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Bart Keating


2019 January 18th


Are you ready to set up the e-commerce site of your dreams? Or should I say, are you pret-to-shop? Extremely funny puns aside, PrestaShop is a great free platform on which to build your digital business.

But finding a host that matches the quality of PrestaShop's e-commerce innovations can be tricky.

So I'm here to help you do just that. 

Today I'll tell you about the 5 best PrestaShop hosting providers who will make your website transition seamless and provide features that will make your overall hosting experience a bliss.

These are the best PrestaShop hosting providers:

  • SiteGround – reliable hosting with tonnes of add-ons from
  • Hostinger – cheap tailormade PrestaShop hosting
  • Bluehost – use your hosting to support the open source community from
  • GreenGeeks – eco-friendly hosting from
  • InMotion – high security and lightning-fast e-commerce sites from

1. SiteGround

From: $3.95/month

Prestashop Hosting SiteGround PlansFor a consistent end-to-end experience, SiteGround offers a range of packages designed specifically for PrestaShop.

With each plan, SiteGround throws in domain registration, daily backups, and an SSL certificate. Those additions free up your time to focus on designing your storefront and interacting with customers.

Remember, if you're running an online store, an SSL certificate is a necessity in order to process card payments and enhance visitor trust.

Reliable hosting is also super important for e-commerce sites - you don't want customers to lose connection halfway through a purchase! And there, SiteGround also has you covered: it uses pro-active server monitoring to achieve a jaw-dropping 99.99% uptime, which we verified has been achieved for the last 12 months.

But if your site does experience a technical malfunction, SiteGround has one of the best support teams in the business. They're accessible 24/7 by phone and live chat, and they overstaff every shift so you'll never be put on hold.

Prestashop Hosting SiteGround Support

PrestaShop plans are available from just $3.95/month (offer price, normally $11.95) which gets you 10GB of storage.


  •  PrestaShop tailored plans
  •  Free backups, SSL certificate, and domain registration
  •  24/7 Support with no wait-time policy


  •  Storage capped even with expensive plans

2. Hostinger

From: $1.45/month

Prestashop Hosting Hostinger Plans

While you're busy offering amazing value to your PrestaShop customers, Hostinger is busy offering you amazing value for your PrestaShop hosting

Prices for Hostinger's PrestaShop hosting plans start at a mildly insane $1.45/month for 10GB of SSD storage and 100GB bandwidth.

This is the best price out of the entire top 5 right here in this article - but that doesn't mean it's bad. In fact, the value you get for your money is quite incredible.

First things first - the speed. Response times of the Hostinger servers are routinely at the top of our list - so you'll know your visitors will have a great time browsing your blazing-fast website.

When it comes to reliability, I can confirm that Hostinger is a service you can trust with your business - it has a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

That guarantee, again, we've verified independently (hint: Hostinger exceeds it comfortably).

There are a couple of disadvantages to Hostinger's cheapest plan worth noting though - no domain registration or SSL certificates are included (and as I've pointed out, an SSL certificate is indispensable to a successful PrestaShop site).

You can address those issues by opting for the Business Hostinger plan for $3.95/month instead.

Another great reason to upgrade is that you can create an unlimited number of PrestaShop sites with the Premium PrestaShop Hosting plan. A large proportion of PrestaShop users manage multiple shopfronts. So if you're one of them, the premium plan is an excellent choice.


  •  PrestaShop specific plans
  •  Great 24/7 live-chat service
  •  Crazy cheap prices


  •  No phone support
  •  No domain registration, SSL certificates or back-ups with the cheapest plan

3. Bluehost

From: $2.95/month

Prestashop Hosting BlueHost PlansIf you love PrestaShop so much you want to support the PrestaShop community, then Bluehost is totally the choice for you.

That's because Bluehost donates a portion of your hosting fees to the PrestaShop team to reward open-source developers for their work and to help keep PrestaHost free and updated with the latest features.

