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Fiona O’Connell


2020 January 14th

ASP.NET is a powerful server-side web application framework that's used to create dynamic web pages, web-based apps as well as services.

Best ASP.NET Hosting

Although not as popular as Linux-based web app frameworks, ASP.NET is still popular among Windows fans. Because of the familiar Windows interface, it is both easy to use and very powerful. ASP.NET works faster and is more efficient than, for example, PHP.

So if you are used to Windows, it's a good way to create a powerful dynamic website or web-based application.

But the framework alone won't do all the job. The quality of web hosting is more important.

Although not as easy to find as simple Linux hosting, there are still many great providers offering the best ASP.NET hosting.

In this article, we look at the tried and tested providers you can trust. We talk about their speed, performance, features, and of course - pricing.

But before you pick a provider, there's a couple of things to consider.

Choosing the Best ASP.NET Hosting

Although there are not so many ASP.NET hosting providers, you still need to be careful to choose a reliable one. The whole industry is known for taking some dirty pricing tricks, offering non-existent uptimes guarantees, and upselling a lot.

So here we have prepared a list of advice on how to pick a reliable ASP.NET hosting provider for your needs.

#1 Know your hosting needs
#2 Check the pricing
#3 Check uptime and performance results
#4 Make sure key features are included

Let's get into the details.

#1 Know Your Hosting Needs

There are different types of hosting for different user needs including shared, cloud, VPS, and dedicated. Similarly, pricing points are different.

  • Shared hosting is the budget option for small to medium projects. It provides fewer server resources, a lower level of privacy, and the most affordable price. So it's often a choice for users that are just getting started, hosting personal projects or learning.
  • Cloud hosting is very similar to shared hosting but it can be scaled to become as powerful as you need it to be. It's a little bit more expensive yet includes a higher level of privacy and much better scalability options. You can choose cloud hosting whether you are getting started or already have a high-traffic website.
  • VPS hosting is a gateway to the most powerful and scalable hosting. It allocates a specific amount of physical server resources creating a virtual private server. VPS requires more technical knowledge, is more expensive but can host high volume projects.
  • Dedicated hosting is the most expensive and advanced solution possible. It gives the whole server just for yourself - perfect for high-volume high-traffic projects hosting multiple websites or web-based applications.

Shared hosting is the only service that comes managed as a default - hosting provider takes care of the backend stuff while you can only focus on the content.

Cloud, VPS, and Dedicated servers can be both managed and unmanaged. Depending on your needs, skill level, and budget you may choose whichever you prefer. Unmanaged service will give you much more customization although it requires specific technical knowledge, unlike managed hosting.

#2 Check the Pricing

Although ASP.NET is open-source and free, the Windows servers it's usually being hosted on are pretty expensive to run. That is why there are so few providers offering the service and it's more expensive.

But not just that, the hosting industry is infamous for dirty pricing tricks, upsells, and renewals. So take a good look at these before you sign up a contract:

  • Renewal pricing - don't be hooked on cheap first-term deals and check if it renews at the same price.
  • Upsells - some providers take extra for such essentials like backups, DDoS mitigation, and other important features. Make sure these are included and not charged extra at the checkout.
  • Unreasonable pricing - there's no need to pay for shared hosting over $13 if you can get VPS or Cloud for $5. Check your options.

#3 Check Uptime and Performance Results

Performance and uptime are essential for every project. There's not much use of a poorly functioning site that's never available.

Fortunately, there are many tools right now to check how reliable are the providers.

For example, we track and provide live data about providers' performance - you can check it in each provider's table.

We take 200ms as a benchmark of the best performance. It is also used by Google to categorize websites as slow or fast.

Above 200ms is labeled as slow while below - fast. Unfortunately, the industry average is currently in the 500s, so providers fitting into 500ms are generally considered to be great.

#4 Make Sure Key Features are Included

There are several features that each website needs to get online, be secure, and function properly.

Make sure that these are included in your hosting plan:

  • SSL certificate for security.
  • Domain name so your website can be reached.
  • Backups so you can restore a website after any issue. While automated backups are preferred, instant manual backups are useful too.
  • Technical support - you may need help setting up a website, solving issues, or you might notice a server-level error even before the tech team.

