The 5 Best Anonymous Web Hosting Services


Dani Nolan


2019 December 19th

For a website to get online, it needs to be hosted. But more often than not, anyone can figure out who owns a website or pays for its hosting.

If you don't use anonymous web hosting, data like your name, surname, and even ZIP code are public. So is your company's name and in some cases - contact information.

Then how to protect the identity in a place as public as the Internet? That's important both for individuals writing about sensitive topics and business owners who don't want to be scammed, spammed, or even harassed.

Anonymous web hosting

Fortunately, it's still possible to find providers that value privacy and offer anonymous website hosting.

I personally purchased and tested dozens of providers. But only a few were not only protecting my data and identity but also offering reliable and fast hosting.

But before we get into the details - let's take a look at what features are the most important for anonymous website hosting.

What to Look for in Anonymous Web Hosting?

That's a no brainer that anonymous web hosting should somehow protect your personal details. And not just on a basic level - if you want to be truly untraceable, so has to be your payments and registration details.

What are the key features you should look for?

  • Private payment methods - paying in cryptocurrency is probably the only way to stay anonymous when shopping online. So if you're looking for the highest privacy possible - that's the payment method you should be looking for.
  • Domain privacy protection - when purchasing a domain, you must provide your personal details. And these details can be accessed by anyone as it is stored in the databases of WHOIS lookup and available publicly. Domain privacy protection is a service that hides this info.
  • Simple registration process - hosting providers shouldn't require all of your personal details to sell you a simple hosting package. That's why you shouldn't need to enter your real name, address, and other sensitive private info.

That's basically the 3 essentials. But let's not forget that the website has to actually work. And even better - fast.

So when choosing a provider, do not forget to check its performance - response time and uptime stats.

With that in mind, I picked my favorite providers offering the highest privacy measures.

Top-Secret Anonymous Web Hosting Providers

The best anonymous web hosting providers will not just make you into a ghost website owner. They will actually make your website fast, accessible, and easy to manage. I tested and picked providers that meet and exceed the expectations.

Here are the best anonymous web hosting providers at the moment:

Let's get into the details.

1. Hostinger - Cheap and Secure Private Hosting

Response time
Price from
Anonymous web hosting: Hostinger web hosting landing page

Hostinger is one of the most private anonymous website hosting providers on the list. The host does not require to disclose any personal data, paying in cryptocurrencies is available, and it's possible to purchase domain privacy.

So it checks all the boxes required to stay anonymous while owning a website.

And not just that. Hostinger impressed me with its pricing too.

Hostinger shared hosting pricing starts at $0.80/mo - a domain or SSL (depending on the offer at the moment) is included as well as 10GB of disk space, 100GB of bandwidth, FTP over SSL and more.

You can get an extra 10% off with code HOSTINGREVIEW making the price as low as $0.72/mo or $34.56 for 4 years. 

Hostinger is also easy for beginners to use. The provider has a custom control panel with an intuitive graphic interface as well as 24/7 customer support. The support team is brilliant - they are pro-active to step in and fix any issue for you.

So does Hostinger perform well enough?

Hostinger Performance Results

In fact, Hostinger is not just the cheapest but also the fastest on the list. It has an average response time of 246ms which is very close to the perfect 200ms that Google praises.

Anonymous web hosting: Hostinger performance

99.9% uptime guarantee doesn't do any justice to Hostinger either. Through the testing month, the provider has only had 1 downtime that lasted around a minute. The uptime rate evens out at 99.99%.

So all in all, Hostinger combines all anonymous web hosting essentials with great performance for a very cheap price - earning the number 1 position on my list.

Hostinger is fast, very much affordable, and most importantly - completely anonymous. It's great both for beginners for the ease of use and those websites relying on high privacy and speed.


  • Cheapest anonymous web hosting
  • Powerful and reliable servers
  • Excellent customer support


  • No phone support
  • No unlimited plans

Visit Hostinger

2. HostGator - Fast and Secure Web Hosting

Response time
Price from
Anonymous web hosting: HostGator homepage

HostGator is an affordable unlimited anonymous web hosting provider. Not just that, it features a bunch of premium tools for ease of use and privacy.

