Best Cheap WordPress Hosting – Top 7 Budget Options


Fiona O’Connell


2020 June 3rd

In this article, I talk about cheap WordPress hosting providers as well as the things you should look out for when choosing cheap hosting.

WordPress hosting is often used as a marketing trick - after all, WordPress itself is free and any host supports it. Not only that - the majority of the hosts offer easy installations for it.

Cheap WordPress Hosting

How to find an actual deal that's also cheap and full of valuable WP-specific features?

Actual WordPress providers will use servers dedicated entirely to the platform - they will have specific configurations for the best performance. Not to mention the automatic updates and security patches. Others will go even further - developing custom control panels that make managing WordPress much easier.

And some rare subjects will even include themes and plugins that otherwise would cost a lot.

I have these features in mind when choosing hosting for myself or recommending providers for others. In this article, I compiled a list of my favorite hosts for projects on a budget.

But before we continue, there are some things that you should always look out for when choosing any cheap host.

3 Things to Look Out for When Choosing Cheap WordPress Hosting

You have to consider a ton of things before committing to a cheap WordPress host.

The most important is pricing, its tricks, and your specific needs.

Renewal Pricing

While the initial pricing sounds like a really good deal, the renewal after the first or second year might double or even triple that price. The hosting industry is especially infamous for its outrageous pricing increases no matter if you choose cheap or premium hosting.

Cheap WordPress Hosting - Renewal pricing

So before committing to any provider, check the renewal pricing. Almost all providers will have increases - but some are especially high.

On our list, only DreamHost does not increase their pricing. A2 Hosting and Hostinger are also pretty consistent with the pricing - though they do have slightly bigger renewals.

Upselling and Extra Costs

Cheap hosting means that providers try to cut costs as much as possible. And sometimes that's done at the expense of users. While SSL certificates, daily backups, site monitoring, and even domain names are essential for any website, cheap WordPress hosting providers often withdraw these from their packages.

Cheap WordPress hosting - Upselling and extra costs

That means you'll need to purchase them separately (and that might turn your cheap WordPress hosting into a pretty expensive one). Especially if you'll buy the services and tools from the hosting provider as up-sells.

You can avoid these extra costs quite simply.

So if you choose an excellent host providing you great performance but lacking these features, you will know what to do. This way, you won't have to spend over $10/mo just for the extra features. 

Your WordPress Hosting Needs

The choice of your hosts (and specific plan) depends on how capable that host is to meet your needs. Some providers are only giving a couple of gigabytes for small personal websites, while others provide a lot of resources so you can host even an online store on your WordPress account.

This is where you should think about what kind of website you are building.

If it's a small personal website like blogs and portfolios - there's no need for many resources and advanced security measures. Hostinger, A2 Hosting, and DreamHost seem to match this category perfectly.

But if you want to build a business website or even an eCommerce, you'll need way more resources. SSL certificate becomes a must, and extra features like backups, CDN, caching, etc. are helpful. Bluehost, HostGator, and InMotion match these criteria. 

Let's go and see the full list of the best providers.

Best Cheap WordPress Hosting Providers

Good cheap WordPress hosting should be fast, secure, easy to use, and above all - affordable. And all of the providers I've picked, match these criteria.

Here are the best cheap WordPress hosting providers listed from the cheapest:

1. Hostinger - the cheapest WordPress hosting available.
2. DreamHost - affordable and reliable WordPress service.
3. SiteGround - inexpensive balanced WordPress hosting option.
4. Bluehost - professional and easy-to-use WordPress hosting.
5. HostGator - beginner-friendly managed WordPress hosting.
6. InMotion - premium yet affordable WordPress hosting.
7. A2 Hosting - beginner-friendly cheap WordPress hosting.

1. Hostinger - The Cheapest WordPress Hosting

Response time
Price from
Cheap WordPress Hosting - Hostinger landing page

Hostinger is the cheapest WordPress hosting on this list. But despite the fact that you can get hosting for $0.80/mo, it acts as a premium service.

You get a custom control panel from which installing WordPress is just one click away. It also includes advanced server security, an excellent 24/7 customer support team, and lots of guides. Developers can make use of the connection to Git as well.

Hostinger claims to focus on fast, secure, and simple to use platform that can be managed both by tech rookies and professionals.

Hostinger WordPress Pricing

Hostinger has 3 web hosting plans optimized for WordPress:

  • The Single WordPress Hosting for $0.99/mo is equipped with 10GB storage space and 100GB bandwidth for 1 website.
  • The Premium WordPress Hosting for $2.89/mo includes 20GB storage space along with unlimited bandwidth and websites.
  • The Business WordPress Hosting for $3.99/mo gets you 30GB storage space and 4x more powerful server.

