The 5 Best Bitcoin Friendly Web Hosting Packages


Fiona O’Connell


2019 January 22nd


Cryptocurrencies became seriously popular in the last few years - so a growing number of web hosts have hopped on the crypto bandwagon and started accepting Bitcoin (BTC) as payment for their services.

There are many reasons to pay for your web hosting using Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash (BCH), but the draw for most is that Bitcoin payments are virtually untraceable, and therefore, lets you pay anonymously.

But who offers the best Bitcoin hosting service?

That's not an easy question to answer but with some research, we were able to find Bitcoin hosting that stands out.

So, without further ado, here are the 5 best Bitcoin hosting providers:

  • Hostinger (Affordable hosting with great security features)
  • AccuWeb (Great for WordPress and Bitcoin dedicated servers)
  • ShinJiru (Awesome offshore Bitcoin hosting)
  • HawkHost (Compatible with BTC and BCH)
  • HostMyApple (Easy-to-use Bitcoin hosting for Mac)

1. Hostinger

From $1.45 /month

Recommended for: Being an affordable, highly-secure host

bitcoin hosting hostinger homepageYou should be careful when looking for a cryptocurrency hosting as there are more than enough shady characters willing to bamboozle you.

That makes a reputable web host like Hostinger a great option if you want a reliable and secure Bitcoin-friendly service. You'll effectively be joining 29+ million other customers.

It's a no surprise that Hostinger got so big as they are providing a super stable hosting experience. All plans have a guaranteed 99.9% uptime rate (which we’ve verified ourselves). Furthermore, its servers are optimized specifically for WordPress hosting. Plus, a BitNinja anti-theft system is also thrown in for server security.

And despite its popularity, perhaps even because of it, Hostinger is able to offer absolutely bargain prices. They begin at just $1.45/month - the dollars get converted to BTC at the time of buying.

That starter plan includes 10GB of storage plus 100GB bandwidth which is plenty for personal or small business websites. But if you need extra room, Hostinger offers unlimited storage shared hosting plans from $2.95/month. 

One key reason to opt for Bitcoin hosting is to keep your identity safe. To help with that, you can add WHOIS privacy protection to your Hostinger site for $5/year. This will keep your domain ownership records out of public databases. What's more, you only need an email address to sign up to a Hostinger plan. For the best identity protection, don't use one that includes your name or personal info!


  •  Reputable crypto friendly service
  •  Bargain monthly prices
  •  Super stable (near 100% uptime)
  • 24/7 Live chat support service


  •  No phone or Skype support

2. AccuWeb

From $3.49 /month

Recommended for: Great WordPress and Bitcoin dedicated servers

bitcoin hosting AccuWeb hosting homepageIf you're one of the 75+ million people using WordPress to manage your site, AccuWeb is a good Bitcoin-friendly hosting option. While lots of hosts offer single-click WP installation, AccuWeb is a "click ahead of the game" with pre-installed WordPress packages.

WordPress plans start at $3.49/month which bags you 10GB of SSD storage. Solid state drives are much faster than standard hard drives, ensuring your site will load rapidly.

It's also worth pointing out that AccuWeb includes useful SEO plug-ins with every plan except the bottom tier package. But even if you do go with the starter plan, you'll be able to create an unlimited number of sites.

AccuWeb isn't just great for Bitcoin paid WordPress sites though. It also offers Bitcoin dedicated server hosting plans from just $75/month. Dedicated servers, as many will know, offer way more power and control over your hosting environment. Your site, for example, won't have to share hardware resources with other customers, and you'll have root control over the server's operating system.

AccuWeb also facilitates super simple Bitcoin payment. Once you sign up to a plan, all you need to do is click a 'pay with Bitcoin' button in the billing section and you'll be immediately provided with a unique wallet address to transfer your coins to.


  •  Bitcoin payments are simple to make
  •  WordPress comes pre-installed
  •  Affordable dedicated plans available
  •  SEO tools included with mid-tier shared plans


  •  No unlimited storage plans available

3. ShinJiru

From $3.95 /month

Recommended for: Awesome offshore Bitcoin hosting

bitcoin hosting shinjiru homepage

As already mentioned, a big advantage of paying with Bitcoin is anonymity. You can enhance this protection by choosing an offshore web host like ShinJiru.

If you choose ShinJiru, you can pick any of its 8 global data centers to have your server hosted at. They're located in Luxembourg, Lithuania, Russia, Holland, Bulgaria, Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. Many of those are jurisdictions that won't respond to hosting info requests made by foreign governments.

Prices start at $3.95/month (writing how much it costs in BTC does nothing as the Bitcoin value is changing faster than my cat's decision whether to go outside or stay inside).

