5 Best Hosting Options For Nonprofit Organizations


Bart Keating


2019 July 30th


It's a common understanding that the best web hosting for nonprofit organizations is the one that can help to do a lot of things on a very limited budget.

If you are looking for the website building and hosting solutions that are willing to help nonprofit organizations, you are in a right place.

No matter if it's charity, social welfare or religious functions, these 5 web hosting providers can offer options that are the most suitable for nonprofits.

Some of them are completely free.  

Without further ado, here are the 5 best website solutions for non-profit organizations that we've found:

  • DreamHost - free managed WordPress-centered hosting
  • A Small Orange - free hosting for nonprofits
  • Hostinger - cheap nonprofit hosting with a website builder
  • Wix - create remarkably customizable nonprofit sites
  • Kinsta - premium WordPress hosting with top-notch security

1. DreamHost

Price: free for nonprofits

Nonprofit Hosting

DreamHost is a fully-featured hosting provider that makes it simple to manage your nonprofit's site with features like an extremely easy to use control panel. 

It also offers completely free hosting for nonprofits. You don't even need a credit card to sign up, just evidence your (USA-based) nonprofit meets 501(c)(3) tax standards.

That free plan includes shared hosting for a single website and DreamHost guarantees your plan will remain free for the life of your DreamHost account. 

DreamHost even tries to accommodate the broad needs of nonprofits by providing a guide to help you divide account priveledges between your chairperson and admin staff.

Nonprofit Hosting

And if you wish to upgrade and get a bigger plan, DreamHost has you covered as well. It provides a 35% discount on its managed WordPress plan for nonprofits. That means for $11/month you can get a fully managed WordPress plan with 30GB SSD storage, free daily backups, and an SSL certificate.


  •  Totally free plan for nonprofits
  •  Discount on WordPress plan
  •  Recommended by WordPress itself
  •  24/7 live chat and ticket support


  •  No dial-in phone support (a call-back service is available)
  •  Not-free plans quite expensive

2. Hostinger

Price: $1.45/month.

Recommended for: Hosting that lets you build your own nonprofit site

Web Hosting for Developers

While other hosts in this list will let you use third-party CMS applications to create your content, Hostinger can help you build your nonprofit site without breaking the bank.

A powerful website builder is included with all shared Hosting packages. It includes hundreds of themes which make it easy to find one that suits the character of your nonprofit, while also using a simple drag-and-drop design which lets you design your site easily.

Of course, if you'd rather use a third-party builder instead, you're free to do that thanks to the other applications Hostinger bundles with its plans - WordPress can be installed in 1-click!

While Hostinger does not offer a discount to nonprofits, its standard rates are so cheap your budget will hardly notice the difference.

Prices begin at just $1.45/month. For which you'll receive 10GB storage and 100GB bandwidth. Therefore, it doesn't even need an additional non-profit discount to be a great value option.

Some nonprofits may find that 10GB storage cap quite restricting. But here's a tip - you won't need most of that storage anyway. The biggest consumer of that is media, like pictures and videos. And you can simply upload them to a third-party service (like YouTube or Vevo) and embed them, saving plenty of space.


  •  Incredible affordability
  •  Easy-to-use website builder
  •  Excellent uptime rates
  •  1-Click WordPress installation


  •  Storage and bandwidth limits
  •  No phone support

3. A Small Orange

Price: free for nonprofits

Nonprofit HostingA Small Orange (or ASO) is an ethical hosting company that believes in offering pay-for-what-you-use hosting packages rather than overcharging its customers.

It also offers free website hosting for nonprofits. Just get in touch with ASO's customer support to get your plan set up. 

The free plan includes 5GB of storage, 50GB of bandwidth and unlimited email accounts. If you have a large volunteer team, having unlimited emails accounts can be very useful. However, that amount of storage and bandwidth won't be appropriate for extremely popular organizations.

So, if you need more space, ASO also offers a 10% discount on any standard hosting plan.