The best deal that Hostinger has is $47.52 for the 4-year Single plan. So you can get hosting till almost 2024 for under $50.

But wait, there's more.

Using coupon code HOSTINGREVIEW, you'll get an additional 10% off. This way, a month of the Single plan will cost barely $0.89 which equals less than $42.77 for 4 years. Definitely cheap.

Hostinger WordPress Performance

Hostinger claims about fast server speeds are well-grounded by our testing results. The provider scores 233ms average server response time which for the price is really fast.

Cheap WordPress Hosting: Hostinger performance

Hostinger also offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee. In fact, I've got an even better result - the provider remained available 100% of the time. 

Hostinger WordPress Features

Hostinger has all you need so you can start your website and make it functional. That includes basic essentials, security, customer support, and development tools for professionals.

  • To get started, you'll find easy 1-click WordPress installation, email account, and automatic WordPress updates. 24/7 customer support is there to help.
  • SSL installation and a domain name registration are included in Premium and Business plans. Depending on the offer available at the time, you will get either a domain name or SSL installation for free with the Single plan too.

More advanced users will also be able to connect your WordPress to Git that gives full control of the platform.

  • To ensure security, Hostinger has server-level security software. BitNinja is included in all of the plans. Weekly backups are performed for free and daily backups are included with the Business plan.

Hostinger is hands down the cheapest WordPress hosting provider. At the same time it provides all essential tools for websites along with reliable and swift hosting. It's great for both beginner users and pros alike.

Visit Hostinger


  • Cheapest WordPress hosting
  • Powerful and reliable servers
  • Extra security and WordPress features


  • No phone support
  • Some performance peaks

2. DreamHost - Reliable WordPress Hosting

Response time
Price from
Cheap WordPress Hosting - DreamHost WordPress Hosting landing page

It's often thought that cheap hosting means inferior services in terms of performance. But DreamHost aims to prove that even cheap WordPress hosting can meet even the most complex needs of businesses.

Providing a 100% uptime guarantee and fast response time, DreamHost is an excellent choice for business websites. It will make sure your website is always available - you won't lose conversions and customers' trust.

The reliability among a couple of other premium features for a budget-friendly price makes DreamHost a very smart option.

DreamHost WordPress Pricing

DreamHost has just 2 plans:

  • The Shared Starter for $2.59/mo suitable for 1 website with 50GB storage.
  • The Shared Unlimited for $5.95/mo suitable for unlimited websites and storage space.

It's worth mentioning that DreamHost is one of the few providers that renew services at the same price. So if you choose the Starter plan, you'll pay $2.59/mo for as long as you need it, making DreamHost a nice long-term choice.

Though if you'll choose month-to-month WordPress hosting, the price will increase by around 2 times.

DreamHost WordPress Performance

DreamHost is a fast provider, although not the fastest on the list. The host has an average response time of 419ms without any higher peaks.

Cheap WordPress Hosting: DreamHost performance

More to add - DreamHost has an exceptional 100% uptime guarantee which it managed to keep at all times during the testing.

And knowing how crucial uptime is for business, the provider will also pay you compensation should the website go down.

DreamHost WordPress Features

DreamHost has an excellent package of features that are included with all plans. That includes essentials like pre-installed WordPress, SSL certificates, and automatic WordPress updates. Users also get premium features:

  • Drag and drop website builder for WordPress
  • Free domain privacy
  • Automated daily backups

One thing though - the live chat is only available 5:30 AM - 9:30 PM Pacific Time but ticket support works 24/7.

DreamHost has designed its WordPress hosting packages to fit the most complex needs of the users. You'll be able to host both a small business website and eCommerce store alike. It is highly reliable, affordable, and fast.


  • 100% server reliability
  • Domain privacy included
  • Extra WordPress hosting features


  • Limited live chat support
  • Performance could be improved

Visit DreamHost

3. Siteground - Cheap Managed WordPress Hosting

Response time
Price from

SiteGround is best known for its exceptional customer support and affordable WordPress hosting packages. The provider focuses on delivering great user experience, fast servers, and easy to use management interface. Above all, SiteGround is the one of the few fully-managed cheap WordPress providers.

SiteGround WordPress Pricing

SiteGround has two very affordable WordPress hosting plans and one that you can count as premium:

  • The StartUp costs $3.95/mo and includes hosting for 1 WordPress site and 10GB storage.
  • The GrowBig costs $5.95/mo and allows unlimited websites with 20GB disk space.
  • The GoGeek costs $11.95/mo and provides 30GB disk space with premium features.