The Best ASP.NET Hosting Providers

Good ASP.NET hosting will make your project fast and secure. And you definitely shouldn't need to spend a big part of your budget on it.

So we picked fast and reliable providers offering the best value. Here are the 6 best ASP.NET hosting providers:

So what do they offer?

1. Liquid Web - the Best Managed ASP.NET Hosting on VPS

Response time
Price from
Best ASP.NET Hosting: Liquid Web

Liquid Web offers professional ASP.NET hosting on its fully managed VPS servers. The provider focuses on top-level performance, security, and availability. It also provides tons of customization options to fit the needs of all professionals.

You can choose from multiple ASP.NET versions, MSSQL Server options, and even control panels. All of which will be professionally managed by the 24/7 support team.

Choosing Liquid Web for your ASP.NET project, you'll also get premium CDN, DDoS protection, and 100% network and power uptime guarantees. So if you are looking for the most reliable and secure host, Liquid Web is the one.

The pricing for Liquid Web managed VPS packages start at $74/mo if you pay yearly. This plan gets you 4GB RAM, 100GB disk space, and 10TB bandwidth. You'll also be able to manage your account for the user-friendly Plesk Onyx control panel.

And for when your project grows, you'll have enough place to scale - $169/mo will get you 16GB RAM, 200GB disk space, and 10TB bandwidth. 

So does Liquid Web performance match the expectations?

Liquid Web Performance Results

Liquid Web is our top ASP.NET hosting provider for promising and delivering top-level services including the best server performance. It averages at 291ms response time with the maximum response time never peaking above 400ms. This shows great server stability even when the traffic increases.

Best ASP.NET Hosting: Liquid Web Performance

The provider also has a 100% uptime and power guarantee. Considering that Windows servers require rebooting in order to install updates, that's a very bold statement.

What's impressive, Liquid Web manages to deliver. It has not gone down throughout the whole time we were testing its servers.

So combine premium managed services, extremely reliable performance, and ease of use. It will give you the best ASP.NET hosting provider in the market right now.

Although not cheap, Liquid Web is the fastest and most reliable ASP.NET provider on our list. It combines impressive performance and premium managed platform features to provide the best hosting environment for your project.


  • Impressive performance
  • Powerful and reliable servers
  • Excellent customer support


  • Pricing on the higher side

Visit Liquid Web

2. InterServer - Cheap ASP.NET Hosting Without Contracts

Response time
Price from
Best ASP.NET Hosting: InterServer

InterServer is the best budget option to host ASP.NET applications and websites. With just one plan starting at $4/mo if you pay for 3 years in advance, you'll be able to host up to 25 projects. InterServer does not limit storage, bandwidth, or emails.

To make the deal even more appealing, you can pay month-to-month. It's great for short term projects or learning ASP.NET.

But even with very affordable and convenient pricing, InterServer manages to deliver great performance. The provider utilizes only 50% of server capacity. This means, your project will have a lot of space to grow without suffering from overcrowded servers and poor performance.

The provider also includes other useful features for speed and security. That's weekly backups, caching, Cloudflare CDN, and speed optimization.

To top it off, InterServer has one of the most skilled support teams working 24/7. You'll be able to contact them for advice or any issue you might encounter.

So now let's look if InterServer is powerful enough for your project.

InterServer Performance Results

InterServer takes a bunch of measures to ensure reliable server performance. Although for the sake of testing the bare minimum, we turned the CDN and caching off. It showed us the quality of InterServer performance which was quite impressive. The provider averages at 426ms response time. And while there were a couple of higher peaks, it did not reach 1s mark.

This means you can expect a couple of times better results with all the performance services turned on.

Best ASP.NET Hosting: InterServer Performance

InterServer has a standard 99.9% uptime guarantee however it outperforms its promises. For the whole period of monitoring InterServer, it hasn't gone down even for a minute, keeping uptime at 100%. 

Although InterServer is not the fastest provider, its performance is still impressive. Not only that, but it's also one of the cheapest hosts providing premium ASP.NET services.

