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Microsoft's ASP.NET open source development framework was first made public in 2002, but the revisions to ASP.NET Core get updated several times a year.

Because updates appear every few months, the best ASP.NET hosting providers are those that will keep your version refreshed with the latest and greatest features.

If you've read ASP.NET hosting reviews before, you'll know how hard that can be. But don't worry - I'm here to help. I've examined the services of many ASP.NET hosts and here are the best 5 I found:

  • Hostinger – premium ASP.NET hosting solution
  • 1&1 IONOS – super cheap .NET hosting
  • GoDaddy – ASP hosting with great customer support
  • HostGator – entirely customizable ASP.NET environments
  • ASPHostPortal – optimized exclusively for ASP hosting

1. Hostinger

ASP.NET hosting from $26.00 /month


Hostinger offers easy-to-use, powerful, and highly scalable ASP.NET hosting on its Windows VPS servers.

With the provider's powerful and easy to use VPS control panel, you'll be able to install any version of ASP.NET according to your needs.

And even with the entry plan for $26/mo, you'll be able to launch a resource heavy online project to life. Cheapest plan offers 2GB RAM, 50GB storage, and 4TB of bandwidth.

Also, the plans Hostinger offers are fully equipped - 4 core servers, SSD-based storage, dedicated IPs with IPv6, and enterprise-level data backups.

So in case you need to scale - there's enough space.

The most resource-full plan for $250/mo will get you 16GB RAM, 400GB disk space, and 7TB of bandwidth.

With all of the plans, you'll also get 24/7 premium customer support service. So even with unmanaged servers, you get dedicated support capable of solving any problem.

But in case something does not match your needs, you can get your money back for 30 days after purchase.


  •  24/7 support dedicated live chat support
  •  User-friendly VPS Control Panel
  •  Powerful and reliable servers
  •  Dedicated IP with IPv6


  •  Pricing could be lower

2. 1&1 IONOS

ASP.NET hosting from $1.00 /month

Best ASP.NET Hosting 1and1If you want incredibly cheap ASP.NET hosting, 1&1 is a great choice - it offers a full year of ASP.NET dedicated hosting for just $1 a month! 

Despite the price-tag, you'll get a fully featured ASP.NET experience - free domain registration for a year and 100GB of storage are included with the lowest tier plan.

And here's an insider tip1&1's upgraded plans are also just $1/month for the first 6 months. So if you only need ASP.NET hosting for a temporary project, why not bag 500GB of ASP storage for next to nothing?

1&1's ASP plans are also fantastic if you prioritize security - with all plans a WildCard SSL certificate is included and 1&1 will safeguard your server through intelligent DDOS protection and SiteLock technology.

1&1 also stands out for its customer support - alongside traditional 24/7 phone and live chat support, you will be assigned a personal support consultant who can tailor technical help to your particular needs.

Watch Out For 1&1 Ionos Price Jumps

Do note with the lowest tier plan, prices jump 8-fold to $8/month in the second year. With the top-end plan, prices jump to $14/month after 6 months.


  •  24/7 support
  •  Personal consultant
  •  100GB of storage
  •  Up-to-date ASP.NET and .NET core architecture
  •  Pay for resources you need


  •  Price jumps after the term of 6 or 12 months is over

3. GoDaddy

ASP.NET hosting from $7.99 /month

Best ASP.NET Hosting GoDaddyGoDaddy is an internet hosting behemoth. As of 2018, GoDaddy is the largest web host by market share, boasting 17+ million users. Thanks to that enormous customer base there's a vast support library to which you can rely on to help you configure your GoDaddy ASP server.

GoDaddy offers ASP.NET hosting from $7.99/month for which you'll receive 100GB of storage and unmetered bandwidth. The latter will let you and your team access your ASP.NET server as often as you need without worrying about traffic limitations.

Of course, GoDaddy didn't get where it is today without some amazing customer support - you can get in touch with a knowledgeable representative 24/7 through phone or live chat. So if you run into trouble with your NET server, there'll be someone on hand to help you fix the problem immediately.

You can also purchase daily complete backups for an extra $2.99/month which will let you instantly restore functionality in case of a technical malfunction.

Another standout GoDaddy feature is the inclusion of a free domain. Unlike most hosts who tempt you into signing up with a free domain for a year, GoDaddy includes one forever! You only have to pay the (minimal) ICANN registration fees.


  •  Vast support library
  •  24/7 customer support
  •  Add-on daily backups option
  •  Free domain for life


  •  No SSL certificate with the cheapest plan

4. HostGator

ASP.NET hosting from $7.46 /month

Best ASP.NET Hosting HostGatorIf you want a customizable ASP.NET hosting experience, HostGator is a great option - you can install any common ASP.NET variant on HostGator's Windows hosting packages and HostGator also offers free additional module installation.