Unfortunately, you won't get a free domain with SiteGround, so it will add up to the price. Also, the provider has pretty big pricing increases after the renewals (around 3 times higher) - so keep that in mind.

SiteGround WordPress Performance

Although SiteGround often climbs to the top of WordPress hosting lists, its performance is not the best. The provider has an average 393ms server response time. It is not a bad result (in fact, it's great), but we have even faster providers on this list.


SiteGround also has an impressive 99.99% server uptime guarantee. And with a couple of micro-downtime bumps in the last days of testing, it managed to even out at 100% throughout the month. 

SiteGround WordPress Features

SiteGrounds main feature is the brilliant 24/7 customer support you can reach via phone, email, and live chat. The agents are very fast and knowledgeable in WordPress. They can help you solve both advanced problems and explain WordPress basics if you're a beginner.

But support is not all. SiteGroud also has feature-rich plans. Depending on the package you choose, you'll get an increasingly powerful package of features:

SiteGround Essential features included with all of the plans provide you with: SSL installation, free site migration, WP auto-installer, daily backups, Cloudflare CDN, and more.

The Premium SiteGround package includes WordPress SuperCacher, collaborators, expert site transfer, staging, and on-demand backups. It is included in GrowBig and GoGeek plans.

Geeky feature package included only with GoGeek plan, gets you: pre-installed Git, priority WP support, white-label site management, and hosting on the most powerful server.

SiteGround is a well-optimized cheap WordPress host with excellent customer support. And while it is not the fastest, it can surely be a great fit for business websites and developers who want to learn more about WordPress.


  • Feature-rich plans
  • Exceptional customer support
  • Great server reliability


  • Response times could be a bit better
  • Higher renewal pricing

Visit SiteGround

4. Bluehost - Easy WordPress Hosting

Response time
Price from
Cheap WordPress hosting: Bluehost homepage

Bluehost has been in the industry for almost 20 years perfecting its WordPress hosting. Easy walk-through WordPress website set-up process, automated backups, ease of use, and professional customer support are a few reasons why Bluehost is one of the best cheap WordPress hosting providers.

Bluehost is a premium host that's easy for the beginners to use and strong enough for development pros to power their projects.

Bluehost WordPress Pricing

Bluehost has 3 cheap WordPress hosting plans:

  • The Basic for $2.95/mo (renews at $7.99) includes hosting for 1 site and 50GB disk space.
  • The Plus for $5.45/mo (renews at $10.99) provides unlimited website hosting and storage.
  • The Choice Plus for $5.45/mo (renews at $14.99) includes unlimited hosting and automated backups.

The best Bluehost offer is $106.2 for 3 years with the Basic plan. If you choose a shorter billing period, you'll need to pay more.

Bluehost WordPress Performance

Bluehost's servers are truly optimized for WordPress. The response time averages at 299ms which is an impressive number.

Cheap WordPress Hosting: Bluehost performance

Although Bluehost does not provide an uptime guarantee, it has kept my testing site up for 100% of the time. So you can expect your site to be fast and stable.

Bluehost WordPress Features

Bluehost includes a bunch of features all websites will need to get started - domain name for a year, SSL certificates, automatic WordPress updates, and even staging environment which is perfect to test new changes.

At the same time, the most impressive and user-oriented feature Bluehost has is the WordPress setup process itself.

Bluehost has a guide-like walkthrough set-up process where you'll begin customizing your site and even launch it with your content on.

The setting-up process includes a checklist with guides. You'll be able to create site structure, add new pages, and import your media files.

best wordpress hosting bluehost user interface

Bluehost turns the already simple WordPress platform into a completely beginner-friendly one. Professionals can also skip the process altogether and go straight to the WordPress dashboard.

And for solving the most advanced problems, you'll have a professional 24/7 customer support team available on the phone, email, and live chat. Beginners can also ask for advice and help setting up and running their websites.

Bluehost is a reliable and user-oriented hosting provider. It offers a completely easy way to start a website, as well as premium and advanced features in its plans.


  • Fully WordPress-optimized
  • Valuable WordPress features
  • Excellent customer support


  • Renewals are more expensive

Visit Bluehost

5. HostGator - Managed and User-Friendly WordPress

Response time
Price from
Cheap WordPress Hosting: HostGator WordPress Landing Page

HostGator's goal is to make fast professional hosting available to everyone (ignore the snappy visuals). That's why it promises speed and high-availability alongside professional yet very intuitive control panel in its WordPress hosting packages.

