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Bart Keating


2019 August 14th


An issue Christians run into when choosing a web hosting service is that most hosting companies are faceless brands.

They don't give you any details about what their core values are. That can make it difficult to tell whether you'll be sharing server space with websites that contain less than appealing content.

Fortunately, in recent years, a number of dedicated Christian web hosting services have been founded and many more companies started caring about the content that's hosted on their servers.

These companies are designed for Christian customers, and you can rest assured that no unwholesome content will be found on their servers.

But which is the best? Previously, we've discussed the best Church hosting options. And here, we present you with the five best Christian website hosts:

1. Christian Web Host

Prices begin at $8.23/month

Recommended for secure Christian website hosting service.

Christian Web Hosting Christian Web HostBased in Florida, Christian Web Host has been providing web hosting for Christians since 1997. Its mission is to offer a Christian level of customer service to all clients.

Representative are available through a 24/7 live chat service or over the phone during EST working hours. Christian Web Host also offers an extensive knowledge base to help you learn how to manage your server yourself.

A wide range of digital services is available including shared and VPS server hosting. Shared packages are available from $8.23/month and come with between 10GB and 20GB storage space.

Sadly, no unlimited storage options are available, so this web host will work best for smaller sites that don't contain a large amount of multimedia content.

Christian Web Host stands out thanks to its add-on security features. For $50/year, you can attach a PostiveSSL certificate to your hosting package, which is great for encrypting online transactions. Another security option is SiteLock, which costs $19.99/year. SiteLock will scan your server once a day to protect you from malware and malicious IP addresses.


  •  Great extra security features
  •  Useful knowledge base
  •  24/7 Live chat support


  •  Not as cheap as some competitors
  •  No unlimited storage

2. Wix

Free plans are available

Recommended for Christians who want to easily create a great looking website.

Christian Web Hosting WixEvery Wix hosting package includes access to Wix's unique website building software. It's based on a drag and drop design, making it easy to create a Christian website. You get more freedom with this service then you do with competitors such as Weebly, so you can create personalized pages that accurately reflect your values.

And, if you want a little assistance creating your website, you can also use the Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) function. After asking you a few questions about your website, this tool will automatically generate an appropriate layout.

Plus, Wix is a great choice to consider if you're on a restricted budget. It offers a completely free hosting package that includes 500MB storage and a Wix sub-domain, such as ''. It's worth considering if you only want to share your site with a small group of followers.

However, if you want your Christian website to be seen by a larger audience, I recommend that you go for Wix's $11/month Combo plan instead. It includes 3GB of storage and 2GB monthly bandwidth. One issue is that Wix doesn't offer any 24/7 support service, though it is possible to request a support call during Pacific time working hours.

Yes, Wix isn't a specifically Christian company, but it's still an excellent choice for Christians. Why? Because there are numerous Church and faith-based Wix templates

wix church christian hosting

If you are willing to make the world a better place in any way, Wix offers a variety of templates, suitable for spreading Christian ideas, and helping those in need.


  •  Included user-friendly site builder
  •  Artificial Intelligence design tool
  •  Lots of Christian orientated templates to use


  •  Free package is quite restrictive
  •  No 24/7 customer support

3. Truepath

Prices start at $3.99/month

Recommended for an affordable all-inclusive website building Christian service.

Christian Web Hosting TruePathAll Truepath hosting packages include access to the Truepath website builder

. Like Wix's website designer, it's extremely easy to use and comes with a number of different plugins. These allow you to add map widgets or blog pages to your Christian website.  

Truepath is also extremely affordable with prices beginning at just $3.99/month for a 5GB of storage and 10GB monthly bandwidth. That makes it one of the cheapest Christian website hosts on my list.

Unfortunately, to get those low monthly rates you do need to sign a two-year contract. More expensive monthly and annual rates are available too.

Despite its low price, the starter 'Genesis' package includes many features to enhance your website such as a free SSL certificate. With Truepath, you can rest assured that your data will be secure because all plans come with free backups. However, if you do experience a technical problem, you'll be in good hands because customer support is available by live chat and over the phone.


  •  Dedicated Christian hosting
  •  Includes a website builder
  •  Free SSL certificate


  •  Limited storage options
  •  No 24/7 customer support
  •  Lengthy contracts

4. SiteGround

Prices begin at $3.95/month

Recommended for Christian web hosting with excellent customer support.

Christian Web Hosting SiteGroundThe SiteGround 'StartUp' starter plan, with prices beginning at $3.95/month, includes 10GB storage and unlimited bandwidth, this host can, therefore, be considered the most affordable Christian website host in this article.

I recommend this service to first-time Christian website owners because of its reputation for outstanding customer support. Customer service agents are available round the clock, and SiteGround overstaffs every support shift, allowing it to implement a no wait-time phone policy.

All SiteGround hosting packages include access to the Weebly website builder. If you read our review, you'll know that Weebly is one of the most user-friendly website builders on the market today. It includes several Christian themes, which look great and are responsive to different screen sizes.

If you're fortunate enough to have a wider Christian audience and expect between 25,000 to 100,000+ monthly visitors, Truepath can help. With the GrowBig and GoGeek packages, from $5.95/month to $11.95/month, you get more space, more bandwidth, and some "Geekily" advanced features!


  •  Great value for money
  •  Dedicated 24/7 customer support team
  •  Weebly website builder


  •  No unlimited storage options available

5. Hosting Christians

Prices begin at $4.95/month

Recommended for WordPress Christian web hosting.

Christian Web Hosting HostingChristiansHosting Christians is another excellent hosting service that specializes in providing servers for Christian ministries and businesses.

Its shared hosting prices begin at $4.95/month, but I'd advise you to consider this host's $7/month 'Church and Ministry' package. It includes 10GB of storage space, 10TB bandwidth, and 1-click WordPress installation.

WordPress is the world's most popular Content Management System (CMS) and there are plenty of great Christian WordPress templates you can use to create your website. Hosting Christians also supports alternative CMS packages like Joomla, Drupal, and Magento.

No matter which program you create your site with, it will be reliable because Hosting Christians' servers are backed up by a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Plus, all plans come with free cPanel server management software. cPanel is a user-friendly and powerful application which will allow you to easily take control of your Christian website.


  •  Hosting service tailor-made for Christian customers
  •  Supports WordPress
  •  Reliable hosting with a 99.9% uptime guarantee


  •  Not the cheapest option
  •  No website builder included

Which is the Right Christian Web Hosting Service for You?

Each of these Christian web hosts has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. I, therefore, advise you to consider your personal hosting needs when deciding which to use:

  • Christian Web Host helps you create secure websites
  • Wix plans include an excellent website builder
  • Truepath is a cheap Christian hosting service
  • SiteGround offers fantastic customer support
  • Hosting Christians is the best for WordPress

These web hosts can be divided into specialized Christian hosting services like Christian Web Host, Truepath and Hosting Christians, and general purpose web hosts like Wix and SiteGround. The services of the second group aren't designed for Christians, but offer features that will be useful to them.

What do you think of our selection of Christian website hosting services? If you tried them, please add your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below.

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