You can use that discount to get powerful hosting by purchasing a VPS based hosting package for just $31.5/month. VPS servers are great if you are running a sizeable nonprofit organization and need your website to be able to handle a huge number of daily visitors.


  •  Free nonprofit plan
  •  Discount on powerful packages
  •  Unlimited email accounts
  •  24/7 ticket & live chat support


  •  Limited free storage
  •  No phone support
  •  Only average performance

4. Wix

Price: free (Wix ads included)

Nonprofit hostingWix is more than a web host. Really, it's a super powerful site builder that just so happens to host your site once you've finished making it.

Like Hostinger's, Wix's site builder is based on a drag-and-drop design that makes it extremely easy to use. However, it has a whole lot more features than Hostinger's. It allows you to customize the feel and look of your pages and change the overall function of your site. You can even use the company's Artificial Design Intelligence system to build a page for you.

And if you're just looking for a pre-made template, you're in luck as well.  There are hundreds of helpfully organized templates to choose from, including pre-made nonprofit designs.

Choosing Wix is also a great way to cut your nonprofit's expenditure – you will only need one service to create and design your site.

Nonprofit Hosting

And, even better - Wix's lowest tier package is free and includes 500MB storage and a sub-domain. It's a great package if you only need to share a small amount of information. However, it is ad-supported. Your visitors will see Wix's own ads on your site, and it will only be available using the .wixsite.com subdomain. I recommend upgrading to the $11/month plan (with 3 GB storage and 2GB bandwidth) to remove ads that can detract from your organization's important message.

So, if you need more space, ASO also offers a 10% discount on any standard hosting plan.

You can use that discount to get powerful hosting by purchasing a VPS based hosting package for just $31.5/month. VPS servers are great if you are running a sizeable nonprofit organization and need your website to be able to handle a huge number of daily visitors.


  •  Free plans
  •  Pre-made non-profit templates
  •  Drag-and-drop site builder
  •  Phone call-back support 9am-5pm PST


  •  Restrictive storage and bandwidth limits
  •  Free plan comes with ads
  •  No free plan or discount for non-profits

5. Kinsta

Price: $30/month

5 Best Hosting Options For Nonprofit Organizations kinsta prices

Unlike the other 4 providers, Kinsta does not provide shared hosting.

It's a professional WordPress hosting provider, running on Google Cloud's super-advanced and almost limitless resources. Because of Kinsta host's cloud technology, WordPress sites are simultaneously run from many machines.

Kinsta takes care of your site's daily tasks and optimizes loading speed without you even noticing. This allows you to focus on important organizational matters rather than server management.

Kinsta provides high-level security: it monitors and secures your site 24/7. Kinsta detects DDoS attacks, provides hardware firewalls, monitors uptime, and supports SSL for online sales and increased website reputation.

These features come at prices ranging from $30 to $900/mo. These rates are fairly typical for premium managed WordPress. After all, Kinsta takes care of everything - from daily tasks and loading speed optimization to advanced security.


  •  Fully managed WordPress hosting
  •  State-of-the-art server technology
  •  Top-notch security


  •  No free plans

How to Choose Web Hosting for Nonprofits?

Choosing the best nonprofit hosting for you depends on how technically competent the staff creating your website are - do you need a pre-made template or will they be able to design it themselves?

  • DreamHost offers FREE regular and discounted managed WordPress hosting;
  • A Small Orange has FREE plans suitable for small nonprofit organizations;
  • Hostinger's hosting packages are cheap and include a site builder;
  • Wix includes ready-to-go nonprofit templates in all its plans;
  • Kinsta manages your WordPress site with state-of-the-art technology and security.

DreamHost and A Small Orange both offer totally FREE hosting for nonprofit organizations. But remember that you will need to be based in the USA and have evidence of your nonprofit status on hand in order to qualify for their discounts.

So these right here are my favorite non-profit hosting options. Which one did you pick? Or maybe you think I missed an amazing web hosting for nonprofits? Either way, please let me know below in the comments!


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