else. But either way, developing a relationship with one consistent agent can often make most issues much more efficient to deal with. Each time you talk, they further develop their understanding of your project and personal needs.


  •  Easy-to-use website builder included
  •  Personal consultant / personal support agent
  •  1 minute of downtime in the last month
  •  Great response times (200ms)
  •  FREE domain (first year only) & SSL included
  •  24/7 Live Support


  •  The cheapest plan can only host 1 website

5. Wix

Price from: free

affordable web hosting packagesLast but not least, we come to the most unique provider on this list: Wix.

It's unique because it isn't really a hosting provider by nature. Instead, it's primarily a website builder.

And with this unique element comes a free plan, however, I can't recommend it to businesses as it doesn't allow you to use a custom domain.

So, unless you want your website to be soandso.wix.com, you'll need to upgrade to the $5/month package or higher.

The $5/month package, appropriately named 'Connect Domain', doesn't deliver much storage space (500mb) or bandwidth (1gb). However, it does mean your own domain (soandso.com, for example) will now be usable with a site you design on Wix's stunning site builder.

A market-leading website builder

The Wix website builder is a huge advantage as its drag-and-drop functionality is commonly regarded as the best in the game. Its diverse range of templates and ultra ease-of-use platform are a recipe for creating eye-catching sites in remarkably short timeframes.

affordable web hosting packages

That being said, I recommend the Combo plan ($11/month) to anyone running anything more than a static site or a small blog, as it includes 3GB storage and 2GB bandwidth. Most importantly, it removes Wix ads from your site.


  •  Free plan available
  •  Sleek and easy-to-use site builder
  •  Hosting with a website builder enables a speedy, user-friendly installation
  •  Great for beginners wanting to get their site up quickly


  •  Live support is not 24/7
  •  Even the Connect Domain plan ($5/month) contains Wix ads
  •  The recommended plan is $11/month, placing it at the higher end of 'affordable'

Which Affordable Web Hosting Package is Right for You?

Of the 5 options I've listed, the choice that suits you best comes down to your individual needs.

It's important to have in mind that there are really good and reliable providers which can offer really good services for affordable price.

To sum up, how are these 5 cheap web hosts different in some particular user requirements?

  • Hostinger is great for those in need of exceptional speeds and uptime performance.
  • A2Hosting is suited to those who seek flexibility and custom packages.
  • FastComet is best for inexpensive web hosting for sites that need to reach a global audience.
  • 1&1 Ionos is recommended for anyone whose priority is efficient and personal customer support.
  • Wix is the optimal choice for people looking for the most user-friendly option and to build a fresh site.

It's important to note that these are not strict statements but rather just recommendations. Nevertheless, when choosing from these 5 competitors, you should find the most suitable for you!

But if you have ideas of your own that oppose this, please feel free to share your thoughts down below. I'd be interested in seeing what other cheap hosting packages you had in mind.

If you are looking for cheap and reliable web hosting providers, don't miss out on this article! These 5 website hosts are good and affordable!

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