5 Hand-Picked Best Asterisk Hosting Options


Bart Keating


2019 January 8th


If your business uses Asterisk, the chances are you're reliant on it for your entire communications network.

That makes finding a reliable provider that can fulfill your Asterisk hosting needs super important.

Which is precisely what I'm here to do. 

I've been an Asterisk user for years. Out of frustration with subpar PBX hosting, I decided to search the internet for better options. In no particular order, here are the best Asterisk hosting choices I've found:

  • A2 Hosting - budget Asterisk hosting
  • PowerPBX - lighting-fast PBX hosting
  • Lylix - reliable and safe Asterisk servers
  • RentPBX - good for scaling to multiple regions
  • IP2VOICE - unlimited bandwidth and fully managed

1. A2 Hosting

From $5.00/month

Asterisk HostingAsterisk's PBX features make it a great money-saver by cutting the number of phone-lines needed for your business, and A2 Hosting's dirt-cheap Asterisk prices can help you save even more.

A range of plans specifically designed to host Asterisk servers are on offer, so you don't need to pay for more resources than your business needs.

Prices start at just $5/month which includes 20GB of storage and 2TB of monthly transfer. That's plenty for small to medium-sized business.

The starter Asterisk plan is limited to 512MB of RAM though. If you want to let a large number of your employees use your Asterisk resources at once, I recommend upgrading.

And A2 is a great host if you want to maintain complete control of your Asterisk server -  all plans include root access, letting you mess around with resource assignment to your heart's content. What's more, picking A2 will result in a speedy Asterisk experience as all its storage is SSD based.


  •  Flexible Asterisk pricing
  •  24/7 Live chat and phone support
  •  99.9% uptime guarantee
  •  Anytime money-back guarantee
  •  SSD based storage


  •  No unlimited storage plans

2. PowerPBX

From $34.95/month

Asterisk Hosting

PowerPBX is a specialized PBX provider and is a great choice for super speedy hosted asterisk server.

PowerPBX's data centers are distributed across the world. And you can choose which your Asterisk server will be hosted at, letting you pick one to minimize the latency between you and the server.

That's an important and often underrated feature for Asterisk hosting as people are very sensitive to network lags when speaking.

Remember, traditional telephones typically experience a latency of about 45ms.

When I pinged my PowerPBX hosted server, I found speeds averaged at about 52msexcellent for voice communication!

When you set up a PowerPBX plan, you can choose any Asterisk distro you like and it will be pre-installed on your server, saving you time. The base Asterisk plan begins costs $34.95/month which might seem pricey, but it's reasonable for a VPS server with enough dedicated resources to ensure your comms network won't be hampered by other users.

With the base plan, you'll get 2GB of RAM, 2 CPUs and 30GB of storage which should handle 7-30 simultaneous phone calls!

Note that PowerPBX will not provide advice about how to install software other than Asterisk distros. That's not a huge problem though as it provides full root access with every plan, so you can install any custom software yourself.


  •  Powerful base plan
  •  Ticket and email support
  •  Choice of international data centers
  •  Root access


  •  No phone support
  •  No technical support for third-party software

3. Lylix

From $25.00/month

There's nothing worse than having your PBX suddenly go offline and finding you have no way to restore functionality. Fortunately, thanks to Lylix's daily rolling full server backups, that's not something you'll have to worry about.

As well as daily backups, you can create a vaulted backup of your Asterisk server that won't be overwritten, and clone it at a separate data center.

Lylix offers hosted Asterisk PBX servers through an AsteriskNOW package which includes both Asterisk and an open source PBX WebGUI, giving you a user-friendly interface to manage your Asterisk server.

Other packages can also be added to enhance your Asterisk server such as Fail2ban which will safeguard you from malicious IPs.

Lylix also offers on-demand OS reloads which you can use to swap between Asterisk distros. Support is available 24/7 through a ticket system, but if you have an emergency Lylix support reps can also be contacted over the phone.

Asterisk Hosting

Prices begin at $25/month for an unmanaged Asterisk VPS server with 384MB of memory and 8GB of storage. If that's too limiting you can always opt for a more powerful setup.


  •  Daily rolling backups
  •  Vaulted backups and server cloning
  •  Choice of US data centers
  •  Root access


  •  PBX plans are unmanaged

4. RentPBX

From $20.00/month (billed annually)

Asterisk HostingRentPBX is a cloud-based PBX host that offers Asterisk hosting at its nodes spread across North America and Europe.

It's a great option to choose if you want an incredibly simple setup process. Out of the services I trialed, RentPBX made it easiest to choose which version of Asterisk I wanted to be installed on my server.

RentPBX also shows you the optimized regions which each node has low latency to, making it easy to determine which is most suitable for your location.

If you are looking for a long-term hosted Asterisk PBX server, RentPBX is also a persuasive option - discounts are offered if you sign up to a lengthy contract with prices starting at $20/month with a 12-month contract. You can also purchase RAM upgrades, letting you start a plan with fewer resources and scale up whenever you need.

Besides hardware upgrades, you can opt for extra software packages like A2billing (for $10/month) which can help you streamline your PBX spending and calculate the expenses of your employees or agents automatically.


  •  Easy to choose Asterisk variant and node locations
  •  Extra software packages
  •  Memory upgrades available


  •  No phone support


From $42.49/month (billed annually)

Asterisk HostingIP2VOICE offers managed and unmanaged Asterisk hosting plans, giving you the freedom to take complete charge of your communications network and receive help with configuration from IP2VOICE's technical team.

No matter which style of plan you choose, you'll benefit from unlimited bandwidth - excellent if you expect to rack up thousands of voice minutes through your PBX server each month.

And if you want full control of your Asterisk set up, every plan includes full root access, letting you install custom add-ons or mess around with virtual machines and resource assignment.

If you do run into difficulties while setting up your Asterisk server, you'll also be able to get in touch with IP2VOICE's support team 24/7 through phone, ticket or live-chat

Although IP2VOICE's cheapest $42.49/month (billed annually) plan includes a generous 1GB of RAM, there's a massive amount of scalability available - great if you have a growing business! Options max out at a whopping 128GB of memory and 32 unique CPU cores.


  •  24/7 Phone and live-chat support
  •  Root access
  •  Unlimited bandwidth
  •  Amazing scalability


  •  Expensive compared to the competition

What is Asterisk hosting?

In order to choose the best, you must first understand what makes it best.

Asterisk hosting is a system, previously developed by Digium which is commonly used to unify various telephone connections, such as analog, VOIP and even work with applications like Skype. This allows users to have a common ground for all telephone technologies out there.

Remember data center proximity and physical resources are extremely important when choosing an Asterisk hosting plan.

The main concern with any hosted Asterisk PBX system is that your latency should be low enough that your customers can't tell the difference between talking to you and making a standard phone call.

And in general, all of the hosts mentioned on this list are already really good. While putting this list together, I've looked into the latency of all main providers out there - and only chose hosts with latencies below an 80ms threshold. Then, to narrow down my choices, I looked for differentiating factors like customer support and price.

So this is how this list came to be. Which one is your favorite? Or maybe I've missed an amazing Asterisk host? Let me know by commenting below.

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Tatev picture

2019 January 18th

Great article with mindful comparison! I liked that you have separated pros and cons very specifically for the each service provider.

Great article with mindful comparison! I liked that you have separated pros and cons very specifically for the each service provider.