Alongside comes a bunch of useful features - daily backups, malware removal, WordPress updates, and of course - 24/7 customer support.

HostGator WordPress Pricing

HostGator has 3 WordPress-specific plans but only the entry one should be considered as very cheap.

  • The Starter plan for $5.95/mo features unlimited storage and bandwidth (up to 100k monthly visits) as well as 1GB of backup storage and an SSL.

Site backup and restore function is included and so is a cloud-based security system - great features for protecting the website.

The Standard plan for $7.95/mo and the Business plan for $9.95/mo are great options for scaling if you need more website or the traffic peaks.

HostGator WordPress Performance

HostGator has an average 371ms response time keeping its promises of reliable hosting. And I also saw improvement throughout the week. At first, the provider averaged in the 400ms range with some higher peaks and later the performance stabilized in the 300ms range.

Cheap WordPress Hosting: HostGator performance

The snappy also kept its promise of reliability. HostGator outperformed its 99.9% uptime guarantee and hasn't gone down at all. 

It's safe to say that the performance alongside reliability are some of the strongest features of the provider.

HostGator WordPress Features

Because HostGator is one foot in the cheap and one foot in the premium hosting, I did expect some of the best features from it.

And I was not disappointed.

HostGator includes a list of WordPress-specific features to make the user experience easier and better:

  • Completely free migration of the website
  • Consultation services to help launch a WordPress site and manage it
  • MOJO Marketplace to find some of the best WordPress themes

So, using HostGator you get a sneak-peek into the world of premium WordPress hosting for a way lower price.

HostGator is a fast, reliable, and well-equipped provider oriented towards individuals that want to launch their blogs or business sites on their own.


  • User-friendly hosting
  • Extra WordPress features
  • Reliable servers


  • Scaling is more expensive
  • A couple of upselling attempts

Visit HostGator

6. InMotion - High-End WordPress Hosting

Response time
Price from
Cheap WordPress Hosting: InMotion WordPress Landing Page

InMotion Hosting gives an opportunity to experience professional WordPress hosting for a budget-friendly price. It comes equipped with premium features as well as large storage for heavy sites - even in the cheap plan.

Other features include staging environment, premium WordPress site builder, email accounts, and free domain.

So, how does the pricing look like?

InMotion WordPress Pricing

InMotion has many options when it comes to WordPress hosting. However, users going on a budget will find only the first plan really affordable.

The entry WP-1000S costs $6.99/mo and includes hosting for 1 site, 40GB SSD storage, unlimited email accounts, free domain, and SSL.

That's a lot of resources - 40GB can fit even an eCommerce store though InMotion recommends the plan for blogs with up to 20k monthly visits.

Of course, scaling is possible - InMotion has plans 5 other plans ranging from $9.99/mo to $105.69/mo for various needs.

InMotion WordPress Performance

Throughout the month of testing, InMotion showed varying results and averaged at 504ms response time. However, the performance was not completely stable - there were downtimes that resulted in worse response times, but in the end, they started improving.

Cheap WordPress Hosting: InMotion performance

InMotion hosting had 7 outages resulting in 29 minutes of downtime last month. That evened out at 99.93% uptime rate. So while numbers look pretty big, InMotion actually outperformed its 99.9% uptime guarantee.

InMotion WordPress Features

InMotion is the best-equipped WordPress hosting provider on the list.

  • WordPress comes preinstalled and ready
  • Server hardware and software are optimized specifically for WordPress
  • Premium BoldGrid website drag-and-drop editor with themes, SEO helper, and staging
  • Staging environment to test the changes safely and off the public eye
  • Automatic updates, data backups, and WP-CLI integration are included

The provider has everything to start a professional site easily. It's one of the best options for beginners - thanks to the complete ease of use and professional support.

Although slighly more pricier, InMotion offers premium WordPress hosting features. It's the best equipped provider for beginner users that are just getting started in the web development.


  • Premium WordPress features
  • Fully WordPress-optimized


  • Less reliable servers
  • Performance could be improved

Visit InMotion

7. A2 Hosting - Unlimited Hosting for WordPress

Response time
Price from
A2 Hosting Homepage

A2 Hosting provides one of the best pricing values in our cheap WordPress hosting list. It includes unlimited storage and bandwidth even with the lowest-tier plans.

That also comes with WordPress essentials like automated updates and free site migration. And you can also use its anytime money-back guarantee if you find out A2 is not right for you.