Because the provider aims to make hosting available to anyone, it includes cPanel with tons of one-click installs. It's one of the easiest control panels to manage hosting. 24/7 support is also there via live chat or phone - in multiple languages.

Unfortunately, you cannot pay in crypto but domain privacy is available for $1.25/mo. So the cheapest plan is $2.75/mo (or $2.68 with HOSTINGREVIEW coupon code) + and extra $1.25/mo and you get unlimited hosting with your personal info protected for $4/mo. The package also includes an SSL certificate, domain registration, unlimited email account and more.

So is HostGator's performance keeping up with all the features included?

HostGator Performance Results

HostGator has fast and reliable performance. It averages at 386ms response time with no higher peaks or instability.

Anonymous web hosting: HostGator performance

HostGator also has a standard 99.9% uptime guarantee. But just like with Hostinger, it's no justice to the providers. HostGator has remained up throughout the whole testing period evening out at a 100% uptime rate.

The provider is fast and very reliable - a great option for those who don't require the highest degree of privacy but still want to keep their personal info off the radar.

HostGator is affordable and offers unlimited anonymous web hosting - one of a few on the list. Although the privacy costs extra, the performance makes it very much worth it.


  • Fast web hosting
  • Cheap domain privacy


  • No cryptocurrency payments

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3. Hostwinds - Scalable Web Hosting for Privacy

Response time
Price from
Anonymous web hosting: Hostwinds homepage

Hostwinds is an advanced hosting provider with tons of scalability options, unlimited anonymous web hosting, impressive uptime guarantee, and other premium features. Its shared hosting packages are designed for aspiring new projects with big potential to grow.

As for the privacy and anonymity features, Hostwind also has a solid stance in protecting the identities of its customers.

Hostwinds does not require tons of personal info, it's possible to pay in any cryptocurrency you want, and domain privacy is pretty affordable - $5/year.

And so is the hosting affordable - the cheapest shared hosting package costs $3.29/mo and includes unlimited storage and bandwidth as well as a domain, SSL, unlimited emails, and even a dedicated IP.

Other features include Weebly website builder - one of the best website builders there are as well as the latest cPanel and Softaculous app installer. All for the ease of use. The performance and reliability, as it appears, should not be let downs too.

Hostwinds Performance Results

Hostwinds performance in terms of server speed is rather bumpy. Although most of the time the provider does not reach 400ms, it's had several bumps when performance reached 1 second. Combined, it results in a not so bad 482ms average response time. 

Anonymous web hosting: Hostwinds performance

While the response time might be a little bumpy, the uptime is a complete opposite. Hostwinds remained up at all times during the testing which results in a 100% uptime rate. And it's actually guaranteed - Hostwinds has a 99.9999% uptime responsibility which leaves the company practically no time for mistakes.

Although not the fastest, Hostwinds is very reliable and well-equipped. For very affordable pricing it provides anonymous and scalable hosting.

Hostwinds checks all the anonymity boxes required to stay off the radar - that comes for an affordable price powered by reliable servers and easy to use platform.


  • Well equipped web hosting plans
  • Many scalability options
  • Cheap domain privacy protection


  • Performance could be improved

Visit Hostwinds

4. Hosting24 - Affordable Hosting for Beginners

Response time
Price from
Anonymous web hosting: Hostitng24 web hosting landing page

Hosting24 offers budget-friendly anonymous web hosting. It does not require ID checks, paying in cryptocurrencies is encouraged, and domain privacy is available.

So the provider checks all the boxes that make hosting truly anonymous.

The pricing is one of Hosting24's strongest features too. The shared hosting starts at $0.80/mo. It includes 10GB of storage and 100GB of bandwidth alongside SSL certificate, cheap domain names, weekly backups, and a powerful control panel.

