The Best Church Website Hosting You Can Get


Fiona O’Connell


2020 March 25th


A church website hosting should be able to communicate the uniqueness of your organization with your local community.

And running as well as maintaining the website should be an inexpensive, simple, no-hassle task. After all, a church has more important things to do than to maintain everything and spend loads of money on web hosting.

So I'm going to present you with a list of affordable (and even free!) hosts that make it easy for you to share your church's voice.

Here is the best church website hosting:

  • Hostinger - extremely cheap all-inclusive church websites
  • Wix - beautiful custom sites for churches for FREE
  • SIteGround - amazingly reliable customer support, easy to use
  • 000webhost - totally free church web hosting
  • Bluehost - great hosting for WordPress church sites

1. Hostinger

From $0.99/month

Recommended for: cheap web hosting for churches

best web hosting hostingerFor many communities, money doesn't come in bunches. It's important to save money where you can - so it can be used for other purposes.

That's one reason why Hostinger made it onto my list - at the moment prices start from just $0.80/month. 

But Hostinger isn't just cheap - it makes it easy to create a site for your church as well as hosting it.

A powerful website builder with hundreds of themes is included, letting you easily find a template suited to your church.

But if you'd prefer to use WordPress, which has thousands of ready-to-go templates (including many specifically created for churches!) Hostinger is also a great choice - 1-click WordPress installation is available with every plan.

Church Website Hosting

The cheapest plan comes with 10GB storage and 100GB bandwidth - suitable for most churches. However, if you need the ability to upload videos of community events, consider upgrading - or use a third-party platform like YouTube.

And in case you'll need help on how to do that or any other task, Hostinger offers 24/7 support, but only via text-based communication. If your church website will be run by volunteers who prefer communicating by phone, this may cause issues but overall, the support is really good.


  •  Amazingly affordable
  •  Very reliable
  •  Easy to use website builder
  •  1-Click WordPress installation


  •  Bandwidth and storage caps
  •  No phone support

2. Wix

From $0.00/month

Recommended for: A wonderful way to help your ministry stand-out.

Church Website HostingIncluded with all Wix packages is an extremely powerful site builder that lets you create a personality for your site to match your churches'.

And if you feel intimidated by the prospect of having to design your own site, fear not!

The site builder is based on a drag-and-drop design and very easy to use. There are even pre-made church templates to let even the least techy member of your congregation create a beautiful site.

What's even more, you can use Wix ADI(Artificial Design Intelligence) system to have Wix make the website for you.

This way, you'll get a page suited specifically for your community without even making it yourself!

Another good thing about Wix is its overall simplicity. Choosing this builder is a great way to cut your ministry's costs - you'll only need one service to create and design your site.

But There's Even Better News for Your Church's Finances...

Wix offers a completely free hosting package. With it, you'll get 500MB storage and a sub-domain - great if your church only needs to share a small amount of information. However, if you want to post regularly, and Wix's own branding from your website, I recommend the $11/month plan with 3GB storage and 2GB bandwidth.

 Although you can request a support call from 5AM-5PM PST, one downside of Wix packages is a lack of a 24/7 support service.

Personal Website Hosting


  •  Free plans
  •  Drag-and-drop site builder
  •  Includes themes specifically for churches
  •  1-Click WordPress installation


  •  Restrictive storage and bandwidth limits
  •  No 24/7 phone or live-chat support

3. Siteground

From $2.98/month

Recommend for: Amazing church website technical support

Personal Website HostingIf your church's website is the first you've made, you'll need helpful customer support. And that's exactly what SiteGround provides.

Not only are SiteGround's support crew available 24/7 through both phone and live chat, they actually over-staff every support shift so that someone is always available to take your call.

SiteGround actually operates a no wait time policy on its support phone line and ensures that chat queries are answered in an average of 10 minutes.