A2 Hosting WordPress Pricing

A2 has 3 shared WordPress hosting plans but I would consider only the first two to be cheap. However, if you want more advanced features, the third-tier plan can offer quite a good value:

  • The Lite plan for $2.94/mo gets you hosting for 1 site and 5 databases.
  • The Swift plan for $4.90/mo provides unlimited databases and 2x more resources.
  • The Turbo plan for $9.31/mo offers 20 times faster hosting and Site Accelerator tool.

Talking about month-to-month WordPress hosting, A2 Hosting is not a bad choice - the Lite plan would cost $4.90 if you choose to pay monthly.

A2 Hosting WordPress Performance

A2 Hosting strives to provide high-performance hosting. Although it is not the fastest provider with a 494ms average response time. But that's just on the base-level, Lite plan server.

If you want to spend a couple of dollars more for the Turbo plan, you can get advanced 3-level caching and potentially increase performance by almost 20 times.

Cheap WordPress Hosting: A2 Hosting performance

A2 Hosting also has a 99.9% uptime guarantee and it outperforms itself. We recorded only 2 minutes of downtime during the testing week. It resulted in 99.98% uptime.

A2 WordPress Hosting Features

All of A2 Hosting plans include unlimited storage and bandwidth as well as a free domain and SSL installation. You'll also be able to choose a server location that's the closest to your global audience and use Cloudflare Free CDN.

  • The Swift plan also includes automated backups, unlimited websites and email addresses.
  • The Turbo plan will get you even more: hosting on a Turbo server, 3 layer cacher, and cacher for WooCommerce.

All of the above and also a great 24/7 customer support team that A2 has. As I found out from our A2 Hosting review, they are not only fast but helpful and friendly as well.

A2 Hosting is affordable and well-suited option for WordPress hosting. Although not the fastest on our list, A2 Hosting provides a bunch of valuable features.


  • Unlimited plans
  • Performance-boosting features
  • Anytime money-back guarantee


  • Performance could be improved
  • A domain is not included

Visit A2 Hosting

Cheap WordPress Hosting - the Verdict

The best cheap WordPress hosting provider depends completely on your needs. So here's what 6 of our providers are best for:

1. Hostinger - cheap and powerful WordPress hosting for beginners and pros.
2. DreamHost - will fit every website that requires high availability and secure hosting.
3. SiteGround: Provider offering inexpensive managed WordPress hosting and a lot of great upgrade options.
4. Bluehost - easy to set-up and cheap yet powerful enough for businesses.
5. HostGator - user-friendly WordPress hosting with many valuable features.
6. InMotion - professional managed WordPress hosting for a budget-friendly price.
7. A2 Hosting - easy to set up and advanced speed enhancements for big WordPress sites.

Which one would you choose? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section down below!

Cheap WordPress Hosting FAQs

Here you'll find the answers to the most commonly asked questions about cheap WordPress hosting.

What is Cheap WordPress Hosting?

Cheap WordPress hosting is a hosting that specializes in optimizing its servers for the CMS specifically and does that for an affordable price.

In fact, cheap WordPress hosting usually is the lowest tier plan any WordPress hosting provider can offer. This means you get reliable hosting from a trusted provider but not the premium features that higher-tier plans can offer.

What Should I Look for in Cheap WordPress Hosting?

There are 3 main things you should look for in cheap WordPress hosting:

  • Server speed
  • Security
  • Easy of use

Server speed is crucial for any website as it will affect how well your site performs.

Knowing that WordPress is open-source software, security is no less important. You should check for automatic updates, security patches, and strong site monitoring tools.

Easy of use is also essential. Especially if you're just getting started. WordPress hosts have the means to make the experience easier - providing pre-installed WordPress, a bunch of guides, a great support team, etc.

How Much Does Cheap WordPress Hosting Cost?

As a default, there are 2 options for cheap WordPress hosting with different price ranges: managed and unmanaged. Unmanaged service costs less - you should not pay more than a couple of dollars for the first-tier plan.

Managed services are expensive and while the pricing can start at a couple of dollars (SiteGround is a great example), you should not pay for cheap managed hosting a lot more than $10/month.

Will I Get a Domain with Cheap WordPress Hosting?

Depending on the plan you choose, you may or may not get a domain included with cheap WordPress hosting. Some providers have a free domain included with all plans, while others have it only with the higher tiers.

Also, keep in mind that hosts usually include a free domain registration only for the first year.

What's the Difference Between and

The difference between and is that is a hosting provider while is the original software. is the website where you can download and find information about the original WordPress software. is a hosting provider that uses a modified version of WordPress to help users build their websites easily.

We've explained the difference in more detail in our vs article.

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