InterServer is the best ASP.NET hosting provider offering affordable hosting. It focuses on delivering high value and performance packages both for long and short-term projects.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Powerful and reliable servers


  • Performance could be improved

Visit InterServer

3. HostGator - the Best Affordable Beginner-Friendly ASP.NET Hosting

Response time
Price from
Best ASP.NET Hosting: HostGator

HostGator has the best affordable and beginner-friendly Windows hosting option design for ASP.NET apps and websites. The provider uses the latest Plesk control panel, so that novice users can easily manage their hosting accounts.

It also includes instant website setup, tons of tutorials, and always available 24/7 customer support ready to answer all of your questions.

Choosing any package, you'll be able to use multiple ASP.NET versions: ASP.NET 2.0, 3.5, 4.0, and 4.5. HostGator also installs your needed modules for free, making it a good solution for learning or testing your new programs. 

And what makes HostGator really great is the pricing. Especially if you purchase for a longer period.

Here's the pricing if you purchase the plans for 3 years:

  • The Personal plan costs $4.76/mo ($2.29/mo with HOSTINGREVIEW coupon code) and already includes unlimited disk space and bandwidth. However, it's limited to just one website.
  • For up to 5 websites, you can choose the Enterprise plan for $14.36/mo ($6.91/mo with HOSTINGREVIEW coupon code). It includes unlimited data as well as positive SSL and free dedicated IP.

So does the performance keep up?

HostGator Performance Results

HostGator provides stable and reliable performance. It averages at 386ms response time with the highest peak only reaching 543ms. While it's not the fastest performance, it sure is one of the most stable ones. Even if your traffic peaks, it won't reflect on performance.

Best ASP.NET Hosting: HostGator Performance

You can also be sure about HostGator's reliability. While it has only a 99.9% uptime guarantee, the provider has remained up throughout the whole monitoring. You can also see how reliable it is in the live uptime tracker in the provider's table above.

HostGator has a perfect training environment for all ASP.NET beginners. For an affordable price, it provides reliable performance, easy to use control panel, and also lots of tutorials that will help you get started.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Beginner-friendly interface
  • Reliable servers


  • Server speed could be improved

Visit HostGator

4. Hostinger - Powerful and Scalable ASP.NET Hosting

Response time
Price from
Best ASP.NET Hosting: Hostinger

Hostinger offers easy-to-use, powerful, and highly scalable ASP.NET hosting on its Windows VPS servers.

With the provider's powerful and easy to use VPS control panel, you'll be able to install any version of ASP.NET according to your needs.

And even with the entry plan for $26/mo, you'll be able to launch a heavy-weight online project to life. Cheapest plan offers 2GB RAM, 50GB storage, and 4TB of bandwidth.

Also, the plans Hostinger offers are fully equipped - 4 core servers, SSD-based storage, dedicated IPs with IPv6, and enterprise-level data backups.

So in case you need to scale - there's enough space.

The most resource-full plan for $250/mo will get you 16GB RAM, 400GB disk space, and 7TB of bandwidth.

With all of the plans, you'll also get a 24/7 premium customer support service. So even with unmanaged servers, you get dedicated support capable of solving any problem.

But in case something does not match your needs, you can get your money back for 30 days after purchase. Looking at the performance, you're unlikely to use it:

Hostinger Server Performance

Hostinger is pretty new to the Windows hosting environment but it's already better than most of its competition. During the monitoring, the provider averaged at 424ms response time, but if you'd look into the live tracker above, you'd see a different result.

The live tracker often records response times even lower than 100ms. 

Best ASP.NET Hosting: Hostinger Performance

Hostinger is also highly reliable. As you can see, it hasn't gone down throughout the whole testing period. And with constant Windows updates and security patches, that's an impressive result.

Hostinger combines high-quality hardware, easy to use control panel, and high-value hosting plans to provide an exceptional business solution. If you are looking for the best ASP.NET hosting that's professional and affordable with top-level support - Hostinger is definitely the top choice.