Hosting with SiteGround is also unlikely to hoover up your church's budget - for new users, prices begin at $2.98/month for which you'll get 10GB storage and unmetered traffic. That's fantastic if you run a popular ministry and expect to get thousands of visitors a month.

But Watch Out For Add-on Costs...

Do note that domain registration isn't included. For an extra $15.95/year you can get add one, but if that doesn't fit your church's budget, you can register one more cheaply elsewhere and register it with SiteGround.


  •  Daily backups are free
  •  Phone, live chat, email and ticket support available 24/7
  •  No wait-time policy
  •  Unlimited traffic
  •  30-day money-back policy


  •  Domain registration not included

4. 000webhost

From $0.00/month

Recommended for: Free websites for churches and Ministries

Church Web HostingWhen members of your congregation donate to your church, they probably expect every dollar to go to charitable causes or vital upkeep expenses. If you want a host to help you meet that expectation, choose 000webhost.

000webhost ($0.00 web host) offers an entirely free hosting plan which gives you 1GB of storage and 10GB bandwidth. That's amazing value and plenty of space for the majority of church sites.

Remember, if you need to share data-heavy videos of your church events, you can make this free plan work for you by embedding them on external websites.

A sub-domain, but no unique domain is included with the free plan. Using a sub-domain rather than a proper domain will make your church site look noticeably less professional, but you can always add a domain registered with another service to your free 000webhost plan. Or you can upgrade to one of the premium plans to add more functionality.

And just because its free, it doesn't mean 000webhost doesn't provide a totally reliable hosting service. 000webhost uses Hostinger servers - and we talked about them already. They're both fast and reliable, I've verified that myself.


  •  Reliable 99.9% uptime guarantee
  •  WordPress Optimization
  •  Free subdomain


  •  Limited bandwidth and storage


From $2.95/month

Recommended for: Super fast WordPress-based church sites

Church Web Hosting

Although every other host in this list (except Wix) is compatible with WordPress, Bluehost's WordPress integration is so good, WordPress itself recommends it.

That means if you intend to design your church's site using WordPress (for which there are hundreds of church-themes available) you're unlikely to have a more solid experience than with Bluehost.

And even if you don't use WordPress, Bluehost will give you bags of room to upload plenty of media to share with your congregation, thanks to the 50GB of storage and unlimited bandwidth included with the $2.95/month starter plan.

That storage is all SSD based, which will also ensure your site loads fast. Bluehost also includes an SSL certificate to ensure your site stays secure. Remember, even religious sites are vulnerable to hacking attacks!


  •  Reliable 99.9% uptime guarantee
  •  1-Click WordPress Installation
  •  Free domain and SSL certificate
  •  24/7 Support


  •  Price jump after the first term

How Do I Choose the Best Church Website Hosting Option?

That comes down to how proficient your volunteers are with website creation - do you need a premade template or can you design it yourself?

  • Hostinger offers affordable fully-featured church websites
  • Wix lets you design beautiful stand-out church sites 
  • SiteGround is a super reliable host with great customer support
  • 000webhost's hosting is completely FREE
  • Bluehost is a great host if your Ministry's site is made using WordPress

Remember that these are guidelines, not strict instructions!

Overall, I suggest looking at your skill level when choosing a host. Wix is a very simple website building option good even for complete beginners. And as it comes to other hosting providers - a lot will depend on price and customer support.

But overall, all 5 of these options are going to be great. All of these are reliable, high-performing hosting providers that will, in no doubt, help to host your church website.

What do you think? Did you find a perfect option here - or did I miss an amazing church website host? Let me know about them below!

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Jim McCorkle

2019 March 13th

I wrote Michael, using his popup on your web page, several days ago but have received no reply. Could you check and have someone send me a reply? Thanks.

I wrote Michael, using his popup on your web page, several days ago but have received no reply. Could you check and have someone send me a reply? Thanks.

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    Hello, Jim, We're really sorry for your inconvenience. We will contact you shortly!