The starter plan comes with some fairly generous specs too, including 100GB of storage and unmetered bandwidth. A 1-click installer is also thrown-in to let you instantly add the CMS app of your choice.

If you are hyper-focused on security, I also recommend you add SiteLock to your package (which will perpetually scan your server for hacking attacks) for an additional $15.35/year.

Offshore hosts often fall-short on customer support, but that's not the case with ShinJiru. Live assistants are available 24/7 and, uniquely, support is offered by Skype rather than through a phone line. Using Skype is a great way to prevent easy-to-identify calls showing up on your phone plan.


  •  Offshore locations grant legal protection
  •  Generous storage and bandwidth limits
  •  24/7 Skype support line
  •  Affordable SiteLock upgrade


  •  DDoS protection not available on shared hosting plans

4. HawkHost

From $2.99 /month

Recommended for: Its compatibility with BTC and BCH

Bitcoin Hosting HawkHost Homepage

As true Bitcoin aficionados will know, Bitcoin split into traditional Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash in November 2018. But no matter which side of the crypto war you found yourself on, HawkHost will accept your currency, as it's compatible with both BTC and BCH.

HawkHost is also a great choice for other privacy services. Its WHOIS service costs just $3/year, all you need to do to add it your account is contact a support representative. This, with HawkHost, is made even easier, with 24/7 customer support and an unlimited amount of SSL certificates included in your plan.

SSL certificates are important for business sites as they encrypt the traffic your site receives.

You can also rest assured you'll receive a very stable hosting experience with HawkHost thanks to a 99.9% uptime guarantee and unlimited bandwidth. The latter will prevent your site from being cut off after an arbitrary number of page loads every month.

And despite that comprehensive and secure hosting package, HawkHost manages to offer extremely reasonable prices - they begin at just $2.99/month for 10GB of SSD storage.


  •  Bitcoin Cash payment accepted
  •  Unlimited SSL certificates come with every plan
  •  All storage SSD based
  •  Cheap WHOIS privacy protection


  •  No phone or live chat available, only tickets

5. HostMyApple

From $24.99 /month

Recommended for: Easy-to-use Bitcoin hosting for Mac

Bitcoin Hosting Host My Apple homepageHostMyApple is certainly the most unique host in this list. Instead of Linux or Windows-based servers it uses –you guessed it – Mac OS X hardware. So, if you want Bitcoin hosting for Mac, it's your best bet.

Rather than shared hosting, it offers VPS Mac hosting. VPS servers, of course, have some big advantages over their shared counterparts when it comes to reliability and power. For a start, your server will be assigned its own unique resources and will be split over multiple physical machines.

Unfortunately, that power bump does come at a cost, with prices beginning at $24.99/month. But you certainly won't be let down by the power of that starter package, which includes 2GB of memory and 4 vCPUs. The base plan also comes with 40GB SSD storage and full root access, letting you customize your machine to your heart's content.

HostMyApple's most unusual feature is its remote desktop capabilities, which give you the chance to use your server for standard desktop applications, as well as hosting a website.


  •  Best Bitcoin hosting for Mac
  •  Remote desktop access to server
  •  All storage SSD based
  •  VPS and dedicated server plans available


  •  No compatibility with CMS apps designed for Linux servers

Mining For The Best Bitcoin Hosting Service

People choose to buy hosting with Bitcoin for a wide range of reasons. If you are doing so purely to protect your identity, an offshore host is often a good bet. Otherwise, focus on your personal needs to help you decide between these 5 hosts:

  • Hostinger offers fully-featured hosting packages at cheap Bitcoin rates
  • AccuWeb is the best for Bitcoin dedicated servers
  • ShinJiru enhances your privacy protection with offshore servers
  • HawkHost is compatible with Bitcoin Cash
  • Host My Apple lets you buy hosting with Bitcoin for Mac

Remember, anonymous payments aren't enough to prevent snooping readers from figuring out exactly who is hosting your web page. So, take care not to include any personal information in your site content.

If you think I missed a mind-blowing crypto web host, please comment below and tell me about them!

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Daniel M picture
Daniel M

2019 June 1st

The hosting company SPEEDHUB is also accepting payments with BTC and ETH for hosting, domains, vps and ssl certificates at

The hosting company SPEEDHUB is also accepting payments with BTC and ETH for hosting, domains, vps and ssl certificates at

Joe Shumlent picture
Joe Shumlent

2019 April 29th

You might want to add to the list. We have been using their service for a little over 2 years and their service is outstanding. I think it would... Read more

You might want to add to the list. We have been using their service for a little over 2 years and their service is outstanding. I think it would be a good addition to the list.