  • Fast server speed
  • Great server reliability
  • Professional customer support


  • No phone support

Visit Hostinger

5. GoDaddy - Customizable, Powerful, and User-Oriented ASP.NET Hosting

Response time
Price from
Best ASP.NET Hosting: GoDaddy

GoDaddy has all-inclusive shared ASP.NET hosting packages. It also promises industry-leading performance and great reliability. The provider includes a bunch of premium features - free domain for the whole hosting period, backups, Odin Plesk control panel, and instant 24/7 customer support.

For your ASP.NET hosting, you'll be able to use Classic ASP, ASP.NET AJAX, ASP.NET MVC3, and other toolkits, scripts, and frameworks.

Focusing on customizability and reliability, GoDaddy is surprisingly affordable too. It has 3 plans starting at $5.99/mo: 

  • The Economy for $5.99/mo hosts one website with 100GB storage and unlimited bandwidth.
  • The Deluxe for $7.99/mo can host unlimited websites with unlimited storage,
  • The Ultimate for $12.99/mo will include premium DNS, SSL certificate, and unlimited databases.

So how about the performance?

GoDaddy Performance Results

GoDaddy's performance results reflect on one extremely important thing about hosting - customer support proactiveness. The provider averages at 421ms response time but up until October 12, the results were much worse. We've contacted the support and they were able to help us.

After that, our website was transferred to a less crowded server and the performance improved a lot.

Best ASP.NET Hosting: GoDaddy Performance

Even with the website transfer, GoDaddy managed to do that with no downtime. That's an impressive result for a pretty cheap ASP.NET hosting provider offering a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

GoDaddy has affordable plans, reliable servers, and customer support that actually cares about their customers. Choosing the provider, you'll also be able to use a beginner-friendly control panel and a bunch of advanced ASP.NET tools.


  • Affordable plans
  • Reliable server performance


  • Quite a few upsells

Visit GoDaddy

6. Hostwinds - Best Scalability and Reliable Performance ASP.NET Hosting

Response time
Price from
Best ASP.NET Hosting: Hostwinds

Hostwinds hosts ASP.NET websites and apps on its powerful and highly scalable Windows VPS servers. The provider focuses on high performance, security, and reliability implemeting some of the best 99.9999% uptime guarantees.

With the pricing starting at $7.99/mo, you'll get 30GB disk space, 1CPU core, 1GB RAM, and 1TB transfer.

All of the plans also include features like server snapshots, enterprise-level firewalls for security, and free website transfers.

The 24/7 support team aims to make sure that your website would always be available and protected. That includes nightly backups, 24/7 server monitoring, and issue-resolving, and redundant server networks.

Instant scalability allows your project to reach up to 16 CPU cores with 9TB bandwidth. So even if you start small, you can be sure that Hostwinds will have options to scale with no downtime. 

Hostwinds Performance Results

Hostwinds averages at 482ms response time with quite a few higher peaks. While the result is not as impressive as other providers', it's still well above the industry average.

Best ASP.NET Hosting: Hostwinds Performance

On the other hand, Hostwinds outperforms its uptime promises. It has a 99.9999% uptime guarantee, though it hasn't gone down throughout the whole testing, keeping uptime at 100%.

So while Hostwinds does not have the most impressive speed, it is surely reliable. So if you are looking for an affordable managed VPS solution - the provider has some of the best deals for ASP.NET.

Hostwinds is a highly scalable and reliable provider offering an impressive 99.9999% uptime guarantee. Alongside affordable pricing, it's one of the best values for managed VPS ASP.NET hosting.


  • Reliable performance
  • Many scalability options


  • Server speed could be improved

Visit Hostwinds

The Best ASP.NET Hosting Providers - the Verdict

Finding a good ASP.NET hosting is a pretty difficult job. Finding the best ASP.NET hosting specifically for you is even harder.

Fortunately, after lots of testing, we found the best providers in the market right now. All of them are fast, reliable, and offer features that will fit different needs and budgets.