Having a unique IP address for your ASP.NET server can be extremely useful when automating development tasks. You can add a dedicated IP to HostGator's base $4.76/month plan for just $2/month extra, well worth it if the convenience of a dedicated IP address is important to you.

With the base plan, you'll also get totally unlimited bandwidth and storage which makes HostGator a solid choice if you need to work with data-heavy objects.

The base plan includes a shared SSL certificate, but if security is top of your agenda, consider upgrading - the $14.36/month plan includes a positive SSL certificate.

While both shared and positive SSL certificates encrypt your connection, a positive SSL certificate will actively validate the particular domain your ASP.NET server is hosted on.


  •  SSL certificate included
  •  Unlimited bandwidth and storage
  •  Free module installation
  •  24/7 support


  •  SSL and dedicated IP not included with the base plan

5. ASPHostPortal

ASP.NET hosting from $0.99 /month

Best ASP.NET Hosting ASPHostPortalASPHostPortal is, you guessed it, a fully dedicated ASP.NET hosting service, it's a good option if you want a hosting environment completely tailored to optimizing ASP functionality. 

The benefits of using a specialized host are immediately obvious in the full range of ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core variants ASPHostPortal offers, including ASP.NET 5 - a version many other hosts still don't provide support for!

ASPHostPortal also offers an amazing amount of scalability - plans start at just $0.99/month for 1GB storage and 10GB bandwidth, and range up to $11.46/month for 50GB SSD storage and 500GB bandwidth.

All plans include a wide range of free-to-install Microsoft and Linux packages letting you add other features to enhance your NET experience!

And you can have your NET server hosted at your pick of ASPHostPortal's data centers. They're spread across the globe allowing you to choose one nearby and guarantee a super speedy ASP.NET experience.


  •  SSD storage
  •  Scalable resources
  •  Tonnes of add-on software
  •  Huge choice of data centers


  •  SSL and dedicated IP not included with the base plan

Which is the Best ASP.NET Hosting Choice?

When deciding which of the above hosts is right for you, consider your individual needs and how the features each ASP.NET host provides will help you meet them:

  • Hostinger provides user-friendly and powerful ASP.NET hosting solution.
  • 1&1 IONOS's ASP hosting is budget friendly and fully-featured.
  • GoDaddy is great for helpful and accessible customer support.
  • HostGator plans include third-party software to fine-tune your ASP.NET server to your tastes.
  • ASPHostPortal is a company solely dedicated to providing high-class ASP.NET hosting.

Remember there are numerous versions of ASP.NET in use around the world. Most ASP hosts support popular variants (especially ASP.NET Core). But if you're using a lesser known version, ensure your host explicity states its support for it.

Think I've missed out a fabulous ASP.NET host? Comment below to tell me all about it!

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  1. Bent picture Bent
    2019 May 3rd

    A2 really sucks – besides last weeks down time. I’m on there cheapest window hosting plan, but…
    * Was difficult to get my site up running, as A2 has a limitations for framework versions and such and no where I could find the info and a no helping support. (wrote support, but no real help and was told that it wasn’t there problem and that I should use a professional IT people to deploy my site).
    * It looks like the applicationpool is being closed down within minutes when nobody are requesting pages and takes forever to startup again. This is also resulting in Google Search Console in timing out when getting my sitemap.xml.
    * General very very slow page response.
    * Also the Plesk admin interface is really slow.
    A2 is promising a lot of stuff on there homepage, but they are just garbage!

    1. Albert Hughes picture Albert Hughes
      2019 May 8th

      I also experience same issue. I’m very disappointed with them. No reply until now, I have waited for 14 days. Can’t use them anymore! I have migrated all my sites to Asphostportal based on my friend recommendation. I will learn from this lesson. I won’t recommend A2 anymore.

  2. Mike picture Mike
    2019 May 3rd

    Yup stay away from A2 – servers been down for a week now and no end in site.

  3. Dave picture Dave
    2019 April 30th

    A2 Hosting is the worst, we’ve been down for over a week now and no one is answering any tickets, calls, nothing. From what I hear, most of their Windows customers are in the same state. So stay AWAY!!!

  4. Rob Parson picture Rob Parson
    2019 March 15th

    I use asphostportal and they are great. Worth for money. FYI, they support FREE SSL certificate that you can install directly via their control panel. I don’t agree if you place Godady as top choice .net hosting. I previously used their hosting services, I’m not satisfied with their services. The server is very slow and sometimes my site throw connection error time out.

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