And Bluehost is an excellent option if you have a large amount of content to upload to your e-commerce shop - the base $2.95/month (offer price, normally $7.99) plan includes a generous 50GB of SSD storage. That's more than some hosts offer with top-tier PrestaShop plans.

You can install PrestaShop to any Bluehost hosted site in just a few clicks - simply head to your Bluehost control panel and select PrestaShop from the easy-to-access scripts list.

In addition, bandwidth is unlimited with the starter plan - if you get a sudden spike in customer purchases, you won't need to upgrade. Plus, an SSL certificate and domain registration are thrown in too.

Prestashop Hosting BlueHost Prestashop Banner


  •  PrestaShop partner
  •  50GB SSD storage
  •  Unlimited bandwidth
  •  24/7 support


  •  PrestaShop not pre-installed

4. GreenGeeks

From: $2.95/month

Prestashop Hosting GreenGeeks Plans

If you're selling eco-friendly products, or if you have customers who are concerned about the footprint of their internet shopping, GreenGeeks can help you add some green credentials to your PrestaShop site.

Data centers consume huge amounts of electricity and these days more-and-more online buyers are aware of that. But GreenGeeks offsets the electricity consumed by its servers so, if you choose its hosting, you'll be able to promote your low carbon website as a selling point.

And GreenGeeks provides a fully featured PrestaShop experience, with unlimited SSD storage, free domain registration, and a free SSL certificate.

GreenGeeks also includes Softaculous installer software with all plans, letting you add over 250 custom scripts to customize your e-commerce store.

Saving the planet won't break the bank either - at the time of writing, GreenGeeks is offering a huge discount on its cheapest PrestaShop friendly plan from $9.95/month to just $2.95/month.


  •  Eco-friendly
  •  Softaculous software
  •  Unlimited SSD storage
  •  24/7 support
  •  SSL certificate, domain registration included


  •  PrestaShop not pre-installed

5. InMotion Hosting

From: $3.99/month

Prestashop Hosting InMotion Plans

InMotion is a fantastic option for PrestaShop hosting if you're concerned about the speed, security or scalability of your eCommerce site.  

Thanks to SSD storage and the ability to choose from a range of different data center locations, you can ensure your customers experience lightning-fast load times.

That'll make them more likely to browse your site and complete a purchase.

When I tested my InMotion hosted PrestaShop site, I got a decent average global load time of just 177ms, but an incredible US time of 43ms. So if the USA is your main market, InMotion is an attractive option.

But speed is by no means InMotion's only selling point. If security is another priority of yours (which, in the e-commerce game, should always be one of your primary concerns) InMotion is a good choice thanks to the inclusion of an SSL-secured checkout and live server monitoring.

Furthermore, unlimited storage and bandwidth are also included with all plans, which start at just $3.99/month (discounted from $7.99), giving you room to grow your e-commerce site as large as you wish.


  •  Unlimited storage and bandwidth
  •  Super fast hosting
  •  Great security
  •  24/7 live chat and phone support


  •  2-year contract needed for lowest prices

Which is the Best PrestaShop Option for You?

When making a choice, consider what the impact of the different features here will have on your customer experience:

  • SiteGround gives you super stable PrestaShop hosting
  • Hostinger has crazy cheap made-for-PrestaShop plans
  • Bluehost helps you give back to the open source PrestaShop community
  • GreenGeeks gives you the chance to add eco-friendliness to your business's resume
  • InMotion's PrestaShop sites are super secure and very fast

Take note that these aren't strict instructions - they are merely guidelines.

At the end of the day, the decision is yours to make. All 5 of the hosts on this list have their special superpowers, making them different from the rest. Which one should you pick? It depends on which of the features matters to you the most.

And how did I decide?

I signed up to PrestaShop plans and migrated my e-commerce business to each host I tested. I examined the loading speed and security attributes from the customer's experience. Then I looked for additional features to enhance my PrestaShop site and used those to narrow down the choices.

What do you think? If I've missed a wonderful PrestaShop host, tell me about them below!


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