So this is what our top ASP.NET hosting providers are best at:

  • Liquid Web is a professionally managed ASP.NET hosting service for business and professional users. It provides top-level performance, premium features, and excellent support.
  • InterServer is an affordable solution that requires no contract. It offers great tools to boost performance and highly available servers.
  • HostGator works on providing always-available solutions for small web-based ASP.NET apps and websites. It's also a great training ground for newcomers with easy to use control panel.
  • Hostinger is a premium ASP.NET hosting service working on VPS servers. High performance, friendly support, and intuitive control panel are all included in the package.
  • GoDaddy provides a bunch of tools to power your ASP.NET hosting. It also has brilliant customer support that actively reacts to all issues and fixes them instantly.
  • Hostwinds is the best scalable ASP.NET hosting options. It offers both affordable servers to start and premium high-power ones to scale.

Which one matches your needs? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section down below!

Best ASP.NET Hosting FAQs

If ASP.NET hosting still raises more questions for you than it answers, we've prepared answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Here's what you may want to know about ASP.NET hosting.

What's the Difference Between ASP.NET and Linux Hosting?

The main difference between ASP.NET and Linux hosting is that ASP.NET refers to web applications and websites' framework while Linux is a server operating system.

People talking about ASP.NET hosting usually refer to Windows Server hosting. While nowadays it's possible to run ASP.NET both on Linux and Windows, it's still mostly used on the latter's servers.

The main difference between Windows and Linux is that Windows uses a graphic interface to run commands while Linux requires to use the command line.

There are also differences in which web applications you can run on your server, the way updates are installed, control panels used, and others.

Is ASP.NET Hosting More Expensive?

ASP.NET hosting seems to be more expensive from the first glance. However, the framework is open-source and free. The pricing comes from other aspects:

  • Windows Server OS requires licensing as opposed to Linux which is free.
  • MSSQL databases that are best to use with ASP.NET also require expensive licensing.
  • There's a specific knowledge set required to maintain Windows servers.

For these reasons, there are fewer providers offering Windows and ASP.NET hosting and its pricing tends to be higher.

Is There Free ASP.NET Hosting Available?

Free ASP.NET hosting is offered by a couple of providers however we highly suggest avoiding them.

Free web hosting comes with a number of risks including data leaks, unreliability, and poor performance.

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Bent picture

2019 May 3rd

A2 really sucks - besides last weeks down time. I'm on there cheapest window hosting plan, but... * Was difficult to get my site up running, as A2 has a... Read more

A2 really sucks - besides last weeks down time. I'm on there cheapest window hosting plan, but... * Was difficult to get my site up running, as A2 has a limitations for framework versions and such and no where I could find the info and a no helping support. (wrote support, but no real help and was told that it wasn't there problem and that I should use a professional IT people to deploy my site). * It looks like the applicationpool is being closed down within minutes when nobody are requesting pages and takes forever to startup again. This is also resulting in Google Search Console in timing out when getting my sitemap.xml. * General very very slow page response. * Also the Plesk admin interface is really slow. A2 is promising a lot of stuff on there homepage, but they are just garbage!

    Albert Hughes

    2019 May 8th

    I also experience same issue. I'm very disappointed with them. No reply until now, I have waited for 14 days. Can't use them anymore! I have migrated all my sites... Read more

    I also experience same issue. I'm very disappointed with them. No reply until now, I have waited for 14 days. Can't use them anymore! I have migrated all my sites to Asphostportal based on my friend recommendation. I will learn from this lesson. I won't recommend A2 anymore.

Mike picture

2019 May 3rd

Yup stay away from A2 - servers been down for a week now and no end in site.

Yup stay away from A2 - servers been down for a week now and no end in site.

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2019 April 30th

A2 Hosting is the worst, we've been down for over a week now and no one is answering any tickets, calls, nothing. From what I hear, most of their Windows... Read more

A2 Hosting is the worst, we've been down for over a week now and no one is answering any tickets, calls, nothing. From what I hear, most of their Windows customers are in the same state. So stay AWAY!!!

Rob Parson picture
Rob Parson

2019 March 15th

I use asphostportal and they are great. Worth for money. FYI, they support FREE SSL certificate that you can install directly via their control panel. I don't agree if you... Read more

I use asphostportal and they are great. Worth for money. FYI, they support FREE SSL certificate that you can install directly via their control panel. I don't agree if you place Godady as top choice .net hosting. I previously used their hosting services, I'm not satisfied with their services. The server is very slow and sometimes my site throw connection error time out.