This makes Hosting24 one of the cheapest (after Hostinger) and best equipped (after Hostwinds) anonymous website hosting provider. Not to mention a very good 24/7 customer support. Using Hosting24 I've never had to wait for more than a couple of minutes for an answer and the agents were always nice.

The performance is also surprisingly great.

Hosting24 Performance Results

Hosting24 is very similar to Hostwinds - it has quite varying performance results. The average is 442ms response time.

Anonymous web hosting: Hosting24 performance

Similarly, Hosting24 doesn't have any downtime problems. Regardless of its 99.9% uptime guarantee allowing up to 10 minutes of weekly downtime, the provider has stayed up at all times. Hosting24 scores a 100% uptime rate.

The provider makes it to this list for offering cheap pricing and all the needed anonymous web hosting features - paying in cryptocurrency, no unnecessary personal info needed, and domain privacy. All that also comes with reliable performance.

Hosting24 is one of the cheapest providers offering anonymous website hosting. It has all the essentials included, easy to use control panel, 24/7 support, and very reliable performance.


  • Cheap anonymous web hosting
  • Crypto payments and cheap WHOIS protection
  • Excellent customer support


  • No phone support
  • Performance could be improved

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5. DreamHost - WordPress-Optimized Anonymous Hosting

Response time
Price from
Anonymous web hosting: DreamHost homepage

If you want to use WordPress for your site and hide the identity from the public - DreamHost is one of the best options. It has servers optimized for the platform specifically, WordPress pre-installed, a premium website builder for it, and, most importantly - free domain privacy protection.

Unfortunately, DreamHost does not accept crypto payments. This makes it a less secure option, but in most cases - domain privacy does the job. Especially considering how affordable the premium WordPress hosting with DreamHost is.

The host has only 2 anonymous shared hosting plans (and many options to scale to VPS, cloud, and dedicated servers). The pricing starts at $2.59/mo and includes unlimited bandwidth, 50GB of disk space, a free domain, and its privacy. The more expensive option is $5.59/mo and it features unlimited storage. Both plans include SSLs as well as daily backups.

It's worth mentioning that DreamHost has a 100% uptime guarantee - the only one on this list. So if reliability is crucial for your site - the provider can definitely deliver it.

DreamHost Performance Results

DreamHost has reliable performance results averaging at 419ms response time. The maximum response time does not reach 600ms while the minimum is no lower than 378ms showing high stability.

Anonymous web hosting: DreamHost performance

By far more interesting than the response time is DreamHost's uptime. The provider has a 100% uptime guarantee which it manages to keep at all times.

It is a great option for sites that rely on high availability - and should there be any unexpected downtime, DreamHost promises to compensate.

DreamHost ensures anonymity by offering domain privacy for free. It also focuses on high availability, optimizations for WordPress, and ease of use for an affordable price.


  • Domain privacy included
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • Optimized for WordPress


  • Customer support is limited
  • No cryptocurrency payments

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Best Anonymous Web Hosting - the Verdict

Worthy anonymous website hosting will not just simply hide your, as a website owner's, identity. Although it should be pretty good at it. Performance and reliability are two key features that make or break any web hosting.

So when putting my list together, I looked not only at the privacy features, but also the way hosts handle their servers. If a website is down or simply too slow, so what's the point?

Each of the providers mentioned is an example for the rest of the industry for reliability and performance. Here are the best anonymous web hosting providers and the features that put them on the list:

  • Hostinger offers very cheap and very fast hosting with all the essentials to protect your anonymity. 
  • HostGator is one of the fastest providers on the list offering affordable domain privacy protection.
  • Hostwinds is an all-inclusive web hosting provider with a bunch of scalability options and anonymity essentials.
  • Hosting24 packages are affordable, easy to use, and most important - completely anonymous.
  • DreamHost is best for WordPress with well equipped anonymous website hosting packages and free identity protection.

If you're looking for complete privacy - Hostinger, Hostwinds, and Hosting 24 are the best options. However, DreamHost and HostGator also provide a high-level of identity protection while focusing on regular clients more.

So which one would fit your needs? Stay anonymous and share your thoughts in the comment section down below!

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