The Best Domain Hosting Providers – Our Top 5 Picks


Choosing a domain name is one of the most important steps you'll have to think about when creating a website (especially a business website). After all, that's the name that will stick in your readers' minds and will represent your online presence.

A good domain can help you establish a brand, achieve better search rankings, and set the tone for your content. But a good domain also requires a good hosting provider - to both buy them from and host them in.

I've considered the price, ease-of-use, available resources, and reliability to compile my top 5 list of best domain hosting picks:

1. Hostinger

Prices from: $1.45/month (hosting) + $8.99/year (.com domain)

Best Domain Hosting Hostinger PlansIf you want a great way to cut costs on your domain hosting, there are fewer better options than Hostinger. Its monthly hosting prices begin at just $1.45/month, and domain registration costs start at $0.99/year.

When you sign up for a Hostinger server, you have to add domain registration separately. While registration costs begin at $0.99/year, those cheap domain names come with relatively obscure endings.

If you want a top-level domain name (gTLD) which ends in a well-known suffix like '.com' or '.net', it'll likely cost around $8.99/year.

The base Hostinger plan includes 10GB storage and 100GB monthly bandwidth as well as 1 website (so, 1 domain). That's enough room for a reasonably large personal website.

But if you need extra space, the mid-tier $2.95/month hosting plan comes with unlimited storage and bandwidth. What's also impressive that this plan also includes unlimited websites. However, neither of these include an SSL certificate. So if you are running a business site, consider the still reasonably-priced $3.95/month plan instead.

Whichever package you pick, you'll be able to create your site easily through a content management system (CMS) program like WordPress, which can be installed in a single click, or through Hostinger's own site building toolkit. 

Do note that those prices are discounted rates, offered for the first year only. Domain registration renewal will typically cost around $11/year after the first year, even with the cheapest extensions.

Best Domain Hosting Hostinger Domains

One other flaw in Hostinger's service worth mentioning is its lack of phone support. You can contact representatives 24/7 over live chat though, and as text communication is often a better way to tackle server problems, Hostinger doesn't lose too many points for this.


  • Cheap hosting and domain registration prices
  • 1-Click WordPress Installation
  • Custom site builder software


  • No phone support
  • Domain registration prices increase after the first year

2. Bluehost

Prices from: $2.95/month (hosting) + $12/year (.com domain)

Best Domain Hosting BlueHost HomePageWordPress is the most popular CMS program on the internet today. If you want to use it to manage your domain hosting site, I advise that you consider Bluehost.

While other hosts like Hostinger make it extremely easy to add WordPress to your server with 1-click installation, Bluehost is on another level. Its WordPress integration is so good, in fact, that it's recommended by the WordPress team itself.

That almost guarantees you won't run into technical difficulties with WordPress on your Bluehost server. But if you do, you can get in touch with the Bluehost support team. Representatives are available 24/7 by phone or live chat.

Of course, there's no pressure to use WordPress on your Bluehost account. If you prefer another CMS program, you can opt for one of Bluehost's standard shared server plans and use whatever software you like. But no matter which option you go with, monthly hosting prices will begin at $2.95/month (first term discount, then $7.99). For that, you'll get 50GB SSD storage and unlimited bandwidth. 

Best Domain Hosting BlueHost Domains Cost
Pricing of the main TLDs

The cheapest plan has 1 included domain and 5 parked domains (domains that point to your main website). If that doesn't fit your needs - the mid-tier plan priced at $5.45/month includes 1 domain and unlimited parked domains. Domain registration is totally free for the first year of your plan (even for gTLDs). But after that, registration renewal averages at around $12/year.


  • Free domain registration for one year
  • WordPress plan recommended by WordPress
  • SSD storage for fast load times
  • Free SSL certificate, great for security


  • Hosting and domain registration costs jump after the first year
  • Domain registration privacy is fairly expensive

3. SiteGround

Prices from: $3.95/month (hosting) + $15.95/year (.com domain)

Best Domain Hosting SiteGround PlansIn recent years, website domains hosting has become a simpler, more straightforward process. But that doesn't mean technical issues are uncommon.

Verifying domain ownership or transferring a domain can still be a tricky business, making excellent support a top priority for many customers.

And that's exactly what SiteGround specializes in providing. By overstaffing every support shift, SiteGround has managed to implement a no phone wait-time policy. That means if you call, which you can do at any time thanks to 24/7 live chat and phone support, there'll be a representative immediately available to respond to your question.

It's also worth looking at SiteGround's hosting packages if the security of your website and the data you host is important to you. A free SSL certificate is included in every plan which will encrypt any traffic your site receives. SiteGround also backs up every website daily, protecting your site from hardware malfunctions.

Plans start at $3.95/month for 10GB SSD storage and unlimited bandwidth, though you can upgrade to 30GB of storage for $11.95/month. Unfortunately, however, SiteGround doesn't offer any unlimited storage shared hosting plan.

best domain hosting siteground domains
SiteGround's main domain TLD prices

On top of those monthly costs, domain registration costs a fixed $15.95/year. Although no discount is offered for the first year of your plan, in some ways that's a positive as you won't be hit by unexpected price jumps in the second year of your plan.


  • Customer support available 24/7 with no phone wait time
  • Manage your site using WordPress or Drupal
  • Global content delivery network speeds up your site
  • Unlimited bandwidth with all plans


  • No plans with unlimited storage on offer
  • Relatively expensive monthly prices per GB of storage

4. A2 Hosting

Prices from: $3.92/month (hosting) + $14.95/year (.com domain)

Best Domain Hosting A2 Hosting PlansThanks to a custom Swift server architecture and the use of SSD storage in its data centers, A2 Hosting sites load extremely quickly. And plans include CloudFlare CDN technology which mirrors your site at data centers around the world, keeping load times fast no matter where your readers are based.

In my tests, I found my A2 site responded in as little as 23 milliseconds. That means if you want to ensure your site will reach many eyeballs, A2 is a great choice. If a page takes 3 seconds to load or more, you can expect a large majority of visitors to vanish from your website. No-one likes to wait, right?

A2 is also a great host if you want to upload lots of multimedia content or deal with high traffic volumes. Even the base domain hosting package comes with unlimited storage and bandwidth.

And, you can manage the content you upload using the CMS program of your choice as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla are all included.

The main differentiator between the $3.92/month starter A2 Hosting plan and more expensive options is that you can only use the Starter plan to host a single website.

best domain hosting a2hosting domainsSo, if you want to take advantage of that unlimited space and bandwidth, it's worth upgrading to $4.90/month mid-tier plan which can host an unlimited number of sites.

Domain registration typically costs $14.95/year for gTLDs, but some cheaper extensions (".one", for example) are available for $10.95/year.

Effectively, therefore, the cheapest domain and hosting costs come to an overall bill of $5.17/month, which isn't steep.


  • Very reliable with an uptime guarantee of 99.9%
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth with all plans
  • Customer support available 24/7 by live chat and phone
  • Extended (anytime) money-back guarantee


  • Only support for one website with the cheapest plan
  • Domain registration must be purchased separately

5. iPage

Prices from: $1.99/month (hosting) + a free .com domain for the first year

Best Domain Hosting iPage HomepageAlong with Hostinger, iPage is a fantastic choice for cheap domain hosting. Prices start at just $1.99/month which gets you unlimited storage and bandwidth. But there's even better news for your wallet— all iPage plans come with totally free domain registration for one year.

Furthermore, iPage is also the place to go for multidomain hosting. Every hosting package includes support for an unlimited number of domains!

iPage is particularly suited to hosting business sites as every plan includes an SSL certificate, which will increase consumer trust in your website. But even better, iPage will give you $100 of free Google ad credits when you sign up to a hosting plan. You can use these ads to build site traffic and, thanks to included SEO analytics, you'll actually be able to measure the impact the ads have on your following.

But cheap prices and ad credit aren't the only aces up iPage's sleeve. It doesn't skimp on technical support either, with representatives accessible 24/7 by both live chat and phone support.

iPage will allow you to create your site using a range of different software packages— you can use iPage's own site builder, or install standard CMS programs like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla in a single click.


  • Domain registration included
  • Cheap monthly prices
  • Free ad credit and SSL certificate
  • Sitebuilder is able to create eCommerce pages


  • Low prices require lengthy plans
  • The site manager isn't as powerful as that of competitors'

Choosing the Best Domain Hosting Site for You

All of the listed best domain hosting providers will implement a solid all-around hosting experience, so focus on the different unique features they provide to make your decision:

  • Hostinger offers the lowest combined monthly hosting and domain registration prices.
  • Bluehost is ideal for WordPress hosting.
  • SiteGround offers domain hosting with top-notch customer support.
  • A2 Hosting will allow you to host unlimited websites at an affordable price.
  • iPage offers free domain registration for the first year.

But remember, my recommendations are just rough guides and you don't have to follow them to the letter!

Just because I've recommended Bluehost for WordPress sites, it doesn't mean that other providers in this list aren't good for WordPress too. Bluehost just goes above and beyond with integration that is so good it's recommended by the WordPress dev team itself.

But what do you think? If I missed your favorite host, tell me about them